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Snippet #2500570

located in Creeds, a part of The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm, one of the many universes on RPG.


Before you is a massive sprawling city scape, far beyond the eye can see and leagues down towards the earth. The passing sun sets thousands of reflective fires that dart about your eyes and the sounds of countless souls can be heard from within.


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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Dravon Morsano Character Portrait: Keyra Character Portrait: Elruin Halfin Character Portrait: Enuren
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Elruin would have tried to read Dravon’s book but he couldn't bring up the energy to ask the Volkari for it instead he just reused his old spell and magically looked over his shoulder and observed that the large metal door that seemed to be their only way out. But why was it closed now? If that was the way out than why had the Blue daggers taken the time to seal it of? It was of little importance now they couldn't go back anyway but it could mean that this second exit wasn't behind the door but elsewhere. Elruin tried for a second to test his teleportation spell to look for his own way back but it looked like he was too far from the surface and too tired for it to work. Elruin walked towards the door and placed his hand on the surface he was testing it for weaknesses. The door appeared to be massive without any obvious sign of magical protection but Elruin had the suspicion it was hiding something. There existed little doubt in his mind that whoever had made the door had designed it to resist any assault. Trying to break through it in his current state would be a futile endeavor unless he could ‘lend’ some power from another source like the wounded. The idea of killing defenseless men that had just fought with him left a bad taste in his mouth but it would be a nice plan B.

Elruin set a step back and looked at the image of the statue. The fact the key was a sword and the keyhole was in her chest suggested that they would be symbolically killing her. The third eye suggested that there was death behind the door at least he thought that was what it meant in human folklore in his own a third eye symbolized wisdom not death. Elruin crossed his arms and said to himself “Disturbing.” The woman remembered him of his mother somehow with her empty expression. Elruin continued staring at the door while Enuren and Keyra pulled free something from the rubble but his expression grew darker.