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located in Crystal Beach, California, a part of California Beautiful, one of the many universes on RPG.

Crystal Beach, California



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Character Portrait: Chris Garcia Character Portrait: Ria Ford Character Portrait: Samantha Amanda Parks [W.I.P.] Character Portrait: Ashley Dover Character Portrait: Austin Dover Character Portrait: Emilia Louise Mayne Character Portrait: Zach Chesterfield Character Portrait: Amber Walker
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Chris listened to his cousin with rolling eyes as he often did. The talking genes of the family must have come from his mothers side, because his Em and his mom could both talk his ears off, while he and his dad hardly said a word. Chris didn't think that his cousin was right How can a person ever be lonely if you're surfing almost every day. If only he could ever say no to her, but he had never been able to. Not before she got sick and not during her sickness, to him she was his little sister and she had heard the word 'no' more than enough in her life. Who was he to say the same thing...Fine, fine, we'll go after breakfast and getting dressed. And if you want to run my life, like you do so well, do you want to pick out my clothes as well? What kind of food do you think mom made? If it's any kind of desert, I'm keeping it. He replied to her with a wink. At least he had surfing to look forward to. And maybe they had plans already and wouldn't have a lot of time for Em and him.

The eggs and bacon were done and he grabbed some plates from one of the cupboards. Each plate he filled with two slices of toast, some bacon and a freshly finished omelet. He put the plates on the counter and got some cutlery. Handing Em her fork and knife he sat himself on another bar stool on the opposite side of his cousin. Looking at his plate he started to dig in only to be finished 5 minutes later. Why does it always take so much time to make, and so little to eat... He stood up and put his dirty dish in the sink. Em..., I'm going to take a shower and brush my teeth, then I'll be done. And by the way, I would love to become an old man with dreads. With that he climbed up the stairs.

Back in his room he quickly undressed and stepped into his bathroom. He turned on the shower so the water could get warm. Then he prepared his toothbrush before he stepped under the nice hot water. They were lucky enough to have a bathroom with every bedroom. He never had to share and nobody cared how long he stood under the shower. Even now there was still sand coming from his hair and body, that stuff just gets everywhere... He was only in the shower for about 15 minutes before he got out, kind of a record time for him. Coming out he searched for his swimming shorts, they were going to surf afterwards, so best to be prepared. Since it seemed impolite to him to meet new people without a shirt on, he grabbed one from his cupboard. Seeing as they lived next to the beach he thought he would be okay without shoes or flip flops. Last but not least he opened his drawer of wrist bands. He'd never counted them, but he must have at least 50 matching sets.He grabbed one for his left arm, and one for his right arm.

He went down the stairs again and called for Em' as he came down. "Well..., am I approved?" He spread his arms and turned around in front of his cousin.



Amber smiled at Austin's answer. He'd better be happy to see us, we have been his 4 biggest fans since before he could even play one note. Hearing the sliding door open she turned around to see Ria coming out as if Amber's question had been a magic spell. Before she could say anything Ashley had pulled her on her lap. Although it was sudden and she hadn't expected it, she felt quite comfortable with her new seat. She tried to hide a big yawn, but wasn't doing a very good job. Still feeling tired she laid her head down on Ashley's shoulder. Thank goodness that Ria mentioned breakfast, her stomach had continued to grumble lightly ever since she stepped out of bed. She could also be glad that Ash would help with breakfast. Amber herself had never prepared any food in her entire life, as her friend knew all too well. The highest culinary achievement she had reached was emptying a bag of chips in a bowl and opening a jar of onion dip.

Ash kissed her cheek and as if a command Amber stood up. Standing again she stretched and was happy to help with getting Austin's stuff into the house. At least that was something she could do. "Okay Aussy, key me! If you just ask the neighbours over, I'm sure Sam and I can talk Zach into helping us." she said while putting her arms around Sam's shoulders. "We can be your roadies for today." Amber grabbed Sam's hand and dragged her inside after her. She walked straight to Zach, took the juice from his hand and put it on the counter before grabbing his hand with her free one. "Zach.., us ladies need a hand with Austin's stuff and I think this one will do perfectly." She waited patiently to see if he would come with or not.

If they would hurry up with emptying the car breakfast would be done much sooner. It didn't make much sense, but Amber believed in that. She was curious to meet the other neighbours. She had heard enough in stories, but had never really seen them. And quite honestly Ashley usually spoke more about her other neighbour, Zach. She didn't really know what Ashley saw in him, but Amber was sure she had her reasons.