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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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With a small clapping like sound Rethyn's heels struck the sidewalk as he dropped down a short distance from where he exited the teleport. The area around the young man was desolate as the destruction of the city had seemed aged. There was no longer fresh smoke in the air, the last breaths of the city had ceased. Many of the buildings were down and were opened in the destruction.

With each step Rethyn took he heard echos as the sound would beat through the buildings and the area around him. He knew where he was as he saw the familiar street signs leading to the areas he wanted to hit before heading back to the extraction point.

First, the caved in home down the street of which he use to call home was his first priority. As he stepped forward he felt heavy. As he glanced to the right he saw children running, as they kicked around a soccer ball. With a shake of his head they were gone. Refusing to look back in that direction the young man approached the door.

Exhaling a long drawn out breath Rethyn reached for the door handle, it was locked however. With a firm twist of the handle however he could literally feel the weakened door and it's lock breaking under his grip. With a firm shove of the shoulder the wood of the door chipped and broke at the shove of his weight.

He was in. Standing in the darkness of his old home he begun moving around where he could. The damage to the home had blocked off so many rooms that he knew he wouldn't be able to access them. That including his own room as he passed by it. Shaking his head with slight frustration he moved to the main living room. There it was, the object of which he had came for.


Rethyn's attire had changed. Now at the extraction point the young man was wearing what appeared to be a black Kevlar vest over his black tank top. Upon the vest it read "Police" upon it. Along with the vest he had seemed to have obtained a few metallic objects of which looked like cylinders.

Stepping off into the shadows, Rethyn masked his presence as begun taking as much weight as possible from his steps. Climbing over rubble and fallen signs Rethyn drew in closer.


Still within the shadows, Rethyn teleported a little ways up as he had spotted a hole in the target building. Standing at the edge of the open spot, Rethyn wrapped his left arm around a devastated piece of rebar of which was sticking out of the concrete.

Kneeling down he closed his eyes briefly as he could hear voices echoing off the walls from the floor down below him.

"That's one...two...and three..." Rethyn thought to himself as he remembered the number of gods of which were briefed to him. Below him he heard the three of them exchanging words. With that he knew he was in the right place.

Now all he needed was that distraction. With a quick glance to the flash grenades he had looted from the police station he at least had a back up plan if things went bad.


"Please..." Soran moaned, crying again as Valyn was knelt next to him once more. He had lost track of time, had lost track of what day it was. It felt like months to him. "Don't... Sto-" his words ended in screams. The knife had cut into old wounds, making them deeper or larger. Soran was sweating profusely, bloody and breaking down. Valyn continued for a while longer before two of the Gods entered the room. The blonde Seer had completely forgotten about the other woman in the room, too lost in his own pain to notice much of anything now. The knife pulled away and he went limp, panting heavily and struggling to stay awake.

"Valyn," Oni's voice was sharp slightly irritated as well. Something was wrong.

The red eyed God stood up slowly, "What is it?"

"The energy. It's not doing much, is it."

Valyn was silent for some time before the golden knife faded away and he crossed his arms, "It was only a test, Oni. It gave some energy, more than we've gotten before."

"Yes, but now it's fading again."

"Probably because he's dying," Criea snapped, tilting her head as she regarded them both.

"No, that shouldn't have an affect. His energy is still connected to his magic system and it's slow."

"Greed will get you no where, Oni."

The God possessed Seer smiled at Valyn, "Perhaps. Still, the power flow should have increased, but it did not. Change tactics. Do something about it Valyn. If we are to take power from these idiotic mortals than it should be proficient."

"What, squimesh from the blood, Oni?" Criea asked as she moved and inspected the half conscious boy hanging from the single peice of golden twine holding him against the wall.

"Hardly, but it is messy, don't you think? My concern is getting the power we need quickly. This... this isn't quick." Oni motioned his hand towards Soran a frown on the girls lips.

"No, but it's been the only thing so far that works," Valyn countered, "If I tried that again it will kill him."

"He wouldn't even survive a single touch from it now," Criea huffed, rolling her shoulders as she moved away from Soran.

"You have that one," Oni said looking to the other Seer still tied up in the golden twine across the room. Valyn glanced to her briefly and shrugged.

"I will have to perfect it."

"You bitch.." Sina said angrily from the other side of the room. Within her eyes burned a hatred of the goddess. She didn't understand, why didn't she just kill them? Most other gods by now would have either taken over them or killed them. Why wouldn't she just pick one already?

Oni looked over to the other Seer, "Interesting. I think you have the wrong term there Seer. I may be in a woman's body, but I am definitely not one," the voice grated.

Valyn turned slowly to Sina and narrowed his red eyes. His fingers stretched out and started to curl in, but Oni waved his hand, getting the other Gods attention. With a shake of his head, long black hair flipping across the shoulders, he clicked his tongue a bit as he moved the Seer's body towards Sina. Kneeling down, he reached out and took hold of the girls chin.

"I suggest taking into account where you are at, little Seer. You are now our source of power, as is the boy. With both of you, we can gather as much of it as we want. It's those magic systems you have. The systems are connected via energy to the user and also electrically. Your society is pulsing with electricity. Everything is connected. As a God, we cannot touch the connection, but in this state," he glanced down to the Seer's body he was occupying, "We can collect it very easily. Granted it's taken us a little while to figure out how your systems work, but now that we have," he grinned at her, "Gathering the power we need from two very strong Seers makes our war a lot easier. You see, I'm not the only God that's trying to keep his station. I am trying to gain more power to control other Gods. In order to do that, I need you, and him, and the other Seers. Of course, other Gods keep getting in the way as they are much too stupid to think things through as I have."

