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Hazel returned with everything she needed to tend to the wounded elf, glad to see that he'd already been seated. Placing the supplies on a table, she helped the stranger take off his cloak in order to get a better look at the injuries. Looked like the work of weapons and not beasts, but who could have attacked the dark elf? Okay, probably damn near anyone who set their eyes on him, but still... it was something that might be worth finding out.

"So what brings a dark elf all the way out here? And who attacked you, anyway?" the mage asked as she cleaned the elf's wounds with a damp cloth. When that was done, Hazel applied a salve to reduce the pain and help with healing before bandaging the injuries. Thankfully, Sol's habit of bringing in people had given her ample opportunity to practise healing, even if it wasn't the sort that involved magic.