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located in California, a part of Suicidal Support, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Autumn Branson Character Portrait: Katarina Lester Character Portrait: Amber Edwards
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Tick... tock... tick... tock...That's about all she had time to count, before Introductions snuck up on her. Two of the girls had already made their exits, and Autumn thought it time she did the same. She closed her eyes as she slowly got up, taking in the musty smell of the cabin. She slid on her converse and set out toward the main building. She hoped to see her brother, but found it unlikely.

She picked up her pace, feeling vulnerable out in the open. She opened the door to the main building, and slid inside quickly. The air conditioning comforted her, as she made her way to the media room where she knew introductions would be held. The rooms are rather large enough, holding enough people for that sort of event. She scanned through the open doors, and eventually noticed the sign posted on the door. She slowly peered through the doorway, and took her first step inside.

Everyone was sitting in a circle, which was poorly constructed in means of dimension. It looked more of an awkward oval, but none the less effective in the group therapy. She walked over, and took her seat away from the group. She faced the people, noticing how the girl that's bunk was below hers sat across from the two others.

Autumn hated being at the tip of the triangle she had formed, and found it hard to relax. She slowly moved over two seats, breaking the perfection of the triangle. It was comforting, but Autumn felt stupid for having need to change spots. She held her journal in hand, and opened it softly, averting it from the eyes of the group. On the back of the page with the bird, she began writing the events of the day. She scribbled it in her cursive that most thought looked like someone tried to draw a straight line with their recessive hand, waiting for the other's to arrive.