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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kilia Yve Linovahle Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus
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Kilia followed after Grayson and Alauric as they moved Soran to a different room. She was looking at her pad mostly as she tried to d to come up with a healing spell that would do most of the cuts all at once as to save time and hopefully give him a chance. Occasionally she wiped at her eyes that would become blurry with water and make it hard to see her spell. How she made it to the room without tripping on anything was a miracle in and of itself though. The little pink haired Seer wasn't the most graceful after all.

Once in the room, she knelt down next to Soran's body one hand reaching out to grip his wrist with her slender fingers, "Soran... come on, help me out okay," she muttered to him. Looking over to Victor and the other two, she shook her head a bit, "This is going to be very hard. Uncle Vic...." she let out a heavy sigh.

"Oh god.. Tristan! Where is he? He can't come in this room," she startled, looking up at Alauric in shock, "He can't. N-not until I finish... Maybe not even after that... I don't know... Oh... What are we going to do," she shook her hand hovering over her spell as if she wasn't sure she wanted to drag it off and put it over the blonde's body.

Victor shook his head, "This is going to be long process, Miss Kilia, but I don't want to put you in danger, tell me when you have had enough." Alauric moved off to the side and watched the both of them, he didn't need either one of them collasping. He knew that Tristan didn't need to see this, and was sort of glad that the boy had not arrived yet. There was some small hope it would still be awhile until he did.

Kilia nodded, "Yes... okay," she straightened as she had been slouching a bit earlier. Taking a few deep breathes, she seemed to get a hold of herself and dragged off the spell. The room erupted in golden light as the spell was different from her normal ones. Soran's eyebrow twitched slightly as the wounds started to close. The smaller cuts went faster than the larger ones. As that one started to fade out, she worked on another one, preparing it as quickly as possible, "I still need water and cloths, please," she said over her shoulder as she got ready to drop the next spell over him.

"Mine." Rethyn claimed to himself as he plopped down on one of the beds in the other room. As soon as he hit the bed he quickly removed the vest and his cargo pants as he tucked himself under the covers and passed out. Two nights sleeplessness and the man had had enough of it. In his right hand he brought the framed picture of his family to his chest as he dozed off into darkness.

Grayson nodded and moved to get the things that Kilia requested. While passing the others, "I did bring some chicken with me, so if anyone is hungry, sorry I didn't get a chance to say that eariler."

Inside the room, Victor pulled a blue spell from his pad, it seemed to pentrate Soran's wounds on a deeper level, he couldn't leave the boy with so many scars. He was just hoping it wasn't painful. The next spell, would only add to Kilia's, however it would make it so she didn't spend as much energy and it would take less time.

Once Kilia finished, she drew the spell over Soran's frame and released it. The room glowed again and she noticed that it went faster. Glancing up to Victor with wide eyes, she didn't ask the question that was apparent in her gaze. Instead she turned back to Soran and watched as he flinched slightly and gave a soft moan. The wounds were closing faster, and many of them weren't leaving a mark on his pale skin like they normally would have. She was almost lost in awe at Victor's display of skill and she breathed a sigh of relief.

"I was so worried... With so many cuts... I wasn't going to be able to heal them without scars remaining," she said and looked over to Victor again. Her spell faded out as she reached over and took the ex-Seer's hand in hers, "Thank you."

Victor smiled at her, "Some scars can not be healed, but the physical ones we can at least do something about, you will learn."

Victor sort of stood there, "It seems that maybe I need to take a break, I am getting too old for some things."

Kilia nodded as she turned back to her pad, "Alright. I can handle this. I will keep going," she said and concentrated on another spell to go for the deeper, longer cuts that laced his body. Those ones she was going to have to do one at at time with careful attention to the muscle and blood flow. If she didn't do it right, he would most likely be unable to move. Her eyes narrowed as she worked carefully. She started from his chest, the worst of them there and few really bad ones on both legs. This will be all night... probably into the morning too... she thought to herself.

The room, from then on would suddenly flash in a bright golden color as Kilia worked.

Alauric watched silently, tired but he needed to make sure Kilia wasn't going to push herself. Grayson came back in with the materials she needed and left silently afterwards.

Grayson walked back out in the living room, "If you guys aren't doing anything, we still have things to get organized. Peter, you can go and find Soran's things and Rethyn's things and bring them up." He walked into the kitchen and found the new seer. He observed very carefully for a second, judging her aura. She seemed to be strong, but it seemed to have three levels almost. He realized he was staring, He cleared his thoart and found the tea that Kilia was working on before the others entered.

He concluded that it must have been for Jonathan and put it back in the microwave to heat it up again.

Peter only nodded as he got up and got to work with putting the aforementioned things in rooms. That still didn't stop him from being glum.

In the meantime Jonathan was asleep, dreaming good yet also dreamed bad dreams. In one dream he felt haunted by the ghosts of Yve and his best friend, he felt their stare as of they were disappointed in him. That use of the Silver Knight made both him and Kilia vulnerable. He shook in his sleep, before finally bolting upright. "I'm Sorry!" he yelled out before panting and finally looking at his surroundings. "Where...the fel???"

He looked around in worry. "KilIa??" He called out, hoping nothing bad had happened, he didn't know where he even was. He began to be afriad.

After the teasing of Peter, Sina had quickly slipped off to the homes kitchen as she was terribly hungry after being locked away for those nights. As she slurped down the last of her noodles her eyes caught the eyes of the staring Grayson. A sly smile played upon her eyes as she broke eye contact from Grayson for a moment. "Meow." She purred under her breath.

Her eyes were gleaming as she went to place the bowl at the sink. In the back of her mind she was dancing as she felt like she had just ended up in the plot of one of her favorite rather girly comics.

Grayson didn't look at Sina again, he however heard the shout of the other and walked out of the kitchen without a word. He knocked on the door of Jonathan's room, "Jonathan, its just me Grayson, Kilia is busy but I brought you some tea."

Jonathan looked at the door carefully. "When will she get back to me? And where are we?" He looked around again trying to figure out where he was.

"We are at Alauric's mountain retreat," Grayson answered, "do you mind if I come in, so I don't have to shout through the door."

"Enter." he said.

Grayson entered the door, and placed the tea on the table, "How are you feeling," he asked.

"Feel slightly recharged. If not fully rested. I hate using that spell." He said with a sigh. "But I had no choice. Everyone was in danger. I'm only regretting the fact I exposed myself and endangered my sanity."

Grayson listened to Jonathan, "I have expanded my energy during battle, I understand that sometimes it is necessary, sometimes we don't have a choice in the matter, don't let it make you second guess yourself. You did what you thought was right."

Jonathan only nodded. "May I have that Tea now please?" He asked. He thought about getting up but decided against it.

Grayson nodded and handed the tea to Jonathan, "Kilia will return, she is healing Soran at the moment. She has help so she won't be expanding all her energy. Just rest."

Nodding Jonathan downed the cup before lying down. He was unsure if he will sleep again. He hoped he would.

Grayson left the guardian to rest and closed the door.