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located in Crystal Beach, California, a part of California Beautiful, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crystal Beach, California



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Character Portrait: Ashley Dover Character Portrait: Austin Dover
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They’d spent the entire day driving, yesterday. So when they’d finally gotten to The Dover’s beach house. They’d crashed on the couch watching the Notebook. Ashely had driven the entire way in her parents Range Rover, making the girls look ten times more like daddy’s girls then they actually were.

Ashley was the first awake, she was always the last asleep and the first awake at their sleep overs. After showering she changed into her swimsuit, slipping a pair of short, shorts over her bottoms before tying her hair up into a messy bun on top her head. She still couldn’t believe that their parents had let them come alone, aside from having Austin babysit them of course. Which she really didn’t mind, she loved her brother to death, she hadn’t seen him in almost a year, because he’d been busy touring with band.

Spending the summer in California with her best friends, was a dream come true. They’d been to the beach house before only they’d been with their parents and they’d been on a schedule. This time they were on their own schedule. Somehow Ashley it could very well be their last summer together, before they all broke off to go their separate ways. Some of them were still in high school like Ria and Amber, while Sammy was planning to go away to college after the summer was over, and what Ash hadn’t told her friends was that Austin had offered her the merch girl position for his band and touring the world had been a dream of hers. After summer Chained Confessions (Her brothers band) was headed to the UK for the first time.

It was so much to think about, but Ashley pushed the thoughts aside, because she refused to let the thought of being so far from her friends get to her. They were going to have fun if it was the last thing she did. They all needed it. Ashley quietly moved through the house making a pot of coffee, before heading outside with her cup and sitting on the back porch. She pulled her legs up on the chair as she lit a cigarette and took a long drag off it. It was nice not having to sneak outside in the middle of the night after her parents had fallen asleep to smoke. It was relaxing listening to the waves crash on the shore and while she loved her friends to death, having a moment to herself was just as nice.


Austen had been in Los Angeles for the past three months, working on his new album. His band had gone straight from touring to the recording studio, leaving him little time for himself, but he made sure to make time to call his little sister once a week. His parents had asked him a few months back if he’d stay at their beach house with Ashley and her friends for the summer and he’d immediately made arrangements. If he was being completely honest, he needed some time for his self and to write some new songs. Not to mention it would be a nice break from having fifteen year old fan girls stalking his twitter to find out where he was every second of the day. He needed a change of pace, that much was for sure.

He’d woken up and packed, slipped on his board shorts, black v-neck, and his converse. He loaded his acoustic guitar first followed by his suitcase. Finally he’d said by to his drummer/roommate and he was off. He’d stopped at a Starbucks on the way only to get recognized by a girl and having to give her an autograph. He’d talked for a while with her and let her know how much he appreciated her. He wasn’t extremely famous, nor did he really want to be, but his fan base was incredible and he loved them to death. It was nice to hear their stories and hear how his personal lyrics that meant so much to him, had managed to touch someone else.

When he’d finally gotten to the small, ritz town of Crystal Beach, he drove through the streets and eventually pulled into his families vacation home, right behind his parents Range Rover and cut his engine. The neighborhood was quite, which he’d always loved. It was definitely a drastic change of pace compared to his hectic LA lifestyle he’d been caught up in for the past few months.

He didn’t have a key to the house and when he’d knocked on the front door no one answered, so he slipped around back and smirked when he saw his sister sitting there, smoking. He walked up the stairs of the porch and paused.

“You know Mouse, those things will kill you dead.” He teased, he watched her eyes light up when she saw him and she hopped up from her seat running over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. Before she took a step back and looked over him.

“It’s about time Ace.” She smirked holding out her cigarette for him and he took it pressing it to his lips and inhaling, before she turned and sat back down and he joined her.