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Snippet #2500208

located in The Woods, a part of House of Trees, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Woods



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Character Portrait: Drew Coons Character Portrait: Jackson Gavitt Character Portrait: Gypsy Hastings Character Portrait: Skylar Desoto
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Gypsy’s eyes followed Drew as he walked away, there was the smallest part of her that felt bad. But, the second Travis spun her around to face him and pressed his lips to hers, she didn’t give a shit about anything. His kiss was nothing compared to Jackie’s and she hated that every time they kissed she had to compare it to the way Jackson used to kiss her.

“God, damn babe.” Travis breathed against her lips and she smirked. “What want to fuck you so bad.” He said between kisses as his lips traced her jawline. Her eyes fell on Jackson again and she hated herself for it, because this time she met his gaze.

She wanted him so bad it physically hurt, but she refused to let him hurt her again. Not that it even looked like he missed her. She forced herself to look away as Travis continued to kiss her. Gypsy was the type of girl that was incredibly good at hiding her emotions so you didn’t know what she was feeling or thinking, but somehow the closer it got to graduation and the closer Jackson and Cami got, she found it harder and harder to keep herself from begging him to take her back. She needed him and she hated him for having made her so dependent on him.

“What do you say?” Travis whispered against her skin and Sia swallowed back the pain that she knew would come out in her voice if she didn’t get herself under control.

“Yeah.” She said with a confident smile that she knew Travis wouldn’t be able to see through. “I’m going to go smoke, I’ll meet you in the tent.” She smirked and he kissed her once more before walking past her towards their tent.

Gypsy took a deep breath as she composed herself with her back turned to Cami and Jackson. He’d humiliated her by sleeping with one of her best friends, the entire school had found out, yet Gypsy had acted like it didn’t matter. Despite the fact that she’d cried herself to sleep for two weeks straight and that was nearly the only time her and Sky got along, she assumed it was because for the first time ever Sky actually felt bad for her. But, as soon as Gypsy had shut down her vulnerable side and put her walls up again, her and Sky had gone right back to hating each other.

She turned and made her way past Cami and Jackson and walked into the forest so she could be alone. It was rare that Gypsy wanted to be alone. It was dark, with the fade lights of the campfire as she found a tree stump to sit on. She pulled her pack of cigarette’s placing one between her, as she lit it. She took a long much needed drag off of it. If she was being completely honest with herself, which she rarely was, she didn’t want to go fuck Travis, she just wanted to be alone. She knew that was asking too much though. There was a part of her that knew Travis would more or less be asleep when she got back, so she took her time smoking she was in no rush to get back and she doubted anyone would come looking for her.


Drew was livid. He should know by now not to let the bitch get to him, but he couldn’t help it. Even when Drew went over to Sky’s house to visit Gypsy and him were always getting into fights. He was convinced that she was jealous, because in all honesty if you took away her money and took her out of her position of power she’d have no one, it was a terrible thing to say about someone, but it was the honest truth. If you did the same thing to Sky, she’d still have him and Nate and people who ACTUALLY gave a shit about her.

Andrew slipped into the tent with Nate who glanced up to him, sighing. “Everything okay?” he asked although Nate could tell just by looking at Drew, he was pissed.

"Hey." Skylar interrupted before Andy had a chance to answer Nate. "So, is there a reason Gypsy and her flock looked so worked up? I feel like I missed something." she asked and Drew merely rolled his eyes and gave a small scoff. He watched Sky glance to Nathan and he knew what was coming next. "Will you give us a few? I need some girl talk." she asked before glancing to him and Drew hadn’t missed the way she’d looked at him and he sighed running his fingers through his blonde hair.

Drew lend over and pressed his lips to Nate’s, placing a hand on the back of his neck as he pulled away. “Why don’t you go see if you can score a pack of smokes off your brother?” he said giving Nate a reassuring smile. Nate’s twin brother, hung around with the skater kids and they looked nothing alike at least not to Andrew. Nathan let out a sigh as he slipped out of the tent, leaving Andy and Sky alone.

“Listen babe, if you want advice on what you should do with that prick your fucking, I can’t help you out with that?” he shrugged as he held her bright blue eyes with his own deep blue ones. “You know how I feel about that ass hole.” He said simply. “However.” He smirked. “If it has nothing to do with him, I’d be happy to help.” He kept his eyes on her. “Oh and your sister, decided to call me out in front of all her friends.” He shrugged. “If that stupid ass boyfriend of hers wouldn’t have stepped it I might have knocked her down a few pegs.” He said with a wicked smirk on his lips.