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located in Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, a part of The Ravens Nest, one of the many universes on RPG.

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens



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Character Portrait: Roman Augustine Character Portrait: Jae Jun Chambers
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Roman always found a poignant outlet within playing the piano. There were ranges of songs that were held in each key of the piano, each telling a different story or sentiment. Roman was never good at expressing her own emotion. Even before RIST, she was closed off from everyone, the wall in her mind outstretching to her whole being. Yet, when she played piano, she would allow herself to show her emotion and make it into something beautiful. How often could one turn sadness and depression and anger into something beautiful that others could stand? She started playing when the abuse of her father started at the age of eight, so as each passing year she became weaker in strength, she also became stronger in mind. She was self taught, and could easily play any song she heard by ear, probably due to the fact of her increased intelligence. She could look at sheet music once, and never need it again. She liked to call it her being ‘eco friendly’ as less paper needed to be used. But it’s not like she really cared much about the environment in here, she hadn’t even stepped outside since entering the ravens nest. But she had her piano to make up for that.

The only drawback is that it physically hurt her to play.

Due to the multiple fractions and broken bones, some which went completely untreated, Roman was a pretty fragile person. Holding up her arms for the amount of time she played piano was proven to be a little more than difficult as her bones started to scream for rest. The more her father beat her, the less able she was to defend herself. Roman really never tried to shield herself against her father’s ill-treatment in all light of things however. She had such love for than man that had accumulated through the years of when they were just a customary family. No matter what, he would always be her dad and the greater capacity her love was for him, the greater the capacity was for her to feel pain. She had felt a lot of pain, and because of that now she just simply couldn’t physically defend herself against anything. She was very prone to getting ill as well. Many of the more physical tests the RIST officials put her through exhausted her more than the stuff involving her power. She, on more than one circumstance, was reduced to being physically sick because they push her to her limit.

But she didn’t want to think about that. So, she transferred those feelings through her dainty fingertips, and continued playing the piano, up until a voice and a boys figure caught the side of her eye. Glancing up and over to J, she gave a small, but silent, sigh of relief that it was just him, not one of those bastards coming to whisk her away for the delightful joy of testing. Continuing to play the song, she glanced back down at her soft pale hands, all the while listening to the comments J gave. Giving a small chuckle, which really just sounded like an amused huff, she said “I don’t mind at all,” which she really didn’t.

Roman appreciated the others in the same boat as her; and considered them friends, as much as one could in such an odd situation. They all seemed to bond by the one torturous fact that they all were going through this similar horror filled experience together. They may all have their differences, and they may all not clash together in such friendship, but everyone just understood. Just simply that. She liked to think about it like if a group of kids, all unsuspecting from different backgrounds, were all locked up in a cage together awaiting for the serial killer who looked eerily a lot like Ned Flanders to tear them each limb by limb, and put them all in a medley soup together after they had been cooked. Maybe that was a little too cynical, and the Hannibal like cannibalism was a far stretch, but the same idea was there. Just the fact they all equally want to escape, and be free at last. Freedom being the number on craving of everyone's emptying soul.

Finishing the song, she quickly readjusted her finger placement, and continued on swiftly with another song in which she heard on an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ before she was hauled mutely and forebodingly into RIST. She didn’t know why she played it, it was a beautiful piece. Maybe it’s because she was thinking of Serial Killers. Yeah, that’s probably it. ‘Way to keep the mood light, Rome.’ She scowled in her thoughts. Glancing back up to J, she asked him, “Do you have a favourite piece?” knowing of his background within the music room. He was in here quite a bit, and Roman took notice of his trying to keep in clean, which she appreciated greatly. She heard him play instruments once in awhile, through the crack in the door. She never once entered knowing of his complete shyness, and she never wanted to make the boy uncomfortable. Why torture him more.

Jae was the most different in the group, yet the group so far in his mind only consisted of Victoria and herself, not Kayden. Still, he was also way different then the boy trapped figuratively under the stairwell. Jae was a fleeter. He would hide in a situation that called for danger, which was not entirely a bad thing. It would keep him alive which is all really that they could do. Roman tried her hardest to protect Jae most of the time, wanting to keep him the way he is, knowing that he shouldn’t be angry at the world, a too many people already were. As long as he kept some sense of the pure innocence that seemed to be lost in a place like this, the more slight hope there seemed to be. If any. Yet, with the shy and scared personality that could protect him, it could also kill him just as easily. Roman blatantly knowing this always tried to encourage him to stand up once in awhile, just enough that he could last. It didn’t work most of the time.