Tilting Sina's head a bit, Oni regarded her for a moment, "Just think, you are now our eternal source for power. Well... that is if you don't die from exertion. But I'll be sure to have Valyn be careful about that. After all, his touch is definitely more violent than that blade of his, wouldn't you agree?" Oni grinned as he released her and walked back to the other two. With a flick of his hand he motioned for them to follow him.

"Come, we have things to do and energy to disperse to the others. What little of it we have," he growled in annoyance, "Get rid of that ridiculous spell, Valyn. It's not working anyway."

The red eyed God turned to face both of them and snapped his fingers. The golden twine around Soran's wrist faded with Valyn's departure. With that one, the twine around Sina was gone as well. Turning around, Valyn followed after the other two and walked towards the opposite wall before disappearing.

Sina said nothing as she glared furiously at the god. Sure, there were many insults she wanted to spew at him, but her attention had been drawn to Soran of whom she feared wasn't going to last much longer if they kept focusing on only him. She wanted to plead to them to go after her for a while. At least give him rest.

As they disappeared she looked to the boy and called to him. "Hey! Stay with me alright?!" She had started to look panicked as she feared he was becoming lost in all of the pain. Just looking at the horror of what they had done to him made her a little watery at the eye. The cuts had become so deep.

Stumbling over to the boy, Sina begun to rip the left arm of her shirt off as she drew closer to Soran. She needed to stop the bleeding as the wound was deep. She knew it wasn't going to help much, but she couldn't just let him bleed on the floor like those monsters.

Cuffing her hands into the armpits of Soran, Sina pulled the boy onto her lap as she started trying to tie the makeshift bandage around the re-opened wound of Soran. As she did her best to tie it tightly she knew it wasn't going to save him, but it was soemthing.

Sina tried to wave a hand in front of the boys face. "Say something, are you with me kid?"

Breathing was hard, everything burned and he wanted nothing more than to slip into a sweet dreamless sleep. He was about to when hands pulled at him, dragged him from the wall and he was suddenly lying down. He couldn't concentrate though, unsure of what was up and what was down. The voice of the girl from earlier pulled at his conscious but he only mumbled a little bit, head lulling from one side to the other. If anything was apparent it was a soft, whisper of a name, though he muttered other words as well but nothing as coherent.

Sina was not exactly sure which words the boy murmured but she could of sworn she heard him say "Tristan." With a close of her eyes she sighed as she feared this was near the end. She had a feeling if he took any more of this kind of abuse his mind would shatter.

Sina had begun to cry as she curled down and hugged the boy. She felt horrid for him, she didn't know what she could do for him. She felt helpless, she hated it, she hated the gods.

"Why..why." She sobbed "Damn it..."

Suddenly without even a chance to register a hand swiftly curled itself over her mouth. She felt for a moment her feet were no longer on solid ground as the familiar feeling of a drop on a roller coaster came upon her.

As the feeling of the drop left she realized she was longer in the location she once was. Twisting around she quickly caught glimps of a boy with solid blue eyes and no irises. In panic she tried pushing at him to get off her.

Rethyn didn't even budge as he placed down first her then Soran. Flicking his eye around the area he was unable to teleport both of them straight to where they needed to be. He was taking in deep breaths as he needed a moment before he could go again.

Sina's mouth hung open as she looked around their new scenery. They had left the dark warehouse to only go into another half collasped building. Twisting over to the new boy she siad. "What? The hell was that?!"

Panting a few more times, Rethyn held up his index finger to her then brought it to his mouth. After a short moment he lunged for both Soran on the ground and the highly confused Sina. "Wait, what the hell are you-"

"Doing". Sina looked around in confusion again as now Soran had been moved from the ground to now cradles in Rethyn's right arm. She tried speaking again, but Rethyn brought an index finger to her lips as he seemed to say to himself.

"Alauric, I've extracted them. Do not let Tristan see Soran. Soran needs medical attention now. I repeat, I've extracted them. Do not let Tristan see Soran and give Soran medical attention right now."

Sina glanced at Rethyn's armor for a moment as she read it she tilted her head at him. "What're you fucking magical police man?!"

Rethyn seemed to ignore Sina as he knelt down and begun to look over the injuries of Soran. Gritting his teeth for a moment he looked to Sina as he said "Hold him." Sina blinked in confusion as she moved in to take hold of the boy.

Stepping back, Rethyn reached for the sleevless tank top under his armor as he begun to tug at it. Eventually he ripped it as he too made yet another makeshift bandage for Soran. While watching him Sina just looked like a confused puppy. "Wrap it around some of his other injuries." Rethyn ordered as he walked over to a nearby wall and sat against it.

Giving up on asking the boy questions Sina obeyed as she neatly ripped apart Rethyn's old shirt and made several bandages for Soran. However after a long moment she felt she had to ask one thing. "What're we going to do now?"

"Wait." Rethyn replied.

Sighing, Sina nodded as she got to work add more bandages to Soran's wounded body. Around the deeper wounds she wrapped layers of bandages to stop the bleeding. "This isn't going to be enough!" She called to Rethyn.

"I know." Rethyn said calmly.

Finally the ear piece crackled, but only Rethyn could hear it, "Rethyn this is Alauric, we are on our way. Healer on board, be there in five minutes."

"Keep Tristan away." Rethyn repeated himself to Alauric.

Sighing Rethyn dropped his hand from his ear piece to his side as he stared absently into the distance. He was tired, ever since the party night that's all thought about in the back of his mind. "It's almost over." Rethyn thought to himself.

His eyes shot open as his gaze caught a suited man leering out at him through a half shattered window. Looking at Rethyn he merely made a gun with his hand and said into Rethyn's mind. "Bang! No it's not."

The man faded from view.

Sina in turn had taken a protective grasp over Soran as she held onto him tightly. She didn't know what was going on, but she had high hopes for the best as she whispered to Soran. "Hey, I told you I had your back."