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*Once I reached the path a continued onwards to the west, the forest felt like it went on for an eternity before the trees started thinning out opening up into a large clearing. I stood still for a while wondering if I should cross through it, there was no cover or anywhere to run to if i get spotted. I liked knowing I had an escape if I needed one, before I could make up my mind i felt a slight rumble beneath me. I turned my head seeing several men on horseback coming down the path towards me. I was too far out of the forest to hide, my only choices were to run or fight. Normally I would stay and fight, but i have no desire to have the bounty raised and more trouble than I already have.*


*I took off sprinting through the clearing, the ground shaking with every stomp I took. I quickly checked over my shoulder, they were slowly gaining ground but if I could keep this speed i might make it to the tree line on the other side. As i reached the center i heard a shout from behind me.*


*As quickly as I heard it a huge wooden structure was lifted from the ground. it was covered in large wooden stakes aimed right at me. I tried to stop myself but at this speed I was not able to in time, I turned my body and skidded right into it. I felt several stakes impale my right arm and leg, I managed to lean my head back far enough to stop one entering my neck. I attempted to free myself but could pull myself from them. The men caught up and surrounded me circling around, with my free arm I drew my greatsword and began to swing it wildly. It was not until I heard them laughing at me that I felt the pain surge through me, I had been wounded in battle before but I have never felt anything like this. I could feel my blood running from my wounds and down my skin. It felt like lava burning away at my flesh. My vision was beginning to blur and my strength leaving me.*

"I have to escape now!"

*I looked up to the sky and let out a giant roar.*


*Some of the tattoos on my body began to surge and glow, I felt my strength return to me. As the glowing reached my right side it began to fade and wither.The marks are broken! As quickly as the power had come to me it left. Leaving me weaker than before, my sword fell from my hand and the world started to fade. Before I fell fully into darkness I heard one of the men scoff and speak.*

"Not so tough now, are you?"

*I felt his foot hit the back of my head and finally lost consciousness.*