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Snippet #2499139

located in Mars- Correct Century, a part of Gundam Correct Century: Mars, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mars- Correct Century



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Character Portrait: Joe Blue Character Portrait: Seph Asuno Character Portrait: Aiko Zala Character Portrait: Noa Yamato
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((I have made Noa, and I will get on with my male Gundam Pilot when I can. for now, I think you waited for the first post long enough.))

The Mars Gundam Fight, held every three years. It was a week before the Gundam Pilots had to launch for the first phase, which would be the qualifying stage of the tournament. Noa had prepared ahead of time, as she always did, meaning she had plenty of time to spend with friends before they all had to compete. Sadly, Aiko had to attend a meeting at Neo Orb, which left Joe Blue to invite. She was rather nervous, to be honest. She had a major crush on him, and was always at a loss for words to say to him. However, she gathered the courage and called him. "Um... Mr. Blue? Do you think you have time for tea with me, this week?" She blushed while thinking of something to say after that. "Y-you don't have to if you don't want to, dear! I-I mean..." Uh oh...

Aiko walked alongside Seph, whom she simply told, "W-well... be on your best behavior, okay, Sephy?" I called him Sephy? That's a first... She was pouring and crossing her arms like the tsundere she was. Once in the office, her mood changed. She waved to the Chief Representative in a cheerful way while saying, "Hi, Harry! How've you been?" Aiko Zala and Harrison Attha had always had a sibling-like intimacy, which was not really romantic, just very friendly. They would often tease each other and speak informally. Despite rumors, the Gundam Pilot and the Chief Representative were not romantically involved.

Harrison waved back with a smile on his tan face while pulling back some blonde hair. "Just fine, Aiko. Good to see you, too." His smile faltered some. "Although, politics have become quite a handful, lately. As you may know, Neo PLANT and Neo Vagan have lost confidence in Neo Orb's resolve to restore order in Mars. I have tried to convince the Prime Minister to push for a declaration of intervention in both countries to try to militarily assist their forces with their individual mafia problems. So far, no success, except for one thing: he has convinced Parliament to vest emergency powers in me to give commands to the Gundam Pilots, that is you two, in regards to crises you may face during the Gundam Fight. I would like the two of you to assist Neo PLANTs New ZAFT militia and Neo Vagan's military when it comes time to visit those nations. That should take priority over the Gundam Fight until the situations are resolved. Can I count on you when the time comes?"

Aiko eagerly nodded while saying, "Of course, Harry! We can do that!" Smirking, she asked Seph, "Right, Sephy?"

Harrison knew of Aiko's crush on Seph. So, after hearing Seph's answer, Harrison teased Seph with, "Seph, be sure to treat Aiko with dignity, now. I don't want to be called Uncle Harry anytime soon." Just seeing Aiko blush and get mad made the Chief Representative laugh a little.