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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kilia Yve Linovahle Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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A few days later

Soran had fallen into the habit of staying close to Tristan. It was slowly getting better, at least now the red head could touch him without scaring him, but he did appreciate the heads up every now and then. Others, though, were a different story. He shied away from being touched by just anyone and to sneak up on him was a terrible idea. He hated being alone and thus was constantly at Tristan's side. There were a few times at night that he would wake up screaming, but it never lasted long. Currently, he could walk around the house with Tristan next to him and there weren't any problems. The noises were getting better as well because he didn't startle quite as easily. Loud and sudden noises, though, would set him off.

He was still learning what about what made him nervous, anxious and skittish as well as what calmed him and kept him in a happy state. Though he wasn't quite the same as he used to be, he was starting to get a little bit better. One thing was noticable. He'd stopped smiling as much as he used to, and his laugh was much quieter than before. Another noticable change, was slight sparks of anger. Soran had never been prone to anger before, but it was starting to become apparent. Though he never did turn that anger to Tristan, it flashed in his eyes every now and then. Perhaps it was memory that was triggering it. Whatever it was though, it was a cold, dark look that he would get.

As per usual, he was following after Tristan, not but a few feet behind him. He had wanted breakfast, hungry again and still trying to get used to eating full meals without getting sick to his stomach. A soft sound came from his left and he looked just in time to see Kilia turn the corner and bump into him. Soran, startled, gave a shout and crashed into Tristan as he shoved the poor girl away from him without even meaning too. Stumbling Kilia hit the wall and then looked over to Soran in shock.

Tristan caught Soran, but at the same tried to make a grab for Kilia before she hit the wall. He winched.."Kilia," he said but couldn't move to help her with Soran clinging to him.

"Soran! Oh... god, I'm so sorry... I didn't... Soran, are you okay?" she cried out in fear and moved towards him. Soran flipped behind Tristan, using him as a shield between himself and Kilia.

With Soran behind and Kilia trying to see if he was ok, Tristan blushed slightly. He was getting use to the other using him as a shield if it helped him. But he didn't know what to say to anyone else.

His breathing was short and rapid as he eyed her from between Tristan's arm and side. It took him a while, but he calmed down and then felt bad as he burned red across his cheeks, "Kilia... sorry..." he muttered, pressing his head into Tristan and glowering at the floor of the kitchen.

She moved slightly, a smile on her lips as she tried to be careful in getting close, "It's okay... It was my fault I wasn't paying attention. I'm clumsy after all you know," she said with a slight laugh. Straightening she looked down the hall as if someone was supposed to be with her, "Man, where's Robin..." she muttered.

While she was doing this, Soran stretched one hand out from between Tristan's arm and side and his fingers entanged in her long pink hair. Startled she looked at him slowly, "Soran?"

Tristan was trying to hide his grin at this, he always thought Kilia's hair was one of her best attributes, why do you think he used it as the basis for her nickname. She was clumsy, but calling her that wasn't as funny for some reason.

"Sorry..." he repeated. He found her hair to be soft and calming, just like he found the spot over Tristan's heart to be the same way. He held onto the lock of hair for a while as Kilia blushed a bit, "Are you okay?" he asked after a while.

"Fine," she nodded, "Can I touch you?"

When he gave her a slight nod in response, she put both hands over his and squeezed just a bit, "I'll be more careful, okay?"

Soran released her hair and she turned to go down the hall to find Jonathan again. The blonde Seer drew his hand back and stared at his fingers. Looking up to Tristan, he said, "It didn't burn."

"It shouldn't burn, Kilia is your friend too," he said to Soran. He took the other's fingers into his hand and squeezed a little also. "Are you ok though, you still want breakfast."

"Mm," he hummed in response, "Yeah. I'm still really hungry," he turned slightly to look into the kitchen to try to pinpoint what he wanted, "I still feel bad. I didn't mean to push her like that.... I guess I'm lucky Jonathan wasn't right there," he bit his lip as his eyes settled on some bagles. He pointed at them, "Those."

Tristan nodded, "Toasted and cream cheese," he asked

Soran nodded, offering a small smile in return, "Yes. What are we doing today, Tristan?" the young Seer wondered as he released his hold on the red head and went to seat himself upon the tall stools up at the counter.

