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"I am Keefar, a hunter of the forest," said the elf quietly. Sol nodded in response, and he watched as Hazel began binding Keefar's injuries.

"So what brings a dark elf all the way out here? And who attacked you, anyway?" Hazel asked.

"I live in the forests just outside the city, so I didn't come from very far. I was attacked by a group of Wood Elves who wanted the forest as their home, even though I've been there for the past 120 years. I came into the city to seek out the followers of Isara and possibly get some help. But, as you can guess, my plans have changed," answered Keefar.

"I'm guessing they have." Sol crossed his arms and sighed. "Although the followers of Isara would definitely take you in... they'd only care for you long enough for your injuries to heal. I don't mean any offense, but I don't think you would last very long on the streets. You would probably be captured and executions immediately. The Church of Isara aside, there aren't many places you could stay."

Sol frowned as he considered Keefar's options. Although the Dark Elf probably wasn't guilty, he would be treated as such. There were only three options for a guilty man in Daihne. Execution, monkhood, or... sponsorship. Could it work? Someone who committed a crime against the state could work as an adventurer, serving the common people. The accused had to have two sponsors in good standing for that to work, and the crime couldn't be severe.

"Well," said Sol slowly. "If you want to stay in Daihne, you could become a monk in the service of Isara. Or, you could be an adventurer." The knight glanced at Hazel before he continued. "You would need two sponsors and the approval of the local Guildmaster. It would be hard work, but you would be under the protection of the Guild. Of course, there's always the option of fleeing Daihne. The northern lands are sparely populated. Not many people would bother you there. Then again, the Wood Elves who attacked you might follow you there..."