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located in California, a part of Suicidal Support, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Wren Donovan Character Portrait: Autumn Branson Character Portrait: Katarina Lester Character Portrait: Declan Branson Character Portrait: Amber Edwards Character Portrait: Wiley Maxtyn Character Portrait: Adam Walker Character Portrait: Augustus L. Kings
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Waking up from the sound of her annoying alarm clock, Katarina got out of bed. Quickly changing and checking her large suitcase and backpack once more, she went out into the living room of her house. Her Dad was already waiting for her at the door.
"Ready to go sweetheart?" he asked, looking at the questionable amount of black Katarina was wearing. Katarina simply nodded before they started their voyage to Camp Suicide. Black headphones were stuck in her ear to block out the annoying country music her Dad listened to. Sliding her music volume all the way up her father frowned.
"With your music up that loud, it'll pop your ear drums" he said, his scolding in vain as she just couldn't hear him. Her Dad let out a sigh before continuing to drive the rest of the way.

Five hours passed until they pulled up in the drop off ring of Camp Suicide. Reluctantly she pulled out her headphone and avoided the awkward look her father gave her. She felt bad for her dad, truly. No father should have a suicidal depressed child. It only made her feel worse about herself that she was coming to a camp to get "help". He was spending all his hard earned money to get Katarina out of her state, but she couldn't help but feel like a burden.
"I love you Kitty Kat. Now go get better. Make some friends" her father said before she opened the door. She gave him a faint smile.
"I love you too Daddy" her quiet voice replied, making her father smile. She grabbed the large suitcase and backpack from the trunk of the car. With a small wave she walked into the main building. The weapon check was always a pain in the ass, but this year Katarina didn't bring anything they would catch. Her Dad had completely strip check her bags for anything. The only this she had were a few shaving blades, which could easily be dismantled to serve the purpose she wanted them for.
Katarina got through the metal detector with ease and made her way over to the activity board. Eyes scanning down it for her name, she finally spotted it.
Activity Group 4:
Female Cabin:
Amber Edwards, Autumn Branson, Katarina Lester, and Wiley Maxtyn.
Male Cabin:
Adam Walker, Augustus Kings, Declan Branson and Wren Donovan.

Some names seemed vaguely familiar, but Katarina was never good with names in the first place. Taking an activity sheet for her group and signing her name, she carried her things to her designated cabin. Her movements were slow as her feet were barely picking themselves up off the ground. After circling the few cabins twice, she found the one she assigned to. The brass knob on the door was the same, the rickety stairs, and the little bugs in the front window were all the same. Hesitantly she knocked on her room door to ensure no one would be surprised by her entering and opened the door. The first sight she saw was the bright red hair of her new cabin mate. The next was a girl sketching on her bed. A small wave was produced by Katarina, but nothing more. Katarina put her things on the bed marked as 25, and took a moment to look around the dull room.
With a sigh she grabbed her suitcase and brought it to her closet, beginning to unpack her belongings for the summer.