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"Jimmy go suck an egg and Alex shove your rules up your ass alongside that 7 foot pole!"

Alex didn't bother with another witty remark. It was nice to just sit down for the moment. He closed his eyes though sleep had not taken him, and he could hear what everyone else was doing. The hustling and bustling to get dinner done and just go to sleep for the night, Kennedy moving to the garage, and Erik sleeping. All had passed rather peacefully now. For the moment, there was nothing to worry about, it seemed. Until the door was shot open.

Armed men piled through the door in front and back. His head shooting straight up, and his eyes wide, Alex could do nothing but stay there as a man approached with a gun aimed straight at his heart.

"Oh shit dude, hold the fuck up!" Alex yelled in a panic, holding his hands up much like a criminal being arrested. He was promptly yanked from his feet as Jim struggled to fight back in the kitchen. Being warded out onto the sidewalk, he was shoved into the wall of the building and onto his knees. He kept his hands clasped behind his head as he was held hostage at gunpoint; he could only imagine what sort of a stir this would cause with the military. Maybe this was the military. Some moments of suspense passed as he awaited their next move. He could here Winter's name being used by one of them. Alex picked his head up to look around, and he was shoved back down under the attacker's foot.

The invaders began putting some of the smugglers on the truck. How they even got the truck in the quarantine zone, if they weren't military, was but a mystery. It seemed they didn't recognize Alex, and wasn't sure what to do with him.

"Round up everyone, you all have the list of people to keep alive then rest not on the list just shoot them."

At that instant, he concluded this was not the military. The barrel of a handgun was put to the back of his head; now was the time to act, or never. Swiftly, he ducked his head just under the barrel of the gun as his executioner fired a shot, taking hairs off his scalp. Reaching back just slightly, his right hand met the one of the man behind. Pulling the joined hands forward and twisting his attacker's wrist, Alex forced him to let go and took the handgun as a weapon now. The disarming lasted all of four seconds, the yelp of the Firefly the only indicator that something had gone wrong.

Standing, Alex turned about face to fire a round into his executioner's head, then subsequently fired at a Firefly guarding the entrance to the back of the truck. Two more at the door of the building turned and picked up their assault rifles. Not having time for a prolonged engagement, Alex darted into the alley in the side of the building, hoping to run into Winter. There was no telling what these people were doing, or how they came to know the names and faces of the people in the building. All of it seemed... unsettling.

"Winter, where are you!?"