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located in The Woods, a part of House of Trees, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Woods



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Character Portrait: Drew Coons Character Portrait: Jackson Gavitt Character Portrait: Gypsy Hastings Character Portrait: Skylar Desoto
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Jackson had to admit that the Senior Trip had turned out better than he'd thought it would. He'd spent most of the trip with Cami, giving her nearly all of his attention. He had kept an eye out for Sia. Though he'd never say so, he still felt something for his ex. However, he'd ruined that ship and now he was still with Cami. They'd spent their time making out, having sex, or simply just enjoying the time outdoors with each other. Though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, Jackson was rather glad to be on the trip. He was able to get away from everything that was constantly bringing him down.

It was their last night before they were to return home. Back to the everyday drawl that he hated so much. Currently, nearly everyone was sitting around campfires. Jackson had gone and changed after he and Cami had gotten back from the lake. Jackson was practically on his back, lips locked with Cami's. They were paying no mind to those around them.

He felt like he was floating. Something he tended to fell when he was trying to forget the things around him. It was only when Sia got up that Jackson seemed to snap out of the current moment that he was sharing with his girlfriend. He gently pushed her off of him so that he could sit up. He allowed his gaze to follow his ex's form as she made her way toward Drew. He knew that she was most likely going to treat the poor kid quite badly. As she normally did. However, he could not say that it bothered him.

That didn't mean that he couldn't watch. The woman spoke cruelly to the man and Jackson was not surprised. Sia hated anything that had to do with Skylar and Drew had been lucky enough to wander too close. "Come on, Jackson. Let's turn in early. No one will miss us." Cami purred from behind him. She wrapped her arms about his neck, keeping herself close to him. A small smile crossed his face. "Not right now. Maybe in a bit." He dropped his voice then. "I want to see where this goes." Cami laughed as she quickly moved to sit in his lap. "Then the least you can do is keep me distracted as I wait."

Jackson gave a small shake of his head as he moved his hands to Cami's shoulders. It was something that he'd done for Sia so many times before. He began running his fingers up and down her back. The woman leaned into his touch, a smirk on her face as she watched the woman that had once been her friend. Jackson allowed his gaze to return to Sia. He deemed it safe since Cami was no longer watching him.



Skylar and Aaron were laying together on the grass. The man had wanted to go hiking though Skylar had refused. Instead, she'd suggested simply watching the sky. She was silent as they lay together though Aaron was talking. His new thing was trying to get her to be his girlfriend. "We've been fucking each other long enough now. I mean, you obviously keep coming back for a reason. Oh course she kept coming back. She wanted to forget the man that she did really like. When Andy had walked in on her and Aaron, she'd simply ignored the blonde man. She wanted to know what he'd thought..felt. She'd caught a glance of him as he'd turned to leave and she could have sworn he was either upset or angry.

"Skylar?" She sighed, turning her gaze to the man at her side. "Look, I'm really not into dating anyone. If it makes you feel any better, I'm not screwing anyone else." Aaron seemed to accept this. "As long as it stays that way." He said. Skylar rolled her eyes before getting up off the ground. She quickly got dressed and then looked down at Aaron. "Where you going?" He asked.

She just shook her head. "I'm going to find Andy. I want to talk to him. I'll catch you later." She said, making her way from the man. She slowly headed towards the main campsite. She felt eyes on her the moment she came close to the group. She spotted Jackson, her 'sister's' ex. He was definitely hot and she couldn't understand why she'd broken up with him. Sure, he'd cheated..but she was certain that there had been a reason for it.

Skylar ignored the group, making her way to Andy's tent. She paused outside before entering. She hoped that he wasn't getting it on with Nathan. "Hey." She said, moving inside the tent. "So, is there a reason Gypsy and her flock looked so worked up? I feel like I missed something." She said, eyeing her friend. She was trying to act as if nothing had happened. She hated feeling so awkward around her friend. Luckily, she'd had her hair down and so he'd not been able to see much but still..her and Aaron had not stopped.

She looked down for a moment before glancing to Nathan. "Will you give us a few? I need some girl talk." She was asking him, though in truth she was not going to take no for an answer. She glanced to Andy, as if asking him to send the other man away.