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Snippet #2512250

located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kilia Yve Linovahle Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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Kilia sighed as she entered the kitchen having finished helping Victor with all the healing. Opening the refrigerator, she got a bottle of water and seated herself as she opened it and took a long drink. Tired was definitely an understatement for the young Seer. She twisted the bottle in her hands as she tried to get rid of the headache by relaxing. Finally, she pulled up the icy water and put the plastic against her forehead with a heave of air leaving her chest.

"Here," Rivers voice came from behind her as the woman also entered the kitchen. Dropped upon the table was two little orange pills. Kilia looked at them for a moment, unsure as to what they were. River, seating herself across from the pink haired girl, smiled, "Pain killers. It'll help, a little anyway."

"Thanks," she said and took them into her mouth. With a deep gulp of water, she winced slightly as she got a bit of a brain freeze from the icy water.

"How's Grayson?"

"Should be fine, Victor healed him. I healed the other two," Kilia answered as she leaned back, closed the bottle and put it on her forehead again. So much healing in the last few hours... it was really taking a toll again.

"Kilia," River's voice was soft.

The girl shifted and looked over to the woman with long blonde hair, "Yeah?"

"You... did you heal my son too?"

Kilia closed her eyes tightly, "Yes. But... Victor did the most for him. I'm still learning."

River smiled, "That's enough to know," she said as if she had been worried of the answer. After a while, the woman tapped her finger on the table, "I'm going to drag that man in here by the ears, I swear."



Kilia giggled at that.

"You aren't my mother, River," Alauric's voice came from behind her. He looked tired as well, but his day was far from over. He still wanted to go down to the town and look at the damage...and if there were survivors. They would need some help. Ray's body had been moved out of the middle of the front yard, Alauric had the idea to actually bury next to Ray's wife, that was in the cematary down the mountain. He hoped he could get his son to help him out. Maybe while River and Soran finally got their reunion, and maybe Rethyn would like to join the on the excursion as well.

"What is it," he asked her, as he sat at the table also.

River bent back so that she could look at Alauric upsidedown as she tilted her head backwards. She flashed him a small grin, "Seems like I'm the only adult when it comes to you," she shot back lightly. However, she noticed his weariness and gave a bit of a frown as he sat down next to them. Leaning forward, River put her head in one hand as she took a breath.

"We didn't get a chance to talk properly last night and I was in a bit of a rush at the time. Simply put, they," her head moved in the direction of Kilia to tell Alauric of whom she was talking of, "Need to start learning faster. With Eveylyn showing up... it's only a matter of time before more Gods follow suit and this whole place is turned into ruins. I have no doubts that other places are beginning to look like a few of our own towns recently. Five small area's have been burned down since you left with Soran. Three of them recently, and their growing closer together."

River shook her head, "Oni is strong, but I think that Eveylyn may just be a bit stronger than he is. Could you imagine the destruction that would happen if those two ever faced each other? You know it will happen. Our job is to keep that sort of thing from happening. I don't know exactly what's going on that's making them move so quickly or so violently... but's definitely something and I don't think it's going to bode well for us at all."

Alauric listened to her, he had the same thoughts. "It would help to know the why's but all we can do is teach them faster, it doesn't really help that we can attacked every time we start to get serious." He looked at Kilia, "but they have great potential, and have survived things they probably shouldn't have." He looked away focusing on the pattern on the table for a second, "and its just my guess...but I think they are competing with each other, who can get the most energy." The thought made him shudder for a second, if that meant them harvesting it the way they did Soran. Alauric felt his stomach turn and he swallowed trying to get rid of the feeling

River glowered at the table, her jaw set tightly as the fingers of her free hand curled in tightly. Kilia had looked away as well, feeling a bit unsettled as she sat there. Silence followed after for a while before River finally spoke again. It looked as if she were trying not to cry as her green eyes had gone red slightly. Looking up to Alauric she gave him a short nod.

"You're right. We'll do all we can to help them. It's the least we can do," she said softly, looking back to Kilia for a moment, "You probably want to go into town? Would you be alright if I stayed here at the house?" she asked, directing her question to him rather than the younger Seer.

