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located in America, a part of Move Into The Light, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tick, tock.

The pendulum of the old grandfather clock swung gracefully, side to side, as it counted the seconds that passed. Gradually, as the dreamer watched, the pendulum slowed, before gradually halting midair, hanging to the left of the clock, gravity not seeming to care anymore. She watched as the second ticked forward, and then reset itself, to count the same second over and over again. The clock read midnight.

Ahri watched as the scene in her mind changed, to one of horror. It wasn't something a person would normally call, horrific, though. The scene was rather beautiful, in her mind. A grass field that spread out for miles in all directions, dotted with tiny, coloured flowers. The sky was a light blue, almost the perfect shade, in Ahri's opinion, and fluffy clouds floated past without a care in the world. The sun shone down on exactly one half of the battlefield.

Yes, it was a battlefield. All around her, women and men fought together, and against each other. Many looked the same, but then again, she could not see their faces. However, they all had things in common, on both sides - one half had blonde hair, and pale skin - just like her. Curious, she stepped forward, just like she always did. Then all of the creatures snapped their heads towards her, eyes hungry for her, eyes that burned with such intensity and inner fire it was all Ahri could do to not scream. Then she saw the shadowy figure that always came, and a hand was placed over her mouth, and the scene turned to black. Hands reached out of the black, and grasped at her ankles, and Ahri looked up to see the face of a young man with black eyes staring back at her. He was a figment of her imagination, she was sure, but his hand brushed the place where her scar was. Shivering, she listened as the man called out to; "Amon." Fire suddenly burned bright, and then it went black.

Ahri awoke, gasping for air. She was covered in a soft sheen of sweat, trembling slightly with fear and adrenaline. She had no idea why it frightened her so much, and not just because it was only a battlefield. She had dreamed the same thing for weeks and weeks now. She looked over at the alarm clock. Only six. She had woken up...sort of on time. She had wished for slightly more sleep, but she was awake now, and so she decided to get up. She slipped on a white camisole with a lace neckline, slightly low cut, a light blue wraparound cardigan, tied at the side of her waist with a cotton ribbon, and black leggings. She completed the outfit with black converse. Comfortable yet stylish. After a quick glance at herself in the mirror, Ahri made her way downstairs.

Her foster carer's home was cosy, but it still didn't feel like her own home. Ahri was disappointed at the fact that it still didn't feel like a home, but suppressed the feeling and instead picked a breakfast bar out of the cupboard with slender fingers. She tore the fruit filled bar apart with elegance, placing bite sized pieces into her mouth as she moved around the oak dominated kitchen. All the appliances were made of laminated wood, as were the counters, floor, table, and chairs. Her shoes thudded softly every time she took a step around the kitchen, making herself a mocha.

She took the cup and the bar upstairs with her, and closed the door to her room. She placed the cup on her desk, with the breakfast bar, and sat down on the carpet, staring into the floor length mirror. She did this every morning, studying her features, trying to pick out the most noticable features, something she could identify a parent with. And then, even so slowly, her fingers crept up to where the blue cotton concealed her scar, and she pulled it away to admire the scar on her collarbone. The nine pointed scar in a shade lighter than her natural skin fascinated her, but also made her want to vomit. It reminded her that she had no memories of the past, that she never really belonged here, in this house, under the roof of her foster carers.

Hurriedly, Ahri pulled up the sleeve of her cardigan, grabbed her school bag and left for school without another word.

Ahri got to school about 40 minutes later, having walked the entire way to kill time. She felt... Strange, today, especially after her dream, just like something bad was going to happen. She dismissed this as fatigue and headed to her locker. She quickly unlocked it with the combination, and grabbed her books and pencil case, along with her agenda, before quickly slamming the locker shut again. She had sworn she had seen somebody with black eyes out of the corner of her eye, like the man from her dreams. She shuddered and hurried to class.

All through her first and second period, Ahri struggled to concentrate. She felt paranoid, conscious of her surroundings, and like she was being watched. The butterflies in her stomach grew and grew, twisting her stomach into knots until she couldn't help but flick her hair over her shoulder and peer behind her. She had heard that there was a new boy, too, and of course, she used her paranoia to search for him, yet, she had no clue who he might be, as she was pretty new herself. She looked away as soon as she got eye contact with anyone, leaving her cheeks flushed and pink. It wasn't flirting, honest.

Ahri felt no better when she wasn't sat in the classroom. She grabbed her bag and headed out onto the school grounds, intent on catching up with two of the more friendly girls that she had met. She was hurrying over to meet them, hurrying across the tarmac to greet them, laugh with them, dispel her paranoia.

Only thing was, Ahri's problems were just about to start.