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located in America, a part of Move Into The Light, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Ryan come conscious with a gasp, his eyes flew wide and he searched the room rapidly. His heart beating quickly and his lungs refusing to take in the oxygen he so desperately wanted. For a few seconds he lay like this, scouring the room in search of... Well what he was unsure.

He heard the familiar call of his Rachel's voice as she yelled at him to get ready for school. Rachel and Dave had been his foster parents for a little over a year now and despite having turned 18 only a few months prior, Rachel had all but refused to let him leave, even going so far as to lock him in his room until he promised to stay with them at least until he graduated. He had been tempted to just climb out the window with what little cloths and belonging he had but if he had learnt anything from Rachel over the year they had spent together, it was that she had a persistence that not even the devil could stop. Literally an unstoppable force and she would of chased him to the end of the earth if he didn't promise her this.

So he had stuck around... and ended up being moved from his old school where he had been fairly comfortable to simple live out the rest of his highschool life to here... Joy. The idea of having to start all over again and put up another stupid act almost made him sick as he dragged himself out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

He hadn't gotten the new uniform yet so he just shrugged on his old one before making his way downstairs, not bothering to look at his messed bed hair until he had sat down and heard Rachel laugh. Suppressing a sigh, he dragged him hand down through his hair which earned him another laugh and a plate of eggs as Rachel dropped off his breakfast before getting to work on his hair so that he didn't look like a total mess.

Rachel was a 50 year old, African american and was a total mother hen... if she had been the one to adopt him when he was younger, maybe everything would of turned out differently. But then that hadn't happened, so there was no point on dwelling on it. Looking up at her through his fringe when she pulled away, Ryan couldn't help the slight twinge he felt at leaving her and Dave. He liked them... But if he stayed, he was screwed... and so were they.

Getting up, he sent Rachel a wave and fake cheerful smile that worked on every person he had ever met before heading out. He was only a little way from the school and it should only take him a few minutes. He pulled his cardigan tighter around him as he felt a shiver go down his spine. Damn, It's cold again.

A few minutes later the school building came into view and he prepared himself for hell in a new form.

The day went by surprisingly quickly and it wasn't hard to work his way into the schools hierarchy and place himself right near the top. He was hot and when compared to most of the other guys in this hellhole, it wasn't that hard for him to beat most of them in both looks and personality. The down side was that most of the girls weren't much as well and he honestly hadn't found anyone that could catch his interest for more then a few seconds... Not only would this school be hell, it would also be boring hell!

Pausing momentarily he wondered why he kept making hell reference in his mind before shrugging it off as something to do with his demon side making him think of hell to much and what not, he couldn't be bothered to really give an explanation to himself.

Then she caught his attention and Ryan couldn't help but stare momentarily at the Pretty blonde chick. She was cute, sure, but not really his type... Well then again, he hadn't really met anyone who was his type so he wouldn't know... But there was something else that caught his attention, something deeper then skin and god it was making him curious. He caught her eye briefly and smirked when she looked away.

Curiosity, god he hated it. He though to himself as he made his way out to the school yard, keeping the girl in the corner of his eye as he walked over to some of the guys and girls he had manipulated this morning. A few of the girls were throwing themselves at him and he could all but feel the jealous stares he was getting, and yet that girl was always at the back of his mind...

Guess it was time to sate his curiosity before it killed him. Walking over, he offered her his fake cheerful smile that caused both the girls she was talking to to pause a moment before stuttering. Demon blood, gotta love it. He though bitterly before speaking.

"Hi, you were just in my English right? My names Ryan, its nice to meet you.", he said with a grin, his hands both in his jean pockets as he leaned back slightly, posture relaxed and confident though his eyes held a undying curiosity as they tried to figure the girl in front of him out.

(OOC: Lot longer then I expected... XD)