He made breakfast and thought about the others question. "How would you feel about a trip outside." He surely needed the fresh air, but didn't mention that to Soran, he had made use of the balcony a few times, but only when he was sure that he could get up and not disturb the other. Tristan was going a little stir crazy, but he wasn't going to blame that on Soran.

Soran looked towards the windows in the house. The forest looked inviting enough. He sat there for a while, contemplating the idea. Well... he'd gotten used to the house. Perhaps the woods would be a good cure. Wasn't there a saying of some sort that advised people to enjoy nature when feeling depressed or worried or anything like that? Soran wasn't sure his condition was along those lines, but... what could it hurt? Besides, Tristan would be with him, "Sure. Let's go."

Tristan smiled, "Great," he said, hoping he didn't sound to dorky. "I think you will really like it," he was being hopeful at least. He actually had a destination in mind but one he was going to surprise the other. "While we are in the kitchen, why don't I make us lunch, then we could have a picnic while we are out."

Soran nodded, leaning his elbows onto the island and putting his chin in his hands, "Yeah, that sounds nice," he offered in return. Once the food was finished he took it and ate it slowly, enjoying the taste immensely. He glanced outside again, wondering where they would go and if it was going to be as relaxing as he hoped it to be.

Jonathan was working on finishing a set of crunches, whilst shirtless, as he was up to nearly his hundreth and fitieth crunch. "One hundred forty eight, one hundred forty nine, one hundred and fifty!" He finally lay on the floor. "What a warm up."

"Robin!" Kilia called as she moved down the hall, trying to find where he was at. It was about time they started their own training as per Grayson's orders. She was still nervous about it, but after recent events... She was definitely feeling a different sort of drive to do things other than heal.

"Coming..." Jonathan said as he got up and stretched. He walked out to the hall where she could see him.

"Robin! Oh there you are-" she faulted in mid step, her eyes immediately drawn to the fact that her Guardian was without his shirt. She swallowed dryly a bit, "Uh... Um..." her mind went blank. There was a thin sheat of sweat across his built frame and she couldn't help but think that she wanted to touch. Her face erupted in a brilliant red color that covered all of her cheeks, nose and a little bit of her neck... "Uh.... R-Robin... it's... time... to go do that. I mean! Train... yes, touching... Training! God... Training...." she fumbled with her words.

Jonathan nodded as he pulled on a black shirt. "Lead the way Kilia."

"Mmm..." she realized she had been staring again and was slightly saddened by the fact that he'd covered himself with a shirt. This of course made her fumble around again and she turned on her heel far to quickly. Stumbling, the pink haired Seer just barely caught herself from falling face first onto the floor, "Uh... yes. Training... this way..." she started down the hall. Then realized that she was going the wrong way. Turning abruptly she brushed past Jonathan in an aweful attempt to hide her mistake.

"Crap... that way... yes. That way," she said and hurried down the hall where the sounds of someone, or a pair of someones, were already going at it with the training equipment.

Sending an array of punches and kicks one after the other to a punching bag in the corner of the room, Sina gently hummed to herself as she trained. Every now and then she'd lose her tempo and slow down for a while before speeding up her strikes again.

After what seemed like quite the set of strikes, Sina jumped up a little as she sent her left leg into the air and preformed and axe kick. However, in doing so she for a moment lost balance and almost fell. "Well, heh, that was sloppy." She said quietly to herself as she kicked out her leg for a moment to remove the tingling sensation she had gained from her mistake.

Peter watched Sina carefully. He wanted to Still get her back for all the wordplay nonsense she gave him every encounter. When he saw her stumble he began to laugh. To him this was the payback he had been wanting. "Well Miss Sina has a weakness in combat."

Sina raised a brow at Peter as she knew where he was trying to go. Extending both of her hands to the punching bag as if she was revealing it to him, Sina spoke in her most native voice gone english as she said. "Peter-Sempi, could you please show me what I can do to be better?"

Peter raised an eyebrow. "Next time, don't land on the tips of your toes. Your heel is a better way to maintain balance." He stated trying hard not to get sucked in to any wordplay. He crossed his arms slightly amused at her accent. "And dont call me Senpai."

