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located in New Orleans, a part of The Witch and The Witchhunter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans



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Character Portrait: Jacqueline Lavaeu Character Portrait: Marcus Bane
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"Come." She said and with a limp, she led him upstairs. As Marcus stood is became apparent just how fatigued he was. He stumbled a few times as he first got up, and would drag his feet as he followed.

"I'll clean up once I've finished my shower." She told him as they made their way upstairs, she stopped at the top of the stairs, and opened the linen closet, she pulled a few towels. Marcus used the wall for support as he ascended the stairs.

'what is wrong with me... I've Never felt this tired before... not even after staying up for days' he thought as he followed her close behind. 'I feel like I'm the one who lost all the blood...'

"'ere," She handed them to him then made her way to the large room of the left. "Dz'is is my room," She said standing in the doorway. "Let me know if you need anydz'ing." She said, and was about to turn before looking at him again.She walked over, raised to her toes to place a small kiss to his cheek, nearest his lips. "Dz'ank you," She said softly. "For....everdz'ing." She said and disappeared inside of her bedroom, softly closing the door behind her.

He raised his hand to his cheek, already missing her warmth there. She had to put up with so much... how she could manage to do so and then thank him on top of it all he could never understand.

Staggerly Bane made his way down to a bedroom, opening it to reveal a nice sizable room, although a tad under furnished due to the lack of anyone having been using it. Slowly he made his way to the bathroom within, placing the towls down on the sink - he some how tripped over his own foot, landing hard on the bathroom floor. He gripped his leg as he felt a sudden jolt of pain on his thigh.

'Aaagh! What is this!?" He grunted pulling himself up by the sink. His leg felt like it had been stabbed, making it hard to stand on alone without his extreme fatigue. Trying to ignore it he hobbled to the shower - turning it on and crawling inside, clothes and all. He leaned against the shower wall just trying to find the strength to remove his clothes.

Layer by layer he tossed his soaked clothes out onto the bathroom floor, letting the hot was roll down his weary skin. It felt good.. and it gave his muscles a moment to relax.. still tense from sitting in one spot all night. His fatigue did not seem to leave him, but it did give him a moment to clear his head - as if all his worries were going down the drain along with the dirt and grim he had collected from the night before.

Image After some time in the shower, Marcus would make his way out and over to the sink- grabbing the towel he had left there. Whipping the mirror clean of steam he saw his face for the first time in awhile... He looked tired.. not as tired as he felt... but tired none the less.. and if he was not mistaken... did he look happier? After all that he had been through in the past 24 hours, he still seamed to have a small smile even while not thinking about it.

Maybe Jacqueline was good for him... he hadn't really been 'happy' for some time now... or maybe he was just so tired he was going loopy... it was hard to tell.

Drying himself the best he could, Marcus realized all he had to put back on were his muddy wet clothes laying on the floor. He would have to go downstairs to get his duffle bag.. he knew he had at least on change of clothes in that... or so he hoped. He didn't actually bother to make sure he packed clothes, he was just in a hurry to get out of his hotel before someone showed up, not thinking ahead.

Image wrapping the towel around his waist, he slowly made his way out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and into the hallway. With a slight limp he walked down the stares towards the living room where his duffle bag still layed on the floor.

Looking through the duffle bag he sighed to himself. Shirt, socks, another shirt... had he really forgot to grab any other pants? He search would be interrupted as Marcus heard noise coming from the stairway. He grabbed a shirt, it was better then nothing, and stood up to put it on - only to discover Jacqueline already watching him.

" Feel any better? " He asks in a groggy voice, giving her a smile as he pulled the shirt on over his head.

(Edited this one a lot ... so if you've already read it once, read it again. XD)