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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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In the meantime Peter was working on a small sandwich to munch on to try and take his mind off his Injured and possibly traumatized Seer. In fact, Jonathan suggested it. Sure, that guardian seemed to know how to handle stress. He bonded with Kilia!! But Peter sighed. Soran wouldn't want to see him. He'd want Tristan.

"Everybody has someone but me! Me Pa is dead, my family thinks I killed his killer and now my seer is banged up and probably will not wanna see me right away! I suck." Peter sighed after his self rant and took a bite of his sandwich.

"You know you are full of shit," a certain red-haired seer was standing behind Peter. Tristan didn't necessarily look unhappy but he sort of looked disappointed.

Peter swallowed quickly in surprise. "Dunno if you're trying to be nice or hamper down me self esteem further." Peter said, glumly taking another bite of his sandwich.

Tristan sort of narrowed his eyes, he understood what the guardian was feeling, " know what fuck you, why are you feeling sorry for youself, do you have an right to feel sorry for yourself. You aren't thinking of your seer...cause if you were you put aside your own feelings and think of his. He needs you too, get that through your idiotic head. You aren't to blame, I'm not to one here is to blame. If you continue to be so grumpy, then stay the hell away from Soran, he doesn't need your self-loathing too." Tristan grabbed a bottle of water and left the kitchen.

Peter just groaned. "Me against the bloody world.." he muttered to himself. He had to restrain himself from snapping and showing Tristan how to argue the Irish way. With his fists. But he knew he would get into worse trouble and so ignored his angry side for now as he just sat and Prayed nothing else would occur.

[Kilia and Tristan]

She came down the stairs, wiping at her eyes gently with one hand while the other trailed along the railing. The fresh smell of woods, dirt and other things that came with living out in the woods had penetrated the entire house. Kilia enjoyed such smells and it seemed to help to keep her calm just a little bit. The enormous windows were beautiful still and she found her gaze locked on them as she looked out into the trees. Once she hit the landing of the first floor she went off in search of Tristan, to let him know that the blonde Seer was awake. She wondered briefly if she should tell Peter and Alauric as well. Kilia hesitated though as she wasn't sure crowding that room would be a good idea.

"Tristan?" she called out, trying to pinpoint where he was in the house.

After jumping down Peter's throat for apparently no good reason, Tristan just needed to let off some steam. He found himself in the training room, making a mess of a boxing bag. In his anger he forgot to put gloves on, and his knuckles were starting to turn red, when if finally got to much, he returned to go to his room and run some cold water over his hands. He heard his name as soon as he hit the kitchen. Hiding his hands behind his back he found Kilia in the living room, "Kilia, what is it."

Following his voice, she moved into the kitchen, "Ah... hey," she started slowly and then leaned against the doorway, "It's... Soran. He's awake. He wants to see you," she said, crossing her arms over her chest as her voice trembled slightly, "But... before you go... Tristan, just..." she looked up at him for a while before she could say anything, "Just be careful with him. Don't... freak out, okay?"

"Kilia..." he started, "I won't freak out, that is the one thing I think I can promise." God knows he was going to surly try not to anyways, he looked at her for a second, maybe she could give him some advice. "Kilia...I don't know what to say to him, I can't think of anything that doesn't sound uncaring, or maybe even stupid."

She smiled lightly, despite the stray tears, "Sometimes... You don't need to say anything at all," tilting her head she turned a bit to offer him room to leave, "If you really want to say something, tell him you love him. I think what he needs most now is something... solid. He doesn't think he's really here. He doesn't think that he's safe. But you can give that to him. We just have to ease him back into it," she finished.

He returned her smile, " know you have grown up, I mean I have been impressed with how you are dealing with everything."

Kilia blushed, her eyes growing wide as she looked at the refrigerator next to them, "I-... I don't know what you mean... Just... go see him, jeez," she closed her eyes and grabbed his arm to pull him out of the kitchen. As she was starting to push him from his back, her head rested against it, right between his shoulder blades and she heaved a heavy sigh, "I'm trying... but I don't think I'm handling this as well as you give me credit for," she muttered, "Go on, I'm going to go see Jonathan."

He wanted to chuckle, but he would let it go. "Right," he said as he started toward where Soran's room was.