Sina smiled at him as she felt she had settled something. "Thank you Peter." She said as she went back over to the bag to practice kicks again. Her voice had sounded sweet and without resentment.

"That asshole!" Sina thought in the back of her mind. "How dare he try critic me!". She was little hurt, but she feared to show it for she knew it would give the boy ammo against her. A little grin played at the corner of her lips as she begun to kick again. She knew just how she was going to get him back.

Peter eyed Sina carefully as he turned to resume his own training. He started punching upon a practice dummy. He proceeded to punch at it with Brutal force. In the meantime the Door to the training room opened.

"After you Hon." Jonathan said calmly and almost sweetly to Kilia.

"Look who decided to Show. Hey Jon." Peter said as he kept punching. He missed a punch however and swore under his breath.

Kilia smiled at Jonathan as she moved into the room first. Her gaze went to Peter who greeted Jonathan as he was punching at a bag hanging from the ceiling. She giggled a bit as he missed because of the distraction. Putting her hands on her hips, she shifted her weight to one leg, "Alright! So, Grayson's orders... practice combinations. I...." she reached up and absently ran her fingers through her hair as she blushed a bit, "Honestly... have no clue what that means. But I guess we'll find out. I hope he comes down soon though because I'm really not good at this."

Kilia reached down and opened her magic system. She gazed at it for a long while, trying to figure out what to do with it. All she knew were healing spells. She did have one spell that summoned up a staff, but she was no good with the weapon at all and honestly had never used it before. She thought about her mothers fire briefly. She didn't know the basic set up for an elemental spell at all and so was at a loss on how to create it from there. Looking up, she frowned, one finger tapping her lip gently, "Uh... anyone know how to start a fire spell?"

Peter choked back a laugh. "Anyone know how to? Am I invisible to the naked eye?" Peter said in between chuckles. "I can make one easy. With my eyes closed." Jonathan rolled his eyes as Peter showed Kilia the Basic formula of a fireball on his pad.

"Showoff." Jonathan muttered.

Kilia watched carefully, her fingers tracing out the same basic formula that Peter did. With that in place, she did a few more things to it to try to make it like the tornado that her mother had created. With a deep breathe, she pulled it off the pad and released it. She was aiming at one of the training dummies -one that wasn't made of wood or anything flamable otherwise Grayson would probably kill her- and watched. And waited. And waited. The spell flickered in her hand, twisted around and did nothing. Turning her hand over, she frowned. Then gasped as the flickering red light shifted into a tiny little dragon that puffed up it's cheeks and blew black smoke at her face.

Kilia squeaked in shock.

"My goodness." Peter said. "Thats a wee one."

Jonathan whistled. "Wow, that's a cute little Drake. Tried to make a full sized Silver one once upon a time. Still have the spell for the medium in which i was able to control it. But it backfired...severely." Jonathan said in embarassment. "I think i called it Michael or Mikhail, one of the two."

Kilia squeaked again, "I-I... that's not what I wanted! And... w-why did it poof at me!" her voice was unnaturally high as she was slightly freaking out what she'd managed to create. The poor pink haired Seer wasn't even sure of what she had made. Her gaze flicked between Jonathan and Peter rapidly. "Jonathan!?" she hollered as he went on a tanget, "That doesn't help me at all! What did I just make!?"

"Long story short, you made a Dragon Hatchling." Jonathan said. "And the puff of smoke blown means he likes you. Either because it thinks you're his mother or maybe that you are a nice person."

"Or you scared him" Jonathan shot a glare at Damian who was watching. Damian shrugged harmlessly.

Kilia, still utterly confused, watched the little glowing dragon in her palm as it stared at her with wide glowing red eyes. Stretching her finger out towards it with her free hand, she slowly got close to it. As her finger touched it's nose, it opened it's mouth and promptly locked onto her finger with a happy little sound. Kilia, on the other hand, gave a shout and flung her hand around. The magic faded away and redid itself on her palm. It tilted its head at her. Opened its mouth again and sat there as if waiting.

"How.... do I make it go away... this is illusion magic isn't it? I wish Soran were here... he could tell me... while he laughed at me," she pouted as she stared at the little glowing creature which closed it's mouth, blinked at her and then opened its mouth again. She whimpered, "Why does it want to eat my finger??!"

