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located in Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, a part of The Ravens Nest, one of the many universes on RPG.

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens



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Kayden had been alone. Sure, there was that irritatingly chipper Parapsychologist, the countless worker bees, and any number of guardsmen, but none of them were shackled to the floor. None of them were made to wear a muzzle or sleep in a room full of toxic air. None of them, not a single one, was capable of understanding him. Not like she did. If he had to hazard a guess, Kayden would say they were friends. At least he hoped so. "What a strange word." Kayden said out loud, somewhat shocked by the volume of his own voice within the tiny, 8x8 foot, freezer that was his life. There had never been hope before, not for Kayden. Sure, when he was younger, there was some disillusionment about being adopted or escaping, but that had left him soon enough. People were liars and cowards anyway. Kayden didn't need them. He didn't need them. He was a demon, a devil... a dragon. He was better than them. He had to be. "If not..." Kayden whispered to himself. Just what was he? "A murderer, a freak of nature, a science experiment..." Kayden whispered. But she didn't care about that. She brought him books, she kept him company. She understood him. From there, or so it seemed, hope had returned. "Bah," Kayden sighed, and turned over in his bed to rest on his side. Facing away from the door, Kayden felt his eyes close, and his breathing slow. He was falling asleep. There was no escape from this place. Not anytime soon, anyway.

Kayden dreamed that night.

He was just a boy, barely even six years old. What could he do? How could he escape such reckless hate? There was a big, scary man, wearing glasses and a white lab coat that smelled of disinfectant. The man tried to stab Kayden. He held up a long, sharp needle. Kayden didn't like needles. He threw the nurses off of him and screamed. he burned down the door. he knew he could do it. The scary man came back after they'd strapped Kayden down. He told Kayden that he was too dangerous. Kayden had to stay here until he could control his powers. If Kayden was a bad boy, he'd get dissected. When the others had all gone, and Kayden was in his room, Kayden has asked to borrow a dictionary. He didn't know what that word meant, but he assumed it was a punishment for being naughty. In a fit of horror and rage, Kayden had burned that book. He screamed and cried and howled in agony. Kayden punched a nurse who came in to calm him down. They dragged her out of his room. Kayden didn't see her get up.

There was nothing, there was no one, and no one would come for him.

Humans are all garbage.

His parents had lied to him, the people in the Raven's Nest had lied to him.

Humans are all garbage.

Kayden would suffer alone forever. No one would ever want him. He would die here, in this horrible place.

Humans are all garbage.

They should die.

All of them.

Kayden could do it.

In despair and rage, Kayden fell to his knees and wept bitterly. There were no loud sobs anymore, no wails of anguish. Kayden simply wept. What could he do against such reckless hate. How could he ever be happy again? Suddenly, there were footsteps; a slow, careful gait approached him. Kayden's head snapped to attention, eyes trained on a far away figure that came from the darkness. With those footsteps came the smell of shampoo; flowery and sweet. There was something else, some other scent that Kayden couldn't quite place, but it was familiar, and warm, and it made his heart beat painfully fast. Kayden sniffed and turned his head back to the ground. Just one more person to leave him alone again. "Just wait, she'll leave too." Kayden whispered to himself. "You'll see." Kayden closed his eyes, he hadn't seen his mother in years, and yet, here she was now, coming to torture him in his sleep. How mean.

As soon as she reached close enough to be within a few feet of the young boy, her footsteps stopped. She paused a moment, then her clothes rustled, and the smell of flowers drew closer. Shattering the silence, she spoke. β€œHey, what’s your name?” Puzzled, Kayden glanced up. He was in the RIST alright, the same as usual, but something was different. This person... it wasn't her. It wasn't his mother. She was different, and Kayden had never seen her before. Her hair color was the same, but her face, with it's gentle curvature and soft warmth, was different from Kayden's mother. Her eyes weren't the same either. Kayden's mother had blue eyes, just like him, but this girl's eyes weren't blue. Instead, they were green and brown all at once. To this young boy, who had only ever seen the surgically masked faces of his attendants, and the harsh glare of light reflecting off of Plexiglas safety goggles, this girl, no, this young woman, was the most beautiful creature Kayden had ever seen.

