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Snippet #2500235

located in The Woods, a part of House of Trees, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Woods



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When Sia had finished one cigarette, she’d lit another. She was fighting the urge to break down and finally let herself cry. They’d broken the end of last year, yet to her it felt like they’d only broken up yesterday. He was the only one who really knew her, the real her. She’d completely cut him off after she called it off and she’d stopped talking to him, yet even after a year, she was still hung up on everything, because the pain was still fresh. She heard the creaking of a few branches behind her and she already knew it was him. She didn’t bother to look at him when he stopped beside her.

"Hey." she could feel his eyes on her, but she just pressed the cigarette to her lips, she din’t bother looking at him. "How are you?" it was painful to hear his voice again, because the last time they’d talked, they’d said some really awful things to each other. She didn’t answer his question, just let silence fall between them until he spoke again.

"Look, I wanted to apologize to you. Last year..when I was in the hospital. You wanted to know why I was there and I wouldn't tell you. I had a heart problem and with all the meds they had me on..I wasn't in my right mind. So, I'm sorry..for everything. I never meant to hurt you." She fought back tears, because she could hear in his voice he was lying. There was something else entirely going on back then and after all this time, he still couldn’t tell her.

“You’re a real fucking piece of work, you know that Gavitt.” She breathed and you could hear the pain in her voice, because no matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t hide it when it was just them. “Why do you do that? Lie to me, I can see right through your bull shit.” She finally stood up and looked at him, even in the darkness she could make out every inch of his facial features. “You know I would have been there, but instead of letting me in, you just hid from me.” She swallowed back a flood of tears and let it fall silent for a moment before she continued. “And if your so fucking sorry, you’d have left Cami…not kept fucking her.” She spat harshly. “You never gave a shit about us Jack, ever. So don’t stand her and apologize, when you and I both know, you’re not really sorry.” She said honestly. “I hope she was worth it Jackie.” She breathed.


"Dude, why does all the awesome things happen when I'm not around?" she asked as she slipped out of her hoodie and sunglasses. "I expect you to at least wait til I'm around next time before you get into it with Gypsy. You know I enjoy fighting with her." he chuckled as he glanced down to her lying on her back.

It was simple with her, it always was. He never felt like he had to put on a show or be someone else. They’d been friends for so long now it was natural to be with her, only ever since she’d started seeing Aaron, things had become a little more forced between the two of them, more awkward and he couldn’t understand why.

"So, Aaron wants me to date him." she finally said getting to the point and his jaw clenched and then unclenched. "Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. When you walked in on looked..upset or something. I don't like feeling that you're not happy with me." it fell silent and he let a sigh escape his lips.

He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to word things, he knew what he wanted to say to her, but he didn’t want to hurt her. Which was unusual for him, considering even when it came to Nate, he really didn’t care to much about hurting someone’s feeling. He pulled his flask filled with whisky out from under his pillow and too a swig of it before offering it to her.

“Listen, I don’t give a shit what you do.” He finally said even though the words were a lie. “I just know that you could do a whole hell of a lot better than that loser.” He said honestly as he laid down next to her, letting his eyes focus on the tents ceiling. “He doesn’t have a job, he’s got shitty grades, and he’s a dick. Your better than that Sky.” He said rolling on his side and propping himself up on his elbow. His light British accent coming out a bit. “Beside, whoever you end up has to show up the lame wash up football star your sister’s going to end up with.” He smirked trying to lighten the mood.