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located in America, a part of Move Into The Light, one of the many universes on RPG.




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A twenty four hour cycle in the human world was but a blip in the life of a much more ancient being. People woke up, attended school and work, went about their social lives, and returned to sleep. An organized chaos that has held up and lasted for centuries. The only thing that ever seemed to change anymore was technology and the dependence that the human race was falling into head first.

The sun was rising on yet another day. From the rooftops of the small city, the view could have been lovely. If one cared for such a thing. The man standing on top of a carefully chosen building, however, did not as much as glance at it. In fact, his eyes were closed and his hands tucked into the pockets of his trench coat. The stillness around him was broken only by a cool breeze that swept over the building and the roof.

How long had he been standing there? No one would quite know. Suddenly, his eyes opened. Black and soulless, they only glanced about the area briefly before he slowly moved from his spot, making his way to the corner of the rooftop. His gaze cast down the building's facade and to the ground bellow. The area was filled with people. Young people, as it were. All walking around, talking with one another, and generally moving in the direction of the building. A school. A place to learn. How quaint.

Amon smirked softly to himself as he watched this, his black eyes flickering from one human to the next. And the next. Until he spotted her. Ahrileigh was her name. A half angel with a personality to match. He regarded her as one might regard a new toy, watching her until she disappeared inside of the school building. Then... He merely continued looking at the surrounding grounds. Waiting.

It wasn't long before his other target came into view. This one had a much more human name. Ryan. However, he carried his demonic ancestry much more prominently. Amon's gaze carefully followed him inside as well. So it would come to pass soon that the two would meet at last. Silent and unnoticed, Amon turned on the spot, walking back away from the edge.

If anyone noticed him that morning, the memory would have been washed away quite easily. Amon never lingered for long and always just out of sight. He had a job. It didn't get much simpler than that. However, even he was aware of how convoluted the day was destined to become. There were others in the area. Both Demons and Angels. All lying in wait. All conscious to one anothers' presence. One wrong move and they would be fighting each other instead of focusing on their goals. Now wouldn't that be fun to witness...

Amon would partake in none of it. Nor would he take kindly to being crossed. His goal was simple and straight forward. As he had put it himself... "A high price for something a human can accomplish."

"Do you believe they will run?" a Demon had asked him not too long ago. Amon had remained silent for a long time, testing the patience of those around him.

"They always run," he had replied quietly at last. "Trouble is... They never look at where they are headed."

Such as, it seemed, the moment when the half demon and half angel met. Amon watched from the roof as the boy approached her. Even as they spoke, however, he remained still. He was waiting for.... something. Casually staying put.

It was a few minutes later when it finally happened. A small light glint that he caught out of the corner of his eye, coming over the horizon. A smirk spread over his features as he tore his gaze away from the young pair bellow. There it was again. The glint. This time, closer. It disappeared out of view briefly. However, Amon knew it would show up again. And it did, a moment later blinking into existence in close range.

That was when he reacted, raising his hands and stretching them out to the sides. A bird, that had been soaring by, slowed and stopped in its passing. The wind calmed. Trees quieted and stilled. The odd glint above the roofs froze in mid-air and finally the humans bellow began to slow in their tracks. A moment later, nothing moved any longer. Nothing except for him and the fated pair bellow.

Amon stepped forward through the frozen time, letting his form drop the three stories to the ground into the shade of the trees. When he emerged, his steps were quick as he proceeded toward the pair, his black eyes fixed on his target. It was clear that he was intent upon only them, his expression that of convoluted aggression and excitement mixed into one. He only allowed them one piece of advice, simply for his own amusement.

"This is where you run."