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Only doing what was right. Unfortunately, to most that was different when dealing with a Dark Elf. Even though they were living beings like everyone else. The name of the race was really why people hated them so much. That and the few evil Dark Elves. If you looked at it, there were more evil beings in any other race than Dark Elves. But people weren't willing to look past the name, which was given to them because they were darker skinned and paler haired than other elves. It reminded the man who named them of the night sky, their yellow eyes only strengthening that.

Keefar accepted the seat when it was given to him. Though his mind was still on the walls that were surrounding him. He let out a relieved breath and he was able to let his body rest. He didn't know for how long, but for the time being he didn't have to worry about that. Out of respect, and because it just seemed like the right thing to do, Keefar removed his weapons from his person. Setting his bow, quiver, and hunting knives on the floor next to the chair. When the man gave his name, and that of the woman's, the Dark Elf rose to his feet and gave the man a graceful bow. Even in his condition, Keefar still possessed an Elves' natural grace. "I am Keefar a hunter of the forest."

He settled back down in the chair after introducing himself to Solomon and Hazel who was just coming back down the stairs at that time. He accepted Hazel's help with removing his cloak and sat as still as he could as she began treating his wounds. Though it was hard for him to do, he wanted to jump away from the touch. As it was, he was as tense as a bow. Hazel asked him several questions, ones that he didn't really want to answer. He didn't trust the humans yet, and had a good reason not to. But they were helping him, so he would answer her questions for now. "I live in the forests just outside the city, so I didn't come from very far. I was attacked by a group of Wood Elves who wanted the forest as their home. Even though I've been there for the past 120 years. I came into the city to seek out the followers of Isara and possibly get some help. But, as you can guess, my plans have changed."