Sitting down fully, cross-legged on the floor, the woman smiled at Kayden, who tried furiously not to blush. Her smile was gentle, and kind, it reached all the way up to her eyes, and filled Kayden's chest with a painful warmth. His heartbeat seemed to triple its pace. β€œMy name’s Roman. What’s wrong?” She said curiously. Suddenly defensive, Kayden all but shouted his response. β€œNothing! I wasn’t crying or anything!" The girl... Roman, Roman was her name, chuckled, and gave him a small tap on the shoulder with her fist in a friendly manner. Kayden felt his face heat up, and his eyes burned holes in the floor. β€œOf course not, big strong kid like you could take on anything I bet. But even if you were crying, that’d be okay. When I was your age I was a big cry baby. I would sing this silly song I heard from a musical, called My Favourite Things when I was upset.” She smiled, still, and, surprisingly, sang in a small voice, β€œRaindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite thin-β€œ She stopped herself with an awkward laugh, β€œI don’t really do that anymore however.” She seemed puzzled over something, which only served to make Kayden more confused. He tilted his head to the side, and scratched his temple. He didn't get the song, about kettles and kittens, but the lesson was clear. It was so simple, Kayden couldn't help but laugh. It was a child's laughter, warm and sweet. He hadn't laughed like that in years. If Kayden was sad, all he had to do was do something he enjoyed, right? Standing up, he wiped his eyes swiftly, smiled, and said, β€œRoman, come play hide and seek with me!” Roman seemed to be a little surprised, but stood up none the less. Before she could even reply, Kayden hollered with a deviously gleeful smirk on his face, β€œClose your eyes and count to ten!” The words had barely left his lips before he scampered off in the other direction, fading away into the distance. Kayden poured himself through the hallways, his feet pitter-pattering barefooted against the cool tile of the RIST floors. β€œHey where are you!” She yelled after him, but Kayden barely heard her. He hadn't run like this in ages. The thought that someone was actually playing with him, taking the time to do something fun with him, was too much for him to bear. If he let her catch him, he might die from embarrassment. He cheeks were burning, but his smile never faded. Playing like this was so fun. Before he knew it, Kayden found himself at the door to his room. Unconsciously, or so it seemed, he had made his way down to where he lived. Kayden stared up at the door. He had forgotten that this was only a dream. he would have to wake up soon, and Roman wouldn't be there anymore. Oh well, she was just a figment of his imagination anyway. It was fun while it lasted. Kayden turned around, and looked up at Roman, who's footsteps had finally caught up to him. He gave a wide toothy grin and spoke. β€œThanks for following me! No one ever comes down here anymore. My name's Kayden! I hope soon we can play again soon!” Before Roman had the chance to utter a single word of response, the dream ended.

Kayden woke with a start. He had dreamed. He had actually dreamed. It wasn't such a strange thing at all, the existence of dreams, especially when compared to the existence of a boy as strange as Kayden. What was strange though, was that Kayden never dreamed. Usually, he was sort of glad for that though. After all, Kayden had been living here since he was a young boy. Any dreams he might have about this hellish place certainly wouldn't be any good. However, this dream had been different. It had been... almost pleasant. It was a good place to start. After all his hardships, Kayden had, at the very least, one good thing happen to him today.

He met her.

It sucked she was just a figment of his imagination though. Kayden hadn't seen another person like her in so long. Someone else who was like him. It was bittersweet. Kayden had mad a friend, but she was all in his head. "I suppose this means I'm going crazy, eh?" Kayden asked himself. He chuckled to himself as he sat up, rubbing his arms to fight off the cold of his Arctic prison. As he did so, the massive door to his chambers opened. Through it strode that familiar, smug-looking, all-too-happy-for-his-own-good Parapsychologist. "Another day on the job, eh?" Kayden asked rhetorically. He stood, placed his hands in the air, and turned his back to the good Doctor, waiting for the hypodermic dart to put him to sleep. "So," Kayden started, false cheerfulness oozing through his teeth like bile, "What's on the docket for us Subjects today? Shock therapy? Physical training? Ooh, don't tell me, are you gonna try and squish me between some pylons again? That one's my favorite." Kayden turned his head back towards the Doctor. "All in the name of science of course." He said with a wicked smirk on his face. If the doctor said anything, Kayden didn't remember. All he remembered happening next was the soft hiss of the air-powered rifle releasing its hypodermic payload into Kayden's system. As it struck him, Kayden felt the familiar buzz of the electro-sock casing shut down his nervous system. He collapsed instantly.

