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Keefar followed behind the man, trying to memorize the way they were taking in case he needed to make a quick escape. He noticed that the man kept looking at him and eventually slowed down to keep pace with the injured Dark Elf. Keefar wasn't offended by it in the slightest, he was grateful actually. He was beginning to feel light headed from the blood loss. The Wood Elves had done a number on him.

When they picked up the pace, Keefar's body was not happy about it. But he understood why the man was doing it. So he didn't complain at all and simply kept up with the man. By the time they reached what appeared be the man's house, the Dark Elf was breathing heavily, his injured body worn out by the walk. But still he didn't complain, and thanked the man when he said that they had arrived.

When the door was opened Keefar hesitated, he could already feel the claustrophobia kicking in. He had never been inside a house before, living his entire life in the forest. The thought of having walls around him was a bit nerve wracking. But he needed the help, and he couldn't get it where people could see him. So he took a deep breath and slipped inside, trying to steady his breathing.

He turned to see a young woman when she spoke, and nodded politely in her direction. He was hoping that she was as tolerant as the man seemed to be about his race. And that she wasn't going to get a weapon. With the woman gone doing who knows what, he turned his attention back to the man. "I must thank you for doing what you are doing. Not many would even considering helping my kind."