Somehow Jonathan tried hard not to laugh. "It's a Child. Nothing for you to do but wait till it wears off but right now," he said pointing at the small Dragon. "He wants to play." he finally let out a small giggle.

"Play?!" Kilia squeaked again. Her gaze shot to her Guardian in shock, "Play!? Seriously! He wants to eat my finger! How is that playing?" she was probably overreacting, but she couldn't help it. What had she summoned! She didn't even use illusion magic... at least, she didn't think she did. Sure, a lot of people could use more than one style of magic on the spell system, but most just stuck to one thing as they were good at it. Then again... the Seer's were different. Combinations were something they were good at. Or so she'd been told as of late.

The little dragon bounced around in her hand, bored that she hadn't offered her finger to it and instead settled for chasing it's flaming tail. For a brief moment, Kilia blushed as she found that oddly adorable, "Aww... he's so cute.... Wait! This isn't cute! Damn it!" she cursed herself for letting her 'girliness' kick in when ever something awefully adorable happened. Kneeling down, she gave a huff and finally settled in to a crouched position with one hand holding her head up as she watched the tiny dragon make a playground out of the palm of her other hand. She couldn't feel his fire at all, though his bouncing made small impressions across her skin that she felt. He didn't weigh anything really and he was.... cute.

"Dino." she said unconsciously. The little dragon stopped and looked at her, cocking his head off to the side. Her eyes widened. "Gah! I named it without thinking!"

Jonathan started to laugh with a laugh filled with heart. "Slowly but surely little things like naming creatures, will take you by surprise with Dragons." He said sincerely. "When i had mine though, he was very temperamental. He chased me into a lake one time."

"Thats nothing! He almost ATE me!" Damian stated. He frowned at Jonathan. "And that thing was Named Michael! You gave that thing an Ego!!"

Kilia looked up at her lover and then laughed. She was imagining a giant dragon like lizard chasing the poor man with it's mouth wide opened until he ran into a lake. All the while in her head, little speech bubbles popped up for her, the dragon saying 'Play!' and Jonathan screaming 'No!!!' She couldn't help it and was soon rolling with laughter so hard she was crying. Damian's little addition didn't help either and she was once again off in a fit of giggles and struggling to breathe through it all. Her little dragon hopped off her hand as she rolled on the mat and bounced around her arms and shoulder, yipping excitedly.

Jonathan sighed. "Okay, enough laughing. I need to figure out a combination spell of my own." Jonathan mutters whilst Peter went back to beat up the dummy. Jonathan tried to think as he looked around the training room.

Kilia giggled again, covering her mouth, "S-sorry," she grinned beneath her hand, "I'll try to keep it to myself," she managed to say without cracking up. Sitting up, she crossed her legs and opened her spell system again. The little dragon perched itself on her head and gave a slight huff, then puffed out black smoke again. A few minutes later and it faded away. Though Kilia was a bit happy that it had disappeared, she was also sad that her little Dino had left her. With a frown, she opened up the spell that she had just created and eyed it. She didn't want to change it, add to it or do anything with it. It was a simple spell, and so keeping it stored on the magic system was easy enough.

Opening a blank pad, she began working on the basic fireball spell again, this time, trying to just imitate Peter's so that she didn't summon anything weird again.

The voices of Alauric, Grayson and Victor seemed to be coming from the hallway, something rather funny must of had happened the three adults laughing.

Kilia looked up from her pad as she heard the voices. She blushed briefly as she thought that maybe whomever was laughing had seen her little misshap with the dragon moments ago. Getting up, she went to the door and opened it to look out and see the three adults coming down the hall. It wasn't as if she hadn't seen Alauric laugh or smile, but Grayson definitely threw her for a loop. It was a rare occurance, at least for herself, to see him laugh. Smile and perhaps smirk a few times and give a bit of a chuckle, sure. But full on laughter, that was something she hadn't seen just yet. Or maybe she hadn't been paying attention.

"Hi," she grinned as she poked her head out of the training room. For now she would keep her summoned dragon to herself.

As the door opened and Alauric looked up first, "Hi Kilia," They made their way to the door she was standing at and stopped. "So are you all training hard," he asked.