It was that same black, just like before. It was the one that faded into the RIST. Kayden must have been here for hours this time. He waited, patiently he waited. Kayden waited for her to come back. This time, kayden was himself. There was no young boy this time, instead there was an older male, eighteen to be precise, who now towered over the 5’4 girl. It was definitely her alright. From the way she smelled, to the way she carried herself. It was her. She was back. β€œYou’re Kayden.” She simply stated, her British tone reverting back to the usual seriousness it displayed. It was quite the contrast from how she had talked to the young boy the night before. β€œRoman.” Kayden stated simply. She replied back with nothing, just glancing at him. He had quite a transformation from that young boy to now, but that came as no shock. After a minute of silence, she said, rather matter-of-factly, yet still in the common serious tone, β€œThey think you're a monster you know.” He smirked, revealing elongated canines, sharp and white. Just as frankly, he replied, "And what do you think?" To which she retorted, "You're not a monster.” She took a small pause. β€œI think they're the monsters, and that the universe is going to fuck with them harder than they have you in the long run." Kayden appeared puzzled for a moment. Did she really believe that? After a moment, it was all too funny for Kayden, and he threw his head back and laughed. It was a harsh, cold laughter, not the same as when he was a child. "The old, 'what comes around goes around,' eh? Not bad Roman. However, I think we're both a little smarter than that. We were born as gods among mortals, super humans, capable of pulling the world along on a little red string. However, in their jealousy and greed, the humans sought ways to bring us down to their level, and they found them. I burned their facilities into ashes, I vaporized entire buildings, killed countless people, and still, I'm trapped here in this hellish prison. As long as they pull the strings, you and I will never see the light of day again. In this world of ours, only power talks, and they hold all the cards." Kayden finished somewhat morosely, his eyes burning holes into the ground. Roman said nothing for a couple of beats. The silence of the agonizing moment that stretched between them screamed louder than any words could have. Softly, her voice broke the silence. β€œThe dream's ending,” Roman stated, glancing around the scene which seemed to slowly be draining out of color. Worried, for no real reason, Kayden began to sweat. Would he ever see her again? he had to. He needed to. Before he knew it, Kayden spoke. Words unbidden came from his mouth in a modicum of friendliness, β€œHey... Could you bring me a book next time?" Kayden asked, he even managed a smile for her. Roman glanced back up at him, and after a couple of seconds, a small twitch of a smile crossed her face. β€œGladly,” she said, before the dream disappeared.

Kayden awoke, once again, with a cold sweat. "What the hell kind of dream was that?" He asked himself. "A dream of a dream, huh?" Kayden whispered. Sure enough, now that he thought about it, this dream was a sequence of memories. Each of his days spent all alone, coupled with his nights with Roman. It was how he'd met her in the first place. Of course, to the officials in the RIST, no such interactions ever took place. However, in Kayden's personal slice of hell, those memories were his most precious possession. Like an oasis in the desert, or a bed for the weary, Kayden's memories with Roman were, probably, the only thing that kept him sane.

A loud hissing once more broke the silence of Kayden's imprisoned reverie. His door had opened. Once more, it was that same lab coat wearing, eternally cheerful, positively irritating Parapsychologist who strode through Kayden's door. Kayden sighed and rolled his eyes, irritated beyond belief. He kneaded his eyelids, rubbing the sleep from them. He was having a good time with those memories. It so figures that Doc would be the one to ruin what little happiness he had. Kayden sniffed, it was damn cold in his cell. However, something was different. Kayden's head snapped to attention, his eyes trained on the Doctor.

There was no one else with him.

The Doc was all alone. He was still armed... probably... but that meant nothing. not to Kayden. Kayden just needed six... no... three seconds, and just the right positioning... Kayden could end it all in an instant. Satisfied, Kayden jumped out of bed, his fingers twitching threateningly. Slowly, slyly, Kayden began to circle the Doctor, trying to get between him and the door. Smirking, Kayden spoke. "No guards this time, eh? Damn ballsy of ya' Doc. After all, with you dead, there'd be no one to run this show, and me and the rest of us kiddos could stroll out of here like a free men and women. After I burn this place to the ground, of course... So... Gimme one, just one's all I'm askin' for, gimme one good reason why I shouldn't rip you to fucking shreds right here, right now."