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located in Raven Institute for Speciality Teens, a part of The Ravens Nest, one of the many universes on RPG.

Raven Institute for Speciality Teens



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Character Portrait: Roman Augustine Character Portrait: Veronica River Character Portrait: Jae Jun Chambers
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Screaming was echoed throughout Veronica's room as she had just awoken from a nightmare. It was usual for her to have these nightmares every night, she hadn't had a nightmare free sleep since she was 10, litterally. The poor young woman could never shake these nightmares. They were not all the same every night, sometimes she would have a nightmare where she would use her powers to open a portal that lead to nothing but darkness. All she would hear in the darkness was piercing and terrifying screams that at one point didn't even sound human. Others would involve her tragic past that she seemed to keep hidden or at least from the other subjects she knew around the facility.

Veronica sat up in a cold sweat, her breathing fast and sounding as if she was having an asthma attack but instead she was having a panic attack. She stared down at her bed covers trying to calm herself so she can breathe again as it felt as if someone was squeezing her airway. " S-shit." was all that she could mutter out between gasps. 5 minutes went by and River could finally breathe again but it was still fast paced. As she looked over to her alarm clock a deep sigh escaped her lips as it read 3:30am. Veronica didn't want to go back to sleep so she stayed up just looking at the wall across from it. The darkness crept and consumed the wall she was staring a making her blink a couple of times to make sure she would stay awake but it didn't last long before her eyes began to get really heavy.

Without noticing, V was in and out of consciousness. when her head would fall and she would almost fall asleep she would quickly pick it back up and her eyes would shoot open. Dont fall asleep. Won't fall asleep. Can't fall asleep. The young woman was like that for the rest of the night before it was time for her to actually get out of bed. Crawling out of her bed, Veronica did her morning routine in the bathroom before it was time for her tests and all. Veronica walked out her room yawning big but was interrupted by a snicker that came from the female guard posted at her door. She looked up at her and the woman quickly got silent but when Veronica began to walk away she could hear the woman laughing quietly

"The hell's her problem?" she whispered to herself as she passed the music room but suddenly felt a breeze. The woman had a dead tired look on her face and was almost falling asleep as she walked but when she suddenly felt a breeze, Veronica looked down to realize that she was only in her invader zim underwear and tanktop still. She blinked at it a couple of times before it actually sunk in and with the same sleepy, expressionless face she turned on her heel and dragged her feet back to her room to get changed. As she passed the guard though she looked up at her with a slight glint of hostility in her eyes as she entered her room.

V came out now dressed properly and yawned once more as she headed down the hall but she stuck out her tongue at the guard who stood outside her room only to get a flirty whistle from the guard in return making Veronica huff slightly but then smile to herself. Blink was halfway down the hall when she heard music coming from the music room and thats where she headed with no hesitation. Entering the music room she saw Roman and Jae at the piano. Veronica picked up the guitar that sat in the corner and threw herself onto the couch that sat not to far from the two and began to strum to the piece Roman was playing. " Oh good morning guy~ How nice it is to see you guys~ " Veronica sang in a sleepy voice before she leaned her head back still strumming along and sung two words. " I'm so tired~"