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located in Camp Suicide, a part of Suicidal Support, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Suicide

The camp where the roleplay is based.


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Katarina silently put her things away neatly in her closet. Secretly as people came in her eyes averted to observe them without their knowledge. Two girls arrived before her, and one of them were drawing on their bed already. What the girl was drawing, she didn't know. The other girl was putting away her things as well. Katarina left the shavers in her suitcase, along with the cheesy romance novel she had. When the other girls were gone she would find time to stuff it under her mattress, but until then it stayed in her suitcase. When the last girl came in Katarina thought she looked strangely familiar. She watched discreetly as the blonde girl put a guitar case onto her bed. She must play then Katarina thought to herself.
“So guys,” the bright red headed girl said as she walked to the door “Our introductions are happening in about 10 minutes. See you there.” she finished before leaving. Katarina sighed in realization she would need to go to that as well. Introductions were never fun for the girl. Oh yes, I'm Katarina Lester. I attempted to kill myself and obviously failed, now I'm stuck at this camp as punishment Kat mocked in her head before zipping up her suitcase and sliding it under the bunk bed.
Without word Katarina left the rickety cabin as well, taking her sweet time to the main cabin. In all the black clothes she wore she was warm to say the least, but she really couldn't take off her long sleeved shit. Not without attracting unwanted attention to herself. She recalled when people from her school saw her scars.
"Why did you do that? What's wrong with you? Emo attention whore" were the sorts of remarks she got. When her doctors saw the scars she overheard a nurse call her mental.
Depression was a sickness that no one has sympathy for it seemed. If one had cancer people would be around you crying, but with depression one tells you to simply get over it. Getting over it was a lot harder than it was suppose to be.
She reached the main cabin and opened to door to see the red head sitting on the couch near a girl. The volunteer waved Katarina over and told her to make herself comfortable. She also explained the activities they had in the media room. All Katarina responded with was a nod before she sat as far from the other people on the couch as she could. She didn't mean it to be offensive, she just didn't want to take up space that they may be saving for someone else. Although around the red head she felt a bit at ease, she didn't know why.
Patiently she waited for the other people in her group to arrive. Frankly she just wanted to get this over with so she could go write in her journal.