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located in North America, a part of The Last of Us || To see another day, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Jims words cut through the red haze filling his mind. slowing his breathing and calming him down. He stopped panicking, took a couple deep breaths and the beast peaked out from behind his eyes. It looked around, it took what it saw, it processed, information became ammunition. They were sitting down facing each other in the back of the truck. Two guards were in there also with them and two in the front seat. They had pistols and two had long arms. Their hands were tied in front of them. The Beast saw this and remembered, a time would come when it would be useful.

The grin he directed at Jim was feral, his teeth bloodstained from a split lip. "Have you been captured before?" Jim nodded once, just a quick jerk of the head. Erik nodded back, you didn't ask a man what went on, it was enough that you knew."Better hold fast"

The trucks stopped. Erik had no idea where they were, but they were here. The guards got out of the car pushing Jim and Erik in front of them. As they got out Erick pretended to stumble and when the guard leaned down to pull him back up Erik whipped his head back into the guards face breaking his nose and then rushed the guard in front of him. The guard was right in the middle of spinning around to see what happened. He was off balance, startled by the sudden yell from behind. Erik took advantage of this bull rushing him and aiming a stomping kick straight to the guard knee which promptly collapsed. There was no finesse to this technique, just sheer brutality and efficiency. As the man went down he kicked him in the face as he went by. About that time the guards by Jim had caught up and he felt a blow across the back. He went down hard, got kicked a couple times for his trouble and beaten fairly cruelly. That was how he came to find himself bloody, bruised and semi conscious tossed back between Addie and Jim