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My curiosity had gotten the better of me as I lift my hands. I hesitated slightly, wondering if to be this close to a giant, to touch a giant would be safe. I decided to take my chances and I gently touch his skin and the markings. My eyes widen as my curiosity grew, my ears twitched, listening to him as I let my fingers trace along his marking. My hands stopped on his right side as I noticed that the markings seemed to come to an abrupt end. I ran my hands along his right side before I went back to tracing my fingers over the marks and soon my hands pulled themselves gently away from his body. "Does it hurt?" I asked, in almost a whisper, my tone was soft and held a hint of concern. "Those markings. Does it hurt to get them?" I asked as my eyes looked towards his. I may be an elf or part elf but...for sone strange reason, I felt that I needed to help this stranger. Perhaps there is more to this stranger that meets the eye.