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located in Crystal Beach, California, a part of California Beautiful, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crystal Beach, California



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Character Portrait: Chris Garcia Character Portrait: Ria Ford Character Portrait: Samantha Amanda Parks [W.I.P.] Character Portrait: Ashley Dover Character Portrait: Austin Dover Character Portrait: Emilia Louise Mayne Character Portrait: Zach Chesterfield Character Portrait: Amber Walker
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It had been a late night for Chris. He had been about town until the early hours of the morning, boarding, surfing and enjoying being outside. Around 1 AM he had fallen asleep on the beach, like many times before. He had been awoken by red and blue lights and two annoying men shouting at him. He had known the two officers as officers of the law, Jensen and Harding. He had met them before on one of his other nightly stake outs. He did not like them very much, but to be honest, he didn't hate them either. Chris' parents always said they were just doing their job, but he disagrees. There were better things to do than to wake someone from his sleep. Weren't there drug dealers to apprehend, weapons to confiscate and burglars to bust?

When they woke him up it had only been 3 AM and he decided to go home to finish his sleep. He picked up his longboard, stepped on it and went home. On the way he saw a few of his works of art. He didn't care what others said, they really brightened up the boring streets. When he arrived back home he saw a car in front of the neighbours house. It had been a while since he had seen them, and even then they never really spoke. He knew there were two parents, one son and one daughter. The girl was his age and the guy must be a bit older than him. He could see flashing lights from their window which probably meant they were watching TV.

Chris walked to the ugly little frog statue that his mother had always loved. Out of the mouth of the artificial amphibian he took the key to the front door. Maybe it wasn't the safest place to keep it, but better that than losing it while surfing. He opened the door to step into the dark house. Definitely no one awake here.... He went up the stairs to his room and fell down on his bed. He was supposed to at least shake some of the sand out of his dreadlocks, but he was too tired. Not ten minutes later his eyes were shut and he was in dreamland.


A white sandy beach could be seen in the distance as Chris crossed the waves. He seemed to move with ease, almost like the board was surfing by itself. On the shore he could see people waiving at him. Somehow he could smell bacon and eggs, although he could not tell where it was coming from. Out of no where he could here a scream: "CHRISTIAN!!!" With a shock he woke up and still in the middle of his dream he shouted back: "BACON!" Opening his eyes he was confused for a few seconds. In the door opening he could see Em standing and with the big smile on her face it was very clear that she had been the one shouting his name. With a smile on his face he grabbed his pillow and threw it in her direction. "I'll get you Em, how dare you disturb my beauty sleep."

He stood up from his bed and looked at his sheets. They were filled with sand, and Chris whispered to himself. "Great, no wonder I dream about the beach." He grabbed his sheets by all four corners and shook the sand out of the window. Then he put on some shorts and went downstairs to see if he could get some breakfast, and maybe some revenge...



Amber woke up in one of the rooms of the beach house. She had no idea how she came there. The last thing she remembered was Rachel McAdams kissing James Marsden and after that it was all kind of a blur. She did not hear any noise downstairs, but she did hear someone showering in the room next to hers. She thought of showering herself, but didn't really feel like it. Why should she, she had already showered when they arrived yesterday evening after a full day in the car.

The shower stopped and she waited for a few minutes before getting up. She grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a simple top and jumped into the bathroom before anyone else would beat her to it. After brushing her teeth she put her hair in a ponytail and splashed some water on her face. Hearing her stomach grumble she was thinking of her normal daily breakfast of French toast or scrambled eggs and sausages. It's not all bad to live in a house where your mom is always home, it has its perks. Here she would probably have to do with cereal. She didn't mind at all though. This seemed to be the first time that her controlling parents were not really there to keep an eye on her. Already it felt like heaven.

Fully awake she exited the bathroom and walked down the stairs. From the corner of her eye she saw Zach sitting on the counter when she was on her way to the back porch, where she figured her friends would be. Seeing him there sitting alone she doubted about going outside. Smelling the coffee did it, and she walked over to the kitchen to get a cup. "Good morning" she said softly. She wasn't sure if she should say anything else. She didn't really know the guy and there was something about him that made her doubt if she really wanted to know him. He sat there pretty quietly while Amber poured her cup. She blew on the hot coffee before taking a sip. "I'm just gonna go outside", she walked over to the door, "well, are you coming?"

Not checking if he followed she opened the door to step out on to the back porch. She saw two of her friends and Ashley's brother standing there. In fact Austin was one of her very few exes, although she doubted that he remembered. She had been about 5 or 6 years old when she was playing outside with Ashley, Sam and Ria. Austin had also been outside playing with friends of his own. Out of nowhere Amber had gotten up, walked over to him and asked him to be her boyfriend. He had said yes and she had walked back to her friends not saying anything about what just happened. Only 3 hours later she had gotten up again, walked over once more and told him it was over. So for about 3 hours they were boyfriend and girlfriend. She was pretty sure he had no idea, and she knew for sure that her friends didn't.

She hadn't seen him in a long time, at least not in real life. "Good morning everyone. Hey Austin, how are you doing?" She took another sip of her coffee and felt the warmth going through her body.[color=0091FF] "Is Ria still sleeping?"[/color] She looked around since the Musketeers were not complete until Ria was here.