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Snippet #2509392

located in Freedom City, a part of Power Play, one of the many universes on RPG.

Freedom City


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The woman laughed as a Starbucks collapsed. Her flowing forest green robes seemed to sink deep into the ground and spread out all around her in vines that were now covering much of the buildings. She waved her hand and more vines flew out to destroy a fire hydrant that exploded, causing water to spray everywhere.

"Drink, my children!" She bellowed to the plants. "Drink and GROW!"

She waved her other hand and several wolves ran to her. "Are the humans gone?" She asked. "Good! Then keep all others from entering this sacred grove!"

The wolves ran out, barking their orders to the other wolves that had been patrolling the streets.

One wolf, however, was too busy hunting to take orders at the moment. It growled, the human had gone farther into its territory. She smelled of fear. The wolf bared its teeth and stalked into the alley. Dead end, human girl. Lunch time.


"Whoa." Sable said, looking at the overgrown city. It was like something from an apocalypse movie or that show After Humans. Vines were everywhere and plants were growing in so many places that Sable found herself unable to tell where some buildings started and some stopped. She began walking towards the center of it all, the place where she'd heard the crash. She heard birds and other creatures instead of the sounds of the city.

Then she heard howls from further into the vines. It was enough to make her shudder. She began to back up, trying to get to a highpoint where she could see everything. She climbed on top of a taxi that had been covered with ivy.

"You've got to be kidding me." She said, her jaw hanging open. There were wolves, a lot of them, stalking towards her and baring their teeth. The wolves moved as one, drawing around her in a semicircle. Sable didn't have time to count. She drew her guns, the ink flowing into metal, and pointed them towards the beasts. She wasn't sure if she had enough ammo, let alone the ability to hit them all. "What did I get myself into?"