"That would be a good idea," he said to her, "I was thinking of asking Tristan to go with me," he said, there were many thoughts running through his head as a way to continue his statement. "He might not like the idea much, but he didn't get injury and I need someone that doesn't need to rest. I would like to get this done as soon as possible." Of course he realized that his statement was sort of strange in as he needed rest like the others. He also wasn't going to mention to River that his guardian wasn't very happy with him at the moment.

He was looking for a means to escape for just a little while, before having to come back and face that man.

Kilia took a deep breath, eyes widening just a bit as she watched Alauric. He was going to go into town? With Tristan? Would that be alright? She didn't say anything though. Maybe with River there it would be okay, and it wasn't like they were going to be gone for days or anything. She felt a skip in her chest as she fingered the cold water bottle. If anything, she supposed she could always ask Victor to put Soran to sleep until Tristan returned. Kilia bit her lip gently... but... would that make him upset with them? She didn't know.

"Alright, besides, I want to see Soran. I know he's been with Tristan for a long time, but I need some time with him too."

"Um..." Kilia's voice was very soft.

"What is it?" River asked shifting her gaze to the younger Seer.

"It's... just... Well," she looked over to Alauric as she tired to form her words, "H-he's..." Kilia fumbled, unable to really say anything. She looked down to the table instead, her lips pulling into a frown.

River sighed, "It's fine. He's my son. I'll be alright with him," she looked over to Alauric, "You better hurry if you want to make it back before it's too dark."

Alauric watched Kilia, he understood, Soran was different. He just hoped that River would really be ok with him. Yet he couldn't help but think that maybe having her here would be good for Soran. "Alright, I will be gone shortly."

As the battle raged outside that morning, Tristan's first concern had been for Soran. He had also been anxious for any news and if anyone had been hurt...which he was given a very brief report by his eldest sister. She had left out stuff he figured, but mostly it was that everyone was ok. It trying to figure out a way to distract Soran from the noises, he had let him listen to music, music in which he really liked. He could tell that maybe it helped, but he also had to wonder if the other was a bit anxious in not knowing what was going on.

He heard voices outside Soran's doorway and he looked over at the other, who still had his headphones on. He still had to wonder if the blonde seer was going to be mad at him for not telling his mother was here. He just didn't know how to say it. This morning didn't present itself as a oppuritunity. He looked at the door as someone knocked on it.

He gave a smile to Soran as he got up and walked over to it to open it up. He opened it a little and saw his father standing there. "Dad?," he said and then he saw River standing next to the other.

When the loud noises began Soran had just about freaked out. As it was he had started to hyperventalate as he pressed his back into the wall and curled into a ball as best he could, fingers clutching his ears as he tried to get rid of the noise. Tristan was quick though and soon he had music in his ears, a thankful respite to the sharp, painful noises outside. It took him a while, but he finally relaxed, his body loosening again and he was lying on the bed as he had been before the attack. The music had nearly put him back to sleep.

Then Tristan moved and his gaze opened with the loss of someone sitting beside him. The boy smiled and Soran returned it, watching as the red head opened the door. He couldn't hear the words as the music was still playing. He was pretty sure Tristan had put it on a loop of some sort because some of the songs he recalled having already listened to. The little blonde didn't mind though, he liked this kind of music. Giving a stretch and a soft sound as he did so, he sat up slowly and yawned, running his fingers through his hair.

River gave a soft smile to Tristan, "Tristan. Is Soran in here?" she knew it was a rather redundant question, but still felt the need to ask anyway. She certainly didn't want to be pushy.

Tristan returned her smile, "Yes he is," he answered, "I know you want to see him, you guys seemed to have survived whatever that was outside." Alauric shook his head in reply, "Tristan, I do need your help, it seems the god attacked the town first...I would like you to come with me."

Tristan looked at his father and frowned, "He attacked the town...crap." It was a rather toned down response from Tristan, but he was trying not to get angry at the moment. He looked back at Soran for a second, debating really on how to do this. Should he prepare the other first, or just let River come in, she was his mother...Tristan scratched his head for a second trying to get his thoughts together. This was sort of awkward and he didn't want to make River angry with him. "Do you mind if I have a second alone with him first?"

River lifted an eyebrow and glanced over to Alauric briefly. It only took her a moment and she shrugged, "Sure, I guess."

Tristan gave her a grin, and closed the door but not all the way. He left it open a crack, cause he didn't want to be totally rude...anyways he didn't want her to think he was hiding something.

