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Snippet #2499974

located in Crystal Beach, California, a part of California Beautiful, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crystal Beach, California



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Character Portrait: Chris Garcia Character Portrait: Ria Ford Character Portrait: Samantha Amanda Parks [W.I.P.] Character Portrait: Ashley Dover Character Portrait: Austin Dover Character Portrait: Emilia Louise Mayne Character Portrait: Zach Chesterfield Character Portrait: Amber Walker
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“So Mouse, have you told mom and dad you’re going to disappoint them, just like I did.” He smirked and Ashley matched his smirk with one almost identical to his as she rolled her eyes.

“No.” she said simply. “I haven’t told the girls yet either, so let’s keep that topic on the DL alright biggs.” She said just as the back door opened and she glanced up to see Sam and she gave her friend a smile.

"Morning, Ashley and Austen. Hope I am not interrupting a brother and sister moment, am I?" Austin gave her a simple two finger wave and a nod as a greeting. She was beautiful, but that was nothing new, Austen had grown up around the girls they’d always been pretty every single one of them.

“Course not doll.” Ashley said happy to have her friend join them. “Take a seat babe, I was just telling Austen here how much I missed him, right boo?” she said glancing to her older brother and Austen nodded, giving a small chuckle.

Before Austen had a chance to speak up, Amber was next to emerge from the door. Austen had to admit, he’d missed his girls. He doubted that they even knew that he thought of them as his girls, but he did they were all like sister’s to him simply because he’d known them for so long. Ashley’s one rule was she didn’t care if he dated any of them, but it’s hoes before bros and just cause he was her brother didn’t mean she wouldn’t kick his ass for hurting one of her friends.

"Good morning everyone. Hey Austin, how are you doing?" Ashley glanced up to Amber as she spoke. "Is Ria still sleeping?"

“Pretty good, glad to be back with my favorite ladies of course.” He said shooting her a charming smile to which he heard his sister scoff. “I haven’t seen her so I assume so.” He shrugged.

Just then as if she’d been cued, Ria stepped out of the back door and Ashley smiled to her as she grabbed Amber’s wrist gently and pulled her into her lap. She loved her friends more then they knew and they were ridiculously close, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Good morning, girlies, And Austen,” Ria chirped happily, which only put Ashley in a better mood, Ria was always happy which seemed to put everyone else in a good mood. “Who’s hungry? I was thinking of making breakfast now. What does everyone want?” she asked happily.

“Oh! I’ll help.” Ash said kissing Amber’s cheek, before pushing her up gently and grabbing Austen and pulling him up from his chair. “You need to unpack Ace.” She said glancing to Sam and Amber. “You ladies mind helping my handsome brother bring all his shit inside, while Ria and I make breakfast?” she asked. “Oh and Austy, why don’t you stop by Chris and Em’s house and see is they’d like to join us for breakfast.” She smiled, interlocking her arm with Ria’s.

“Chris and Em still live next door?” he asked and Ashley nodded. The dover family had been vacationing in crystal beach every summer their entire lives, so it was only natural that they knew their neighbors. In face Chris and Ash used to keep Em company on hot summer days in the hospital when they were kids, while Austen would sing to her.

“Duh.” Ashley said, like he was an idiot. “Zach attack spent the night last night, he really missed us.” Ashley smirked. Zach was their other neighbor and Ashley had always had a crush on him, she could remembered, sitting on the porch in the mornings waiting for him to leave the house or writing Mrs. Chesterfield all over her notebooks when she’d have to go home after summer, but she doubted he even remembered her name most the time.

Austen raised a brow. “Really now?” Austen had never really cared for Zach, he was the kind of guy he tried not to be.

“Go.” Ashley ordered as she opened the door and pulled Ria inside with her. She went over to the stereo and slipped in one of Lady Gaga’s older CDs and turned up load as she made her way into the kitchen to help her friend cook breakfast.