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"I'm having trouble finding a couple of my ribs" he said to Addie who had inquired after his health. They weren't actually broken but if he couldn't keep morale up here then they were all going to be in trouble. He had to keep the tone light and make her forget what was going on. Jim he knew was a soldier, but he worried about Addie. He didn't know if she'd been captured before but he knew that there were things that could happen to her that would break him. He didn't mind, he had no loyalty to anyone in the group but her.

At that point there seemed to be some small commotion and discussion amongst the Fireflies. He didn't know what it was, all he knew was that he had very little gas left in the tank. If he had to sell his life, he would sell it dearly buying time for these people to escape. "Duty is as heavy as a mountain, Death, as light as a feather" he muttered. Addie gave him a funny look.