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located in New Orleans, a part of The Witch and The Witchhunter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans



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Jacqueline Lavaeu.

Jacqueline had begun with the couch first, It was the most sullen of the lot.

She grabbed his cleaning supplies, popped in her headphones, and got to work.

Cleaning was actually relaxing for her, unlike for most.

It was familiar. She knew where things belonged, how they were supposed to look and so she put them there.

When her life got frustrating or it had gotten yesterday, cleaning helped her feel sorted.

She pulled the covers from the couch cushions, tossed them in the laundry bin with her dirty clothes, and cleaning the stuffing, as best she could. Then she got to sweeping, vaccuming and mopping the floor.

She took a deep breath when she finished all that. She then grabbed up all the discarded gauze and went to take out the trash.

She stopped dead when she walked out and saw there were two bodies laying on the ground of her yard.

It all came flooding back, at once, so much it made her dizzy. She sighed heavily and shook her head, she couldn't very well live them here, and while plenty of spells, especially in Voodoo require the need of a corpse, she wasnever one for Blood magic and she never would be, she was a bit squeamish that way. She hated dissecting frogs.

She sighed again, resigning to the fact that she had to move the bodies herself, she grabbed the first one, the one that Marcus first killed. She grabbed him by the ankles and dragged him into the thick forest, deep inside lay a sizable swampy marsh, It was usually dried but after the rains last night, it was wet again.

She'd learned about this place when she was young and playing fairy with her small dog, Muppet. He'd ran out and slipped in the marsh when the ground gave out below him. They never did recover his little body. Jacqueline cried for weeks and wouldn't step foot in the forest.

Now, Ironically, she was dragging a body into the very place.

She rolled the body into the marsh, where it sunk slowly and she did the same with the other one, making sure to use the same trail, Just in case.

Not the it mattered, because when she finished. she whispered a small recovery spell the allowed the grass to stand tall and the soil to sift. It was as if last night never happened.

She really wished it hadn't.

She made her way back inside,where she changed again but only her pants and into a similar pair, as she descened the stairs she heard shuffling in the living room.

She rounded the corner to find Marcus in just a towel.

Jacqueline was stunned motionless, it was all she could but to stand there and watch him shuffle through his things, while interesting thoughts danced in her head.

It wasn't until he spoke that she was given her body back.

"Feel any better?" He asked, groggily.

"Fine..." She said, but it was more breathy then an outright answer. She snapped out of it. her eyes snapping up to his and away from his bare chest and trying hard not to linger on his boyish grin. "I'm f- I'm fine." She said, her tawny browm face a little pink. "Sorry about dz'e lack of a change of clothes-" She said and it struck her as the tone of his voice finally registered. If her leg was healing that only meant, he'd been feeling her pain...
She couldn't be sure, and she didn't want to worry him.

She walked over and pressed a hand to his somewhat clammy forehead. "You look tired, You need proper rest." She told him with a reassuring smile. "I'll put your clothes in dze washer, dz'en by dz'e time you get up, dz'ey'll be clean and dry, Oui?" She said and took his hand yet again, this time, her fingers seem to interweave with his, without her permission. She kept them there though, as she gingerly lead him up to her room. Her leg was still on fire, so she was extra careful with him.

"'Ow are you feeling?" She asked him. "Besides, tired?" She said and she lead him into her room, she pulled the comforter and bed dressings from the bed, some so that he could get in. "We bo'dz were soaked in rain last night, you may be coming down wit' somedz'ing." She said, even though she knew what was ailing him.

(Sorry for the delay, I started drawing last night and 4 hrs later, now my hand is slightly swollen :D)