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Snippet #2498515

located in Winterborne Asylum, a part of Winterborne, one of the many universes on RPG.

Winterborne Asylum



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Character Portrait: Nyla La'Rouge Character Portrait: Ryley Spicer
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She wasn’t entirely sure how she was going to get him out of there. Nor was she entirely sure why she cared all that much. The honest truth was her world was probably a million times better then WInterborne, but what had happened to Damien, no matter how she felt about Ryley, she didn’t want it happening to him. She knew how to get out, the answer for her was simple, either someone had to wake her up or she’d have to wait to wake up on her own. Ryley however, she had no idea how to get him out.

"Look, I would be more than happy to get out of here. But..I don't know how and unless you've got a idea, you're stuck with me." he said pulling her from her thoughts and she glanced to the wolf as he made his way down the aisle towards the alter of the church. "So, why would you be so concerned for my safety? Earlier you seemed more than happy to to threaten to kill me yourself." he said and she watched as he hopped onto one of the pews, his back turned to her.

She made her way down the aisle herself, walking over to one of the stain glass windows. Outside rain had started to pour. It was peaceful, at least for now until something decided to change course or Nyla’s emotions got out of control. She glanced from the window to Ryley his back still turned to her and she wonder for a moment if he had something to down with the calmness of her mind, but she didn’t dwell on the thought. She didn’t want to believe that. She glanced back out the window, only to see the glow of eyes in the darkness, through the rain watching them, waiting for them to come out. She left the window and continued down the aisle until she reached the pew he was sitting at only she sat in the one across the aisle from his.

It was silent, then again it wasn’t really silence. The rain on the roof above and the forlorn, distant chanting that had always sliced through the silence filled the air around them. She wasn’t exactly sure what to say to him, after she’d attacked him early he had every right to hate her, hell she hated herself, but that was nothing new. She traced the lines in the palm of her hand as she focused on soft sound of the rain.

"It’s not [i]your safety that I’m particularly concerned for."[/i] she finally spoke. "It is your sanity. Because while we are both mad in our on rights, everyone is." she said simply.

She glanced up to see that same girl sitting in front of her, peering at her through a waterfall of pitch black hair, the girl was terrifying and she wondered if Ryley could see her and if he could would he knew what the girl signified. Nyla knew it was absolutely necessary to keep herself calm and so she closed her eyes taking a deep breath and when she opened her eyes the figure of the girl was gone and so she continued to speak.

"But, madness is a state of mind that we can choose to ignore or embrace. We have choose to embrace it and that’s why were at Winterborne." she explained, voice soft. "Sanity however is something you must fight to keep intact and insanity is something that cannot be cured, with medication or therapy." she sighed running her fingers through her long hair. "So in short, I guess it is your person that I care for, not you specifically." she glanced to him a smirk on her blood red painted lips. "I’m not a total cold heart bitch." she said raising a brow keeping her eyes on the wolf.