He walked back over to Soran and motioned for him to take his headphones off.

With a curious look, Soran took out the earplugs and rubbed at his ears briefly before glancing around. The loud noises had stopped, "What's up? Something wrong? What about those... noises?" he asked, his voice growing softer at the last question and his lips pulling into a frown. Curiosity won over on that end, but he was pretty sure he didn't really want to know what had happened a while ago.

"Its over now," was all Tristan said to his last question, "and everyone is ok, Soran there is someone who wants to see you outside, and person that I think you will be happy in seeing." Tristan chuckled, he wasn't doing a good job at this, "oh and my Dad is out there too, he needs help my help with something." He sighed slightly getting flustered with himself, "so yeah."

Soran's eyes narrowed a bit, "Who is it?" he asked, voice shaking just slightly. He didn't like strangers. He was only just getting used to Sina being around. Another new person? Who was this person? Were they... safe? His fingers plucked at the sheets nervously. When Tristan said his father needed his help, Soran took a deep breath to try to steady himself.

"You're... going? You'll be back, right?" he asked, a slight tremble through his limbs starting to invade his control.

In the hall, River, who could hear the two boys, took a sharp breath and lifted her hand to her mouth to keep quiet. Her eyes grew soft as they watered and her face flushed a bit as she fought to stay composed. The boy's words... sounded nothing like how Soran usually was.

"Soran," Tristan said, "you know I will be back...and you already know this person, she is going to stay with you." As much as he just wanted to wrap Soran in his arms, he couldn't actually perform the task for various reasons. He decided that he couldn't hold back on this anymore. He walked back and opened the door so it was wide enough for the other to see who it was.

River, shocked at the sudden opening of the door, quickly cleared her throat and rubbed at her eyes. Soran sat on the bed, his own gaze following after Tristan. His green eyes were sharp at first, worry filled at who it might be standing on the other side of the door. But then he took in a loud gasp as he looked upon his mother. River moved slowly, stepping into the room as her son sat there, his eyes wide in shock.

"M-mom..." he breathed.

"Hey baby," she tilted her head a bit as she walked in, a smile on her lips.

Soran's fingers clenched the sheets and he let out a sort of strange breath of air as he started crying, "Momma," he repeated.

River nodded. Looking over her shoulder to Tristan and Alauric she only gave a slight nod to them, "Thank you," she mouthed and walked over to Soran. Kneeling down in front of him she slowly reached out to him. Soran flinched slightly, making her pause. River looked up at her son, startled that he would move away from her like that.

"S-sorry," he responded and reached out to her with trembling hands. River waited, her heart in her throat. Nothing could have prepared her for this. His hands briefly touched her cheeks, pulled away and then wrapped around her neck as he fell on her. He trembled and she wrapped her arms around him, unable to say anything as he cried hard into her shoulder. It took her a moment, but she finally rocked slightly, running her fingers through his hair.

"I'm here, baby. Relax, relax," she cooed softly.

Tristan stood there for a second, happy and sad at the same time, he walked silently over to the door and closed it behind him softly as he looked at his father. "Let's do this quickly," he said, "so what really happened outside."

"Ah the usual, oversized egostical god...," Alauric answered, "I think your guardian may be well enough, go see if he can come with us. I think he may want to help bury Ray."

"Ray...," Tristan stopped for a second, "that shit head of a god killed Ray, man...I liked that guy, he taught me, of all people, how to fish."

Alauric sort of chuckled, "Not very successfully," Tristan rolled his eyes, "well no, but he still tried. I will go see if I can find Rethyn and ask him to help."


Rethyn did little to cover the sound of his teleport as he appeared at the door. Within his right hand he was sliding his sword back into its sheath and with his left he loosely held Ray's old knife.

The young mans eyes looked hollow again as he glanced over to Tristan from a distance. His moral had seemlying dropped yet again as the thought of Ray's death bothered him. Even though Rethyn had brought people death and seen it, Ray's went under the armor of Rethyn's mental defense. The words of the God of Death had seeked into his mind. He knew he wasn't even close to Ray as a person, but he was the first to die so soon after hearing those words.

