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located in Camp Suicide, a part of Suicidal Support, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Suicide

The camp where the roleplay is based.


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The whir of plane engines sounded overhead and the hustle and bustle of California traffic echoed throughout the state. But all of that was lost to the male that was driving down the road. It was a large jeep, made more for beach riding than for roads but he changed the tires before he left. The top was in the trunk and the windows were down so it almost looked like he was missing half of his car.

The wind flew though the vehicle and the quiet sounds of the valley drowned out the loud sounds of the cities. He was headed to camp for the 4th and final year. He was sad to leave but he would always come back and volunteer if need be.

What camp you ask? Well, it is a camp for troubled youth. Those that have found a way to stoop so low as to attempt to kill themselves or mutilate themselves in some way. Don't let it's awfully scary name ward you off because it is only trying help prevent these situations. It goes by the name of Camp Suicide.

It offers an outreach station to the children of troubled pasts. Those that have lost all hope and sunk into the deepest corners of depression and exile from the world. They believe that nothing can be done to help them. That the world would be better off if they weren't here. I'm just one tiny insignificant person! What will it matter if I die?

Ever since Augustus saw his departed sister in a dream, he thought that way as well. The world would have been better off if the sharks took me instead of Ellie. Elinor was her name and it reads on her headstone, 'Ellie Kings. Beloved sister and friend. 1992-2009, aged 17 years'.

The loss of his sister was devastating but it hit August to the point that he cut himself off and fell into his own world, almost losing himself in his own mind before he was sent to this suicide support group. Now, he acts as a testimony. An example to all other youth that you can come out of depression if you so wanted to.

He pulled into the camp, gliding into a parking spot with ease and then his car went silent. On the dash, a hula girl stand along with a picture frame that had his sister's picture in it. She was beautiful and not one man had gotten to delve into that beauty and tell her that they loved her. She had career plans, a college scholarship and even plans for a family but all those were ruined because she went surfing that one morning.

His lips set a small kiss on the glass then he set it back on the dash, put the hood on his jeep, rolled up the windows and grabbed his bag and his sister's surfboard. He took it with him everywhere. Never leaving it behind because it was one thing that he knew she cherished so he would never lose it in remembrance of her.

Another summer had begun and another year full of stories to be told.

He had gotten an e-mail about the groups a week before so he headed straight for cabin eight which is where he would be staying. He opened the wooden door and then gazed at the male on the bed.

"It's nice to meet you."