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located in North America, a part of The Last of Us || To see another day, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Everything happened in a blur. The crashing noise, then her being dragged out of the window. It took her awhile to snap out of it, but when she did she finally realized what was happening.
'Fireflies..' She cursed silently to herself as she ran along side Winter. They found her... but how!? 'Im sure I left no trace.. Im so sure..!' She could of punched something out of frustration. But the stealth was their only hope..

She sighed quietly.
A while back Erin found a way to sneak away from the damn FF, the ones who took her away after finding out she was a cure, and she was.. fine until now. 'So how?!' Feeling her eyes water up, she peered at the women beside her who was looking around for any threats. She tugged at her own hair out of frustration.

Great, now she had them involved too.. The one who was willing to help her. She bit her lower lip. Looking around, she began to count of her options like she usually did. She needed to get away from them.. if she did maybe the FF would leave them alone and not put their dictatorship upon them. But seeing how the area was surrounded she couldn't help but remain there..
Silently she whispered- barely audible. "Im.. sorry. Im.. so sorry"
With that, she looked away and crossed her arm. The guilt was bad and was eating out of her alive. 'I need to get out of here...' she thought to herself... determined.