Tristan heard the sound of Rethyn's teleport, and looked at him from down the hallway. As he moved closer, his worry got a little bigger, he hated that expression on Rethyn's face. "How are you feeling, we are going down there, put to rest the guy whose hunting knife you are holding, would you like to help."

Glancing over the hunting knife briefly Rethyn tried to not make too much eye contact as he knew his Seer was reading into him fairly well. They may not have been the most talkative Guardian Seer combo, but Rethyn knew that they had an understanding of each other.

After quite the long pause Rethyn said. "Yeah, I'm ready whenever."
(Post end here)

The town:

Alauric surveyed the destruction the god had done to the town at the bottom of the mountain. “I can’t believe this fucking shit,” he had known these people. The house had been in his family for generations, and he had spent many summers up here, as well as his kids. The house and these people became his second family almost, when he lost most of his own. Some of the town had survived though, some of it was still standing, "We need to see if there are any survivors. Just be on your guard."

Tristan nodded and looked at one particular messy looking house. Was it to much to hope for any survivors here, he looked back down the street, he decided it was as good a way to go then any. He had to hold onto the little hope he felt anyways. He looked at his guardian again, glad he was there in a way, "Rethyn," he started, "I am sorry I haven't been around much...I just wanted you to know that."

Rethyn had been quietly scanning the area with quick glances as he heard Tristan. The hallowed eye boy in response to Tristan's words shook his head slowly. "You had responsibilities..I understand you needed to do what you've done. That's all there is to it."

Gripped in Rethyn's left hand was the knife of Ray. Unsure of what to do with it, Rethyn chose to keep it near for the scan of the town. With the assumption of Ray loving his town, Rethyn assumed the man would want his knife to be used for the good of the town.

Tristan nodded, but found he still felt something was off, he had to wonder if he asked that one question if he get a honest answer. He thought he would give it a try, yet before he did he kneeled picking up a silver pad and brushing off the debris. He looked around as if trying to find something else. "This fucking sucks," he said under his breath, "why do humans have to suffer in this war as well." He sort of knew the answer to that, but still the words slipped from his mouth.

He looked at the pad and held it there for a second before getting back up and continue walking as he listened for anything that sounded like people. The silence in this moment, made him more aware of the other walking next to him. "Rethyn, so how has everything been going with you."

Tristan glanced at a smoldering fire nearby as he thought he saw something, but then he realized it was a bird...a crow to be more exact. The bird cawed at him, sending a shiver down his spine, he always hated crows for some reason.

"More importantly how're you my Seer?" Rethyn responded as he seemed to avoid the question. Glancing at the crow, Rethyn starred at it absently for a moment as he stopped moving. Through the young man's eyes he saw countless being staring at him through the windows. No expressions, they were like the shades in the afterlife as they were just blank slates.

With a shake of his head they vanished. Looking back to Tristan, Rethyn was not surprised the boy hadn't shown any signs. As he watched Tristan shudder at the crow, he wondered briefly how his Seer had been holding up. A little stab of emotion hit Rethyn as he realized how absent he had been to his Seer.

Tristan looked at Rethyn, knowng he was avoiding the question. "I am...," he looked down, he didn't really know how to answer that question. Or more precise he actually hadn't been thinking about himself lately. He would do what he needed to daily to actually get by. He slightly shook his head, "I am ok," he said finally.

As the both of them turned another street corner, Rethyn mentally grabbed hold of the fact it took Tristan a little while to answer the question. In the hopes of keeping the subject off of himself, Rethyn decided to take the offensive in the questions.

"No honest person who is okay takes that long to say it."

Looking to his Seer with slightly raised eyebrows, Rethyn felt selfish as he knew he did care for his Seer, but at the same time he knew that this was for himself. He felt a small weight at the bottom of his throat as he knew he was scared to talk about himself.

Tristan chuckled, " honest person is, but no honest person also avoids actually talking about himself too." He looked farther down the street to see what was ahead, "I think the doctor's house is up there, maybe there is someone there."

Rethyn sighed lightly "Caught me there." After speaking he tried to force a light chuckle, but his eyes gave off his inner feelings more than he'd like to share. After the finish of the poorly played chuckle, Rethyn looked down as he said. "Doubt it, he would of left the moment he could."

