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Snippet #2498002

located in Crystal Beach, California, a part of California Beautiful, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crystal Beach, California



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Character Portrait: Samantha Amanda Parks [W.I.P.] Character Portrait: Ashley Dover Character Portrait: Austin Dover Character Portrait: Zach Chesterfield
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Emerging from a steam filled bathroom, was a rather tall and athletic type of girl as she wore a towel around her body and on the top of her head, wrapped with her hair. She walked over to her closet and tapped her chin with her index finger, wondering on what to wear. She also wondered what kind of activities, or trouble they were going to get into today. With a small shrug of her shoulders, she pulled out her a swimsuit and placed it upon her body. She also continued to place short shorts over the bottom set of the swimsuit but she didn't bother zipping them up or buttoning them.

Samantha eyes diverted towards the mirror as she removed the towel from her head and grabbed her already plugged up hair dryer. After going through her hair a couple of times, she had seen that it was already straightened and didn't want to really bother with it so she just left it alone and went down the stairs towards the kitchen.

She saw that her friend, or best friend, Ashley was sitting back there, along with her totally hot brother, who she just couldn't her eyes off of. A small blush came over her cheeks as she saw that someone had already made some coffee. She fixed herself a cup and took a small sip before sitting the cup on the counter. She leaned over then saw that Zach was coming down the stairs as well. Samantha rolled her eyes at him since he was a pathetic excuse for a young, teenage male.

She decided to muster up all of her nasty thoughts about him and speak. "Hey Zach." She said with a smile then grabbed her cup of coffee and trailed towards the back porch. "Morning, Ashley and Austen. Hope I am not interrupting a brother and sister moment, am I?" She asked with raised of one of her delicate brows, not sitting down just yet. If they were having a private moment, she didn't want to intrude.


Most of his friends didn't know that he had woken up earlier this morning and went for a walk on the beach. His mind traveled back in time and he thought about some of the things he did and said, wishing he could take some of them back and also wishing that he could wipe his Juvenile Hall and Prison record clean - But that wasn't going to happen. He stood there, looking at the sunrise, his hands in his khaki shorts pockets. Zach wasn't really a bad person when you got to know him and there was one person that had ever touch his heart. She doesn't know it yet but he gets a little funny feeling inside when he is around her.

Zach kicked the sand slightly then turned and went back towards the beach house and going up to his room. He did want to smoke some pot but didn't want to scent up the house with the dreadful smell early this morning. He laid down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling, his hands clasped together and his thumbs twiddled with each other. His eyes were getting rather heavy and didn't even try to fight it as he drifted off to sleep.

His eyes opened up slowly as he heard movement in the house. His ears twitched as he leaned up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and stretching his arms over his head with a small groan. He stood up and began walking down the stairs, where he seen Samantha leaned over the counter, along with her bosoms. He tried his best not to look but how could he not when they were right there.

Zach wasn't on the best of terms with her but was kind of shocked that she actually spoke. Though she spoke and walked off, not giving him a chance to even strike up a conversation. He let out a small breath then went over to the fridge and grabbed the carton of Orange Juice then pour him a glass. He didn't really drink coffee unless he was trying to get over a hangover, or something. He placed the carton back in the fridge then jumped up on the counter, taking a small sip from his glass.

His legs and feet dangled lazily as his eyes saw that Ashley and Austen were outside on the back porch and Samantha had just joined them. His eyes stared into space as he would wait for someone else to wake up so he wouldn't be so alone.