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Snippet #2500223

located in The Woods, a part of House of Trees, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Woods



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Character Portrait: Drew Coons Character Portrait: Jackson Gavitt Character Portrait: Gypsy Hastings Character Portrait: Skylar Desoto
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Jackson continued watching Gypsy as she returned to Travis's arms. He rolled his eyes as his ex-friend began kissing his ex-girlfriend. He tore his gaze away from them, unable to watch. He looked down to the woman that he had near him. She was nothing like Gypsy though when he'd first hooked up with her it had only been because he'd been weak..needed someone..something different. Had he been in his right mind, he was not so sure that he would have cheated on her.

Sia was soon walking by, heading into the forest without her boyfriend. Jackson watched her until he could no longer see her. He placed a gentle kiss upon Cami's neck though she pulled away as one of her friends called for her. She turned, placing a kiss upon his lips. "I'll be back. Must be something interesting if they want to pull me away from you." She said, rising. She left him and soon joined her friends.

Jackson watched her for a moment, seeing that she was focused on whatever her friend had wanted. Jackson rose then, and headed off in the direction that Sia had gone in. He tried to be quiet. He didn't wish to startle her. It wasn't hard to find her. He knew her all too well to know how far she'd go. He came up behind her and stopped by her side. He wasn't surprised to find her smoking. They'd not talked since they'd split and now Jack was wondering why he'd followed her.

He was silent for a moment. "Hey." He said, glancing to her. He hesitated for a moment before continuing. "How are you?" He asked. He was fairly certain that he knew..but it was the nice thing to do..asking about her. He was silent as he allowed her to speak if she wished to. Only after she fell silent did he speak again. "Look, I wanted to apologize to you. Last year..when I was in the hospital. You wanted to know why I was there and I wouldn't tell you. I had a heart problem and with all the meds they had me on..I wasn't in my right mind. So, I'm sorry..for everything. I never meant to hurt you." He was suddenly refusing to look at her. It had taken him so long to say those words. Part of them were a lie. The depression medications that he'd been put on had caused a slight problem with his heart...but...details. She didn't need to know that right now.



She watched as Andy kissed Nathan. She could easily see that the man didn't want to leave them. However, Skylar said nothing. Nathan left them and it was then that Andy spoke to her. “Listen babe, if you want advice on what you should do with that prick your fucking, I can’t help you out with that? You know how I feel about that ass hole. However, if it has nothing to do with him, I’d be happy to help. Oh and your sister, decided to call me out in front of all her friends. If that stupid ass boyfriend of hers wouldn’t have stepped it I might have knocked her down a few pegs.” Andy said.

Skylar smiled at her friend. "Dude, why does all the awesome things happen when I'm not around?" She asked, taking off her hoodie and sunglasses. She then allowed herself to fall back, looking up at the ceiling of the tent. "I expect you to at least wait til I'm around next time before you get into it with Gypsy. You know I enjoy fighting with her." She remained silent for a bit longer, running a hand through part of her hair. She sighed softly, finally glancing over at her friend. "So, Aaron wants me to date him."

She was fully aware that Andy would probably not say anything on the matter. However, it felt better to get it off of her chest. She was fully aware that she was showing quite a bit of skin. However, it was obvious that she didn't care. "Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk to you about." She said looking back up at the ceiling. She was suddenly refusing to look at her friend. "When you walked in on looked..upset or something. I don't like feeling that you're not happy with me." She fell silent, finally looking off to the side.

Skylar was afraid to hear what her friend had to say. She was not used to having to talk about such a serious topic with him. She was also feeling rather odd that her friend had seen her in such a act. Before that, he'd never seen her body in such a way. She had no idea why she was feeling so bashful at the fact. She'd never thought about such things before so why should it matter now? He was completely into guys and that would never change. Regardless of her feelings, Andy would never care for her in the same way as she did him.