Tristan glanced at Rethyn, just to catch enough emotion to make him worry anymore. "Perhaps," was all he answered. Of course he knew small town people he thought, the doctor would have stuck around to help anyone he could, if he wasn't killed in the first place.

"We will go see, it's a good place to start."

Rethyn nodded as he followed along his Seer. He did his best to not hold his gaze anywhere for too long as he'd see the same blank slates of people staring at him. Without even noticing he begun to cling at the knife a bit tighter as his hand shook.

When they got down the street, the doctor's house wasn't as damaged as some of the other's. "Probably should go inside, just to see what we can find," he said as he walked to the front door. He found it ajar, and it creaked open as he pushed on it. "Hello," he called, "anyone here," the call echoed through the house.

He walked into the hallway and looked at the rooms there. The breakfast table still had food on it, someone had made pancakes that morning. "You know...I always kinda wondered what it would feel like...if there was something like an end of days or something like that." It was a strange comment, but finding the house like that made him feel strange.

"If things keep going this way, I wouldn't be surprised if that idea became a reality." Rethyn spoke as he looked to Tristan. The room still had the aroma of the smell of breakfast, none of them could have seen it coming. The monster of a God of which could of done a lot worse than Ray.

Glancing away from Tristan, Rethyn looked to one of the chairs where he thought he saw someoe for a minute before they fadded away. Narrowing his eyes a little at the leather chair he asked Tristan. "When you go places does it ever feel like a pressence has been there for so long that it never fades even when gone?"

It was his turn to ask an odd question it seemed as he glanced back to his Seer.

"Sometimes," he said honestly, but it was more like memories flashing before his eyes then anything. He decided he needed to go farther inside the house to see if he could find any clues. He saw another door open and peaked into the room. "Hmm, now that is interesting," he stepped inside and found himself staring at a map of the area. Maps weren't really used anymore, so he studied it to figure out what the symbols meant. His fingers found the town, and followed the trail to the house. He went back to the town, "There seems to an old mine...not really sure what they use to mine here." It would however be a really good place to hide for awhile.

Following Tristan around the house, he took into notice this house had been one of the least damaged homes of the town. It had a neat look to it as if even though it were inhabitied everything was up for display. The home felt like a model home in a way.

As Tristan entered into a room and looked upon a map, Rethyn found himself gazing off into the area of which was the city they left. A part of him wondered if it only had gotten worse there or did the Gods move on? Troubling thoughts went through his mind as Death had found him so easily, how easy would it be for the other gods to find the Seers.

In response to Tristan, Rethyn nodded. "I agree, for those who could not use their homes that place would make the most sense. However, I don't think we should go poking our heads there. I have a bad feeling about it."

Tristan turned and looked at his guardian, words seemed to fail him in that moment. He didn't know how to respond to the other, he made sense in a way, about maybe it would be dangerous, but Tristan wondered if he could explain why he had a bad feeling. Did Rethyn know something he didn't...

"TRISTAN," he heard his father yelling from outside and he went back to the front door. It seemed Alauric had better luck than them, standing next to him was a couple and what appeared to be their two sons.

"Dad where did you find them," Tristan said as he walked back down the way toward his father, "They were hiding in their basement, didn't really know what had attacked."

Walking behind Tristan, Rethyn glanced at the boys for a moment. If fear was a liquid they'd be dripping in it as Rethyn saw one of them put his face into Alauric's leg as he trimbled against him.

Rethyn silently looked to Tristan.

Tristan saw the boy clinging to his father, and a memory flashed inside his head. He understood that kind of fear, when a god attacked and all you saw was the destruction afterwards. He looked away trying to hide his thoughts from his father mostly. "Anyone else," he finally asked.

Alauric shook his head, "I am going back up to the pharmacy to see if I can't get them some food or something and other supplies." Tristan wanted to ask what was going to happen to them after that, the way his father was moving there seemed to be a plan in his mind.

"I wonder what he's going to do with them." Rethyn asked bluntly. Rethyn did not speak it, but in the back of his mind he begun to worry about the children. Orphans were the last thing he wanted them to be in this world. With all of the Gods, and in-fighting going on right now it would be horrid. Not to mention if they were Seers...

Rethyn stopped himself as he didn't want to think about it.

Tristan looked at Rethyn, "I am sure he got something in mind, it seems like he always does." Tristan answered, he looked back at the