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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Stretching her arms out and giving a little shrug, Sina chose to let them have their little moment as she decided now would be a great opportunity to explore around the home. In the back of her mind she knew she'd have to come back shortly to make up for the lost meals, but for now she was curious as to what or whom she'd find around the home.

Smiling to herself she set off to explore the cabin home.

As Sina explored, she would find pictures hanging about the house, some of which showed more innocent child-like moments of the kids growing up. She would also run into Leila, who had the door open to the room she was going to share with Julianna. There was actually a set of bunk-beds in there. The girl was sketching on electronic pad, as the layers of the drawing were added the more realistic the picture became. The other girl in question was reading a book (probably one of those girly comics), sitting on the top bunk.

With a small smile, Sina walked to the entrance of the room and gave the two girls a small wave. "Hello there. Quite the place huh?" With a little tilt of her head and the closing of her eyes, Sina then added in "Oh, my name is Sina by the way, pleased to meet you two~!"

Julianna glanced up at the girl who appeared at the door. She was slightly confused, as she didn't know who the girl was in the least. She looked down at Leila who had turned at the sound of the girls voice. "Yes, its quite a place, nice to meet you too, I am Julianna, and this is my sister Leila." The other girl waved, and smiled.

Julianna hopped from the bed which really wasn't that high off the ground. "Did you come in with my father," Julianna was kinda curious."

"Well, blue eyes or whatever his name was kinda transported me and that Soran boy to your father...if that makes any sense at all? So yes! Yes I did come in with your father!" Sina yawned for a moment before stretching out her hand for the two to shake. "Heh, it's nice to see that I'm not the only girl in this house." She already knew she saw another girl before them, but it just seemed easier this way.

Julianna nodded, "Well there were more of us, but my other two sisters are elsewhere," there was a poking on her shoulder and she turned and saw Lelia standing there signing to her, "oh she wants to know if you found a room yet. There is a pretty good one next door, if you haven't. We share the same bathroom, so if you don't mind that, it might be fun."

Sina smiled at Lelia before glancing back to Julianna. "That would be lovely. You also gotta tell me about all the characters I've met at this house so far." For a moment Sina paused as she winked her eye. "It must be nice."

Julianna giggled, "It certainly has its moments...well blue eyes is Rethyn...he is my brother's guardian, you haven't met Tristan yet have you."

"I heard his name, but no I have not met the guy yet." Sina replied warmly. "Is he older or younger?"

"He is older, just turned 20, he is our families new seer," she said it like she was proud of the fact. Of course Sina might have guessed that already. "Um...there is Soran who is the blonde and his guardian Peter. Kilia, she has pink hair and her guardian Jonathan...and Grayson he is my father's guardian...and I unless there is another surprise I think that is it."

"You seem really proud of him." Sina said with a grin. At the talk of the other seer's and their guardians SIna played a rather good poker face as she remembered her guardian. Some of the names were familiar while the others such as Kilia were not so much. However, at the mention of Peter Sina laughed lightly. "Peter, he's the cute guy with an accent right?"

Julianna paused slightly, "Yeah, I guess you could say his is cute, but his accent is a little annoying." She giggled, because she was actually teasing the poor guy without him knowing. "I tripped over him once, and his first response was "Top o'the morning," she was trying to imitate him as best she could.

Between the giggles of her response to Julianna's impersonation a sly smile appeared on Sina's face as she felt like she caught something from the girl. As if it were her teasing stance, Sina folded her arms behind her back as she whispered with a giggle in the direction of Julianna "So do you guess he's cute or do you think he's cute."

This had Julianna blushing, as she was still confused about what had happened at the party. Her feelings were still caught in a whirlwind of other things, "Um..." she couldn't answer the girl.

"Meow, that's a happily ever after I'd like to see." Teased Sina as she bounced playful from foot to foot in front of Julianna. "Keep me updated now." she finished as she gave the girl a sly look.

Julianna blushed a deeper red, could only try to smile slightly. She was getting a shaking head behind her from her sister, who found her to be intolerably silly at the moment. Leila got up and moved past Julianna, gave a smile to Sina, and walked toward the kitchen. Finally Julianna found her voice, "So would you like a tour of the place. Or did you eat anything yet."

"Both would be killer!" Sina laughed as she adjusted her damaged clothing and tried to fix her hair a little. "So, do you wanna go after you stop blushing or do you think you're okay?"

Julianna broke down into a fit of laughter, "I am okay...oh maybe we should find something for you to change know we might be the same size. You can raid my closet and see if anything fits. I can wait if you want to get cleaned up too."

For half a moment it seemed Sina's cat like sly smile returned before she quickly masked it. "Heh, only if you want to...You know you don't have to."

Julianna just nodded, not really getting what Sina really meant, "I will just be in here reading, bathroom is right there, towels are already in there."

Sina merely smiled as she said to Julianna "Thank you. I think this is the birth of a lovely friendship don't you?". With that she started heading towards the indicated bathroom as she said to herself "With benefits."