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Snippet #2500110

located in The Woods, a part of House of Trees, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Woods



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Character Portrait: Drew Coons Character Portrait: Jackson Gavitt Character Portrait: Gypsy Hastings Character Portrait: Skylar Desoto
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They senior camping trip was three days long in the middle of nowhere in the deepest part of the forest. They’d taken two busses. For some reason their high school thought that taking a bunch of seventeen and eighteen year old teenagers to the mountains for three day instead of Disneyland, was a good fucking idea. Gypsy had only gone, because of her social standings. Her mother had opted to pay for her and Travis and even her wicked step sister and her gay friend to go to Disneyland or rent a cabin.

Gypsy however had shot the idea down, there was no way in hell she was going to stay in the same room as her sister. Going to high school and living with her was bad enough. Her exact words to her mother were “Everyone who’s anyone is going to be there mom, I may not like camping, but trust me, the senior class will fall apart without me.” her mother had eventually stopped arguing with her because it was no use.

The camping trip had honestly been a lot of fun. More so then Sia had thought, mostly because they’d been able to sneak a shit ton of booze on the bus only after Gypsy paid off the bus driver and the teacher and chaperones were terrible and could care less about watching what all the students were doing at one time. She was honestly kind of sad that it was their last night. Because graduation was in a week and everyone would be moving on with their lives.

The sun had set an hour ago and there were several camp fires going, just like at school, everyone had their clicks. Of course, ‘The Plastics’ had the best campfire and the most people at their campfire and everyone wanted to be invited over. Gypsy sat on Travis lap as his lips moved along her bare shoulder. She was still wearing her bikini top and jean shorts that were far too short to be in dress code, but no one seemed to mind. Her eyes flicked directly across the dancing flames of the campfire and landed on her ex, Jackson. She was still hopelessly in love with him, despite the fact that everyone including Jackson was convinced she was over him.

“Sia? Sia? Gypsy Jeana?” a voice pulled her from her thoughts. Baylee, her best friend and second in command was waving her hand in her face trying to get her attention.

“What?” Gypsy huffed as she turned her attention away from Jackson and Cami who was practically sitting on top of him to her friend. “Crazy bitch.” Sia smirked and Travis simply laughed as his lips continued moving between her shoulder blades slowly.

“Loser alert. It’s you bitchy sister’s gay friend and his fabulous boyfriend headed straight for us.” Baylee said cruelly with a wicked smirk on her perfectly glossed lips. Sia matched her smirk as she stood up off Travis’s lap and he tried to pull her back but she swatted his hands away.

“Gypsy, baby, leave them alone.” He cooed. Travis was a thousand times nicer than the rest of them. The only really thing that qualified him as being a plastic was the fact that he was a football player, he was insanely popular, and he was dating Gypsy, other than that he really didn’t fit. She however ignore his soft pled.


The senior trip had been complete torture for mostly everyone except for Gypsy and the plastics. The chaperons yelled at them for practically everything, yet they seemed to overlook anything that the popular kids did and that really pissed Drew off. He normally didn’t give a shit about fairness, but when he was eighteen and smoking and got written up, yet Jackson and Travis were drinking and didn’t so much as get talked to, it really pushed his buttons.

Not to mention the fact that he’d walked in on his best friend sky, sleeping with that sleazy ass hole, Aaron, from home room in his fucking tent. Andy would never admit to being jealous, because he was happy with Nate, but he was beyond jealous, he’d had to take a hike alone and his irritation had caused a fight between him and Nathan. He wasn’t sure what it was about Sky that made him completely crazy sometimes. She was his best friend and he loved her to death, he was insanely protective of her and he knew that Nate was insecure about his friendship with Sky most the time because of how close they were, but he always reassured him that they were only friends.

Him and Nate were just getting back from swimming down by the lake. He’d spent the day alone with Nate and he had to admit even being away from Sky that long, he missed her. She was his better half and he sometimes wonder what it would have been like if he’d ended up with her instead of Nate, but in all truth he loved his boyfriend. His fingers were laced with Nate’s as they walked through the campground, walking past several campfires and he was dreading walking past the Plastics, because he knew Gypsy and he knew she’d give them shit. He could already see Sia’s eyes on them as they approached.

“Babe, just keep walking alright, I’ll deal with her.” He sighed and Nate simply nodded. Nate was extremely shy and Andy was his first boyfriend, he still hadn’t come out to his parents.

Just like Drew had predicted Gypsy stepped out in front of him and he let go of Nate’s hand and Nate continued. Andrew’s eyes raked over Sia disgusted. She was actually very beautiful, but her personality made her ugly and if he never ended up with a girl, she was the reason why. He couldn’t even begin to explain how much he hated her and even as he stood there with her, she hadn’t even opened her mouth yet he could feel his blood pressure rising.

“So uh…tell me queerbait, who takes it up the ass.” She smirked wickedly and she could hear the snickers of her faithful followers behind her which only feed her cruel confidence. “My money’s on your faggot boyfriend.” She said cruelly. Drew’s fists and jaws clenched at the same time as he fought back the urge to loss it and punch her in the face. “You do threesomes?” she continued as Baylee came to stand by her side, getting ready to add her own cruel words. “With Sky? I mean wouldn’t surprise me, she acts enough like a guy you guys probably don’t know the difference.” Baylee laughed next to her.

Andrew kept his glare fixed on Gypsy. “Listen you fucking bitch.” he took a threatening step towards the blonde Queen bee, but Sia didn’t back down, she simply continued to smirk. “Keep talking I’ll make sure you mommy has to pay to reconstruct that beautiful face of yours.” He spat back, taking another step forward as he toward over her, inches from her face.

Travis was quick to step in between them. Gently pushing Drew back and he shoved the football player off him. “Just relax, alright.” He said holding Drew’s gaze.

“Yeah, keep your girl in check or I’ll put her in her place. Maybe if you’d fuck the bitch out of her, the world would be a better place.” He spat hatefully as he pushed past Travis and headed towards his tent.