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Snippet #2510497

located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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It was rather late in the evening perhaps even past midnight before the engine of the motorcycle could be heard. Tristan turned it off outside because it would have been rather loud inside the garage and he was trying to wake as few people possible as it was. He stretched and yawned and looked up to the house. He was really dreaded this moment, really wishing he knew what to expect. He knew the rescue went well, his father had let him know that at least, but left any other details vague. He walked his bike into the garage and put next to the van. He step it seemed like his heart beat faster, he actually wondered if he would find anyone awake.

The elevator ride to the kitchen had him slightly on the jumpy side. Yet he heard his stomach growl rather loudly before he exited. He had to eat something or he was really going just to pass out. He raided the fridge and sat down at the kitchen counter to eat.

Solid blue eyes carried light throughout the room as Rethyn arose from his bed. By the side of his bed someone had moved his vest and his old cargo pants. Suddenly Rethyn's eyes went wide as he swatted his hand around looking for his family picture. However to his relief he spotted it on top of a shelf in the room. Smiling to himself Rethyn said quietly.

"Thank you."

After a few moments of changing Rethyn now wore a black v-neck and a pair of jeans. Just as he was about to leave the room however his eyes caught something. Shaking his head he threw it from his mind as he went to the door.

With a growling stomach Rethyn entered the kitchen a few moments later as he chose to walk there instead of teleporting for once. To his surprise he heard another stomach growl back. Looking up, Rethyn saw his seer.

"Tristan." Rethyn murmured at his Seer.

Tristan looked up at his name, "Rethyn," he said in return, "its good to see you in one piece." He continued eating avoiding the bigger questions in his head.

Rethyn seemed to feel the aura as he merely said to Tristan. "The same to you." Turning on his heel, Rethyn begun to do his own fridge raid as he found an several fruits and some leftovers from the previous home. "Did you just get in?" Rethyn asked evenly.

"Yes," came the short reply, Tristan wasn't even looking up at the other. He was now just pushing around the chips on his plate. He thought he wanted them, but now found them to be a bother for some reason.

Rethyn wasn't facing Tristan as he ate his own food. As he brought a hard boiled egg to his mouth he waited for a moment to chew before asking his seer. "Would you care to stay up with me? I'm not going to sleep this night."

Tristan slightly smiled, "I think I am going to crash in the living room. If you want to find a place to sit in there, I would be ok with that." He had to find a couple hours of sleep, and it would probably help if the other was nearby. He was still avoiding the questions, he felt bad the first thing out of his mouth wasn't how is Soran...he just couldn't get the words to come to his mouth.

"If you're going to sleep, why not just go and take my bed." Rethyn said countering the idea of crashing in the living room. "I'm not going to be needing it this night."

Tristan shook his head, "I don't think I really want to sleep in a bed just yet, I rather have the couch." He didn't know the exact reasoning behind his statement, but it was just how he felt.

Rethyn wanted the bite the words from his mind that were trying to escape. He knew they would anyways as they pushed at his lips. He didn't want to hurt Tristan, but he knew that nobody else would step up and say what needed to be said. "Don't go and see him tonight." Rethyn said to Tristan sternly.

Tristan looked up at the other, he was having trouble forming a sentence to really even begin saying what he wanted to say. "I can barely even ask about him..." Tristan started and realized that his eyes started to tear up. "I can't sleep, I am only eating so I won't faint, I can't even think clearly, Rethyn seeing him would be like ripping my insides out right now. I knew it was going to be bad. I've imagined it in the worst possible ways. All I want to know he is in this house and he is safe."

"He is, I got him out of there." Rethyn said quietly. "He's here, and he's receiving the best support we can give. He will make it. However, I will not sugarcoat this. He suffered." Through the dark, Rethyn's eyes never broke contact as their glow remained on Tristan.

Tristan sighed, he knew the other suffered, he could feel it in those hours after the attack. His mind played out the worst of scenarios and all he could hear was the other screaming. Tristan still had nightmares from that time with Criea, but this had made it worse. "Thank you," was what Tristan said finally, "I knew at least you would be honest with me, and frankly I don't need sugarcoated, I need to know how to help him best and telling me what I didn't need to know won't help. Right now, I just need to lay down, try not to think for a minute or two."

Rethyn slowly nodded at Tristan as he said cryptically to his Seer. "There's no need to thank me Tristan, I am here to protect you and I shall always do what I believe is best for you. However, a day will come where I won't be here to protect you. And when that day comes I hope you will have the strength." Turning on his heels to start his rounds of the house Rethyn finished with. "You already know how to help him best, it saved me from myself. It can save him." As Rethyn reached just outside of the living room he looked back to his seer as he finished with. "I will be wondering these halls if you can't sleep. Feel free to join me if you'd wish."

Tristan nodded at the other by didn't say anything. He put the dishes into he sink. And found the couch, he took off his shoes and grabbed the blanket that was on the arm of the couch. He curled up there facing the windows that looked out to the front. He eyes finally did close at one point, but who knows if he truly ever fell into a deep sleep.

The cabin house was unlike the previous house in many ways to Rethyn, however, the most noticeable so far was every step made a creak in the house. In the longer of the hallways the creaks would echo making each step feel like two. It became hard to tell if it was just him in the hall or there were more.

Within the darkness of the hall Rethyn stopped in his tracks. There it was again, movement. It was the same feeling he felt when he had awoken. With a quick glance to his right he found his eyes locked upon and old family picture of the Belvedere's out in the front of their cabin home. However, it wasn't exactly the focus of the picture of which caught Rethyn's attention as he watched a figure in the backround of the picture rock on an old style rocking chair.

It stood out as everyone else in the picture remained motionless. As Rethyn peered closer he begun to shake. A suited man stood from the rocking chair as he smiled and waved at Rethyn silently. It was unsettling in the least as the man continued to wave for what seemed like the longest moment.

"Hi Rethyn."

Rethyn furrowed his eyebrows, at the suited man. It wasn't him, it couldn't be him.

"Rethyn.. It’s almost time!"

From the painting each of the family members begun to drizzle blood from their eyes. Stepping back, Rethyn watched with an open mouth as the blood went from the painting to the floor.

He began to feel trapped within the hallway as he inched further down it away from the bloodying picture. However, again he froze he heard something against the glass of the window. It sounded like a overly soaked wet rag wiping against the window. Freezing his eyes upon the location he couldn't process what he saw.

A large black eyeless dog stood up against the glass as it merely licked the window over and over again. Blood droplets leaked from its sockets as the dog merely looked in Rethyn's direction.

The painting called to Rethyn "Ready to come home yet?"

Turning away from the dog and marching back the way he came, Rethyn refused to look at the painting as he passed by it. Or any of the paintings in general as he passed by each. With each step away the painting's calls became louder and louder until they hit the level of screams.

Ducking into a nearby bathroom, Rethyn stepped into the shower fully clothed and pulled the curtains back over as he sat shaking alone.