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located in Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, a part of The Ravens Nest, one of the many universes on RPG.

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens



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Nobody prays unless they lose a son
Don't believe in God till a war's to be won

The wailing sound of his alarm clock at four am, Griffin knew it was time for him to start his morning routine. The kids generally got to sleep in later than the Parapyscologist, but he didn't really mind. A few hours of peace and quiet usually did the young man some good. With an exsaperated groan, he pulling himself up into a sitting position. He rubbed at his eyes, trying to wake himself up enough to give him the motivation to get up. Pulling his legs over to the edge of the bed, the young man pressed his feet onto the cold, wooden flooring of his room. Griffin pushed himself up to stand, his lips in a prominant scowl. For such a happy person, he wasn't much of a morning person. Because of his job, he was supposed to stay at the facility as much as possible, meaning he got a room at the Raven Institute.

He hadn't been at the Institute long, at most, two years. Working non-stop made time stop it's continuous pace, and would either stretch on slowly or zip by him. As he gathered his belongings to take his early morning shower, his mind seemed to wander about the place. For being a just then college graduate, the offer for the job was a once in a lifetime chance and something he couldn't refuse. They used all the cliche lines for when they offered him the job. "You'll be saving people with your studies, Griffin. You'll be the worlds most well-known parapyscologist. Imagine the fame." Of course, at the time, saving people, with fame and fourtune, sounded like the best bet he could get. But he still didn't understand why the had taken the time to ask him when someone far more advanced in the field could do it. Griffin pulled himself from his thoughts long enough to get into the shower and be awakened by scolding water and sofacating steam.


After the doctor had cooled off and downed his fifth probable cup of coffee did he decide to go and see Subject No. 4, or Kayden, as he liked to be known as. He wanted to go alone, as there was something he wanted to discuss with the male. It took him several minutes arguing with guards that he would be fine without their help.

"Sir, that's not a good idea, he is the most dangerous subject in physical strength afterall." One of the guards spoke, glancing down the hall towards where the subject was contained.

Griffin smirked, holding out one of the needles that could effectively subdue the boy,"I can handle it, if he tries anything then there's this. But what I need to speak with him is none of your concern. I doubt any of you want to lose your jobs for disobeying orders, so go have a coffee or something." He waved them off, his mind too distracted to really care of what the guards did, although they listened to him at the threat of them losing their jobs, and that never ended well. He slipped the needle into his lab coat's pocket, his movements heading straight towards Subject No. 4's containment room.

As the young man got there, he looked around before applying the pin-code that could effectivly open the door. He didn't bother with his usual cheerful smile, instead he simply strode into the room, watching as Kayden seemed to react in a rather aggressive way.

"No guards this time, eh? Damn ballsy of ya' Doc. After all, with you dead, there'd be no one to run this show, and me and the rest of us kiddos could stroll out of here like a free men and women. After I burn this place to the ground, of course... So... Gimme one, just one's all I'm askin' for, gimme one good reason why I shouldn't rip you to fucking shreds right here, right now."

Griffin noticed how he was trying to circle him and get out of the door, and upon shifting his footing he effectively blocked the door, an eyebrow raising as he looked at the boy, "Ballsy, okay," He nodded, finding a bit of mirth in what the boy had said. While Griffin knew he was true to his word, he wasn't intimidated by him, "It isn't nice to threaten death on someone so early in the morning, yanno. Anywho, I'm here to give you three options." As he spoke he held up three fingers. "Want to hear them out before tearing me to shreds?" A slight chuckle left his lips as he spoke, his eyes narrowing just the slightest.

When he realized he was out of immediate harms way, he spoke up once more. "Since you're such a danger to us, you can either A. Remain in your lonely freezer of a room until you die of natural causes, doesn't sound to fun or B. Be humanely euthinized, you've asked for death quite a few times. Oh and the third one is my favorite!" He grinned like a kid as he got onto the last one, realizing that Kayden probably wanted to choke him out at the moment. "You get free run of RIST,by willingly submitting to tests and not endangering the employees or other RIST...Participants. We can work the details on this one, so your pick." Griffin watched Kayden with a hard stare, his expression serious so the boy didn't think he was playing some cruel game. Everything he said was in truth, and while the boy was threatening him with death, he just offered him something worth his wild. Maybe he would get a chance to make some friends.