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Snippet #2497596

located in Winterborne Asylum, a part of Winterborne, one of the many universes on RPG.

Winterborne Asylum



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Character Portrait: Nyla La'Rouge Character Portrait: Ryley Spicer
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Somehow Nyla and Damien had ended up sleeping together right there in the fucking cemetery. It didn’t matter that anyone could find them, in fact that was probably part of the reason she’d given in, it was the rush, than again she was always giving into him. He had a power over her and she hated him for that. She slipped her clothes back on, she sat on her knees as she pulled her black tank top over her head and straightened it out, pulling her long raven hair out from the collar.

She lend in then and pressed her lips to his, setting a fire throughout her body. He was pure evil and she could literally taste that every time they kissed and she shivered as he placed a hand on the back of her neck to hold her in the kiss. He pulled away and stood up slipping on his shirt. He lit a cigarette, causing her to crave one herself and as if he’d read her mind he tossed her his pack of cigarettes and his lighter.

“Keep em.” he said running his fingers through his jet black hair, before taking another drag off his cigarette as she lit her own, inhaling deeply. She blew out perfect smoke rings in front of her as she sat cross legged, leaning against one of the old headstones.

“D?” she breathed softly though she wasn’t even sure he’d heard her, her voice had been just below a whisper.

“Yeah.” he said calmly causing her to flick her dark eyes up at him, only to lock eyes with him He was brilliantly beautiful. Skeleton like, cold and dead, his eyes were empty and terrifying, yet she forced herself to hold him. To be honest he was the only thing she feared, because he was a creation of her own mind, when she was at her very worst a manifestation of all her dark and now he wasn’t just a dream he was real.

“It’s not just you, is it?” she breathed, hating herself because she was the one that was letting them manifest in the real world, she was losing a grip on the veil between her world and the real world. “How did you cross over? Your real.” She said finally standing and stomping her cigarette out on the headstone, before flicking it away.

He took a dangerous step closer and she instinctively stepped back, to create distance only to be stopped by the headstone. “No, It’s not just me and that’s all thanks to your stupid fucking doctor and his treatments.” he smirked wickedly and his eyes seemed to darken.

That’s when Nyla’s attention was pulled away from Damien and to the dark figure that stood behind him. She was so thin, you could make out the bones in her body, she wore a dress that was torn and dirty. Her skin was peeling of and blood was dried all over her arms, her face however was hidden by cascading black hair. It was the way Nyla saw herself, dead, ugly, and broken. Nyla’s breathing deepened and her heartbeat pounded in her chest, so loudly she was scared Damien would hear it and use her fear against her. He fed off her fear. She felt his grab her and pull her close and she flicked her eyes back to him as he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Nyla, darling.” he breathed and Nyla stole a quick glance back to where the girl was, but she was gone and the scenery around them started to flicker, like a television set that was going bad, he was pulling her into her world. “Your losing your mind.” She glanced back to him, there was a wicked smirk on his lips.

“You can’t!” she screamed “I can’t fall asleep.” she said shoving him away, she turned then and ran. She knew she wouldn’t get far and as she started to run she realized the cemetery was changing, he’d already started pulling her under, now he was just play a game of cat and mouse to buy time until she completely slipped under.
Parker knew something was wrong when he couldn’t slip into the cemetery after Nyla, he’d been following her for much too long. It was that guy that she was always sleep talking about. He knew that, because whenever his presence was with Nyla, there was like a force around her that parker couldn’t get through. Parker moved quickly, making his way back to Ryley, he could see Hailee there, sitting across from him, but he didn’t care.

“Ry, Nyla’s in trouble. I can feel it. She’s in the cemetery. Please, you have to go after her.” he was practically begging. He wasn’t sure Ryley would go for it simply because him and Nyla hadn’t exactly gotten along.