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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere
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Tristan and Peter

The Belvedere house and occupants made an army bug out look slow, it was like everyone that lived there knew exactly what to take and what not to take. Supplies were packed quickly and food was also ready. Everyone was given a packed breakfast, just because someone had time to do it. Tristan was in his room, he had his stuff already in the one of the vehicles. He also made sure that Soran's things were packed and ready to go too.

These moments alone were the worst for him, as he couldn't help but think about the blond seer. The what if's kept popping in his head too, but he knew that wasn't going to help him in doing what his father wanted him to do. The last of his belongings were in a backpack, which he threw on his back. He had already given Peter his coordinates and told him to meet him outside. He knew it was almost time to get the started.

He stopped to say some see you soon's first, making sure everyone was ready to go. He has missed Kilia and Jonathan leaving as they got into Victor's hummer. Why a guy that short drove such a huge vehicle was beyond Tristan's thinking. He just hoped they all got there in one piece, driving with Uncle Vic...was sort of scary. He opened the garage door and sighed, now this would have been fun to do with Soran.

The red motorcycle fit Tristan, it was at one point one of the only things he cared about. "Peter," he called hoping the other was in ear shot

"Aye sir?" Peter was in his car with the Sunroof down. "We ready to go now, these bombs are not gonna plant themselves." Peter then pointed to the road. "You lead. I'll follow."

"Okay," he looked at his pad, "first one isn't far from here, and we are going to do what I like to call a drop and pop. You get to the point, drop the bomb. I will activate the timer on my pad and then it will pop when it needs to."
"Alright. Then lets get at it." Peter said as he started his engine and pushed on the gas to start driving. When he got on the road he began driving faster towards the first mark.

Tristan's own engine roared to life as he followed Peter, eventually getting in front of him, he has only paused to look back once at his house. Hoping that it would still be standing when he returned.

Tristan slowed down slightly as he approached the first stop. He was on high alert as any possession now would be detrimental to this whole plan. He stopped with his engine running and pointed so that Peter would see him.
Peter nodded as he slowed down and took one bomb out and started to place it in the spot that was pointed to him. As soon as that was done he waited for a signal to get moving again.

Tristan waited until Peter was in his car and started moving, he was slow so the other could catch up, the next one was closer to the point where his own first possession took place. He shivered as he remember that freakin huge spider. However he shook his head trying to get his thought clear and only think of the plan. It also made him think about Rethyn, and how he hoped he other was safe.

Peter followed Tristan to the next sight as he wondered how are they going to catch up with the others after It was all said and done.

Tristan stopped at the next one, motioning. Checking his pad, he suddenly realized he forgot to fix Kilia's...darnit.
Peter stopped and placed the bomb at it's place and ran back to the car. Again the thought crossed his mind as to how were they going to regroup with the others afterwards. was there a stopping point to the false trail and were they going to be far away by the time the bombs went off?

Three more points were found and bombs dropped, one happened to be near the college, at this one, he sort of hoped this would really throw them off. Because they were going to have to backtrack to the next point. He made a signal so the other knew they were turning around, and he wouldn't be surprised when the other started heading back in the same direction.

At this one he stopped kept his engine was running, he waited for the other to get out. He pulled something out of his backpack
Peter followed Tristan to the last point and put the last bomb In place and rushed to his car and readied to go at the signal.
Tristan was looking at the paper for one sec, he pulled along side Peter, and killed his engine for a second, "Ok we need to split up, here I wrote down the directions for you. Get on the highway up ahead and follow that. It will take awhile to get there, there are places to stop should you need anything."

Peter nods as he put the sunroof on. "See you there." he said as he drove off towards the highway, then on to where the rest shall gather.

Tristan turned his bike as he would take the longer route, he would probably be the last one at the house. However he had ideas on how to occupy his time. His pad went off, "Okay Rethyn, I are doing your rescue right now." He threw up a small barrier to cover up his own tracks, as he got to the back road. He set the bombs to go off within the next hour. He made the modification at the last minute. He give them to discover that the two they held were missing first.