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We are born. We die. Somewhere in between we live. And how we live is up to us.

"Its nice to meet you Erin now if you will just follow me...." Winter stopped when she heard Jim shouting from down stairs then Alex shouting about his rules. Oh yes rule #2 don't be a saint blah blah blah.

"Jimmy go suck an egg and Alex shove your rules up your ass alongside that 7 foot pole!" Winter shouted back, her ever present trucker mouth making itself known. Hey blame Jim for her potty mouth, he may not act it now but he swore worse then her once upon a time. Winter turned back to Erin just as Kennedy came back and handed Winter the spare clothes then went back down stairs.

"Alright as I was saying I'll show you to the bat...." Winter started again but another thing interrupted her. And that thing was in a form of the loud sound of the front door being kicked open. Shit! Without saying anything Winter grabbed Erin by her arm and pulled her with her down the hallway. They bypassed the bathroom and went straight into the small room that was Winter's. She slammed the door and locked it then went to the open window and jumped out, landing on the fire escape.

"Come on" Winter whisper shouted at Erin as she pulled the girl out through the window. Winter pulled her up the stairs and up to the roof then dunked behind an air vent and took her hunting knife from her belt. The weapon felt natural in Winter's hand as she waited for whatever happened next.

|| Point of View: Second in Command of Firefly base stationed in Washington, Kellan Mason ||

One of there scouts had spotted the girl. The Cure. That little brat had been causing problems for them since day one. Why was she so hard to find? Damn it! But atleast Captain Hoss Black would be happy his search is over.

What pissed Kellan off was the fact that they spotted the girl entering Smuggler territory. How that group of bastards always seemed to get the upper hand on them without even trying always served to steam Kellan up. He isn't a patient man so the moment they found the girl they made their move. Getting a group of fifteen fireflies, all heavily armed, Kellan kicked down the door to the Smuggler's main base and his fellow fireflies stormed in.

"Round up everyone, you all have the list of people to keep alive then rest not on the list just shoot them" Kellan ordered. Before anyone could do anything the fireflies had rounded up Jim, Adey and Erik. They had shot the rest of the smuggler's and had the three alive one's on their knees, hands tied behind their backs and guns pointed at their heads. Kellan frowned.

"Sir, Winter Duke can't be found in the building and the Cure isn't here neither, she must be with Duke" a firefly reported to Kellan.

"Smart little bitch got out once she heard once, get these assholes in the trucks we will take them to Mr.Black" Kellan ordered. He had been studying these Smuggler's for a long time and he knew Winter Duke would do anything to get her comrades back. So with that thought he and the rest of the fireflies took the four smuggler's and took them out of the safe zone and to Hoss Black. The sun was rising by the time they reached the area he and his scout were staying in.