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located in California, a part of Suicidal Support, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Wiley had spent the last week in “Rehab” or at least that’s what the media was being told. The reality of it was, she’d spent the last two weeks the hospital on Suicidal watch. She’d tried and failed again. She had the gun in her mouth ready to pull the trigger, she’d hesitated for only a second and her mom had walked in. That was when her psychologist gave her two chooses spending half the summer in the hospital and the other half in Rehab or going to a suicidal support group for the summer. In the end, her psychologist had made the decision for her.

At the current moment, she was stuck in the waiting room of her psychologists office, sketching the receptionist as a corpse. She sighed when she heard her mother start screaming, from inside her Doctor’s office. It was obvious her mother didn’t care much about her, she never had. All her mother saw was dollar signs when she looked at Wiley. Her mom didn’t want her to go off to some camp, Wiley had given up a part in a TV show due to her issues and her mother had pretty much told her she was worthless. The door to her Doctor’s office slammed shut and Wiley looked up from her sketch and from behind her black Ray Bands.

“I hope your happy.” Wiley’s mother spat. She looked ridiculous, with her over processed bleach blonde hair, perfectly Botoxed skin, and way too much make-up. There was no denying she was a Hollywood House wife. “You have fun at your cute little camp, but as soon as they realize your just an attention whore, you’re going straight back to work.” She hissed cruelly before leaving Wiley there alone.

A moment later her Doctor came out giving her an apologetic look. “Alright Miss Wiley, Let’s get you to camp.” He said with a warm smile and she grabbed her things.

The drive was silent and took a few hours. Although she wouldn’t admit it, Wiley was excited to be getting away from the glimmering lights of Hollywood. She’d never had a normal childhood and she desperately hoped that none of the other campers would know who she was, but she highly doubted that. She hoped if they did know her, they hated her, so she could keep to herself. Finally they pulled up to the drop off circle. She sighed running her fingers through her long hair.

“Doc, just take me home with you.” She breathed.

“I wish I could kiddo, but you need help.” He said giving her a soft smile. The two of them stepped out of his BMW as he helped her unload. “I talked to your counselor already.” He said handing her a piece of paper, stating the schedule and which cabin she was assigned to. “Play nice Emma. I just want you to get better, your too young to be this sad.” She said looking her over like he felt pity for her and it was hard not to, you could tell how unhappy she was with a single look in her eye and it took away from how truly beautiful she actually was.

“Yeah, I know.” She whispered, she hugged her doctor, before throwing her guitar case over her shoulder and picking up her suitcase, heading to sign in. Once she was finished signing in she headed to her cabin. She slipped inside ignoring the others that were inside as she set her guitar case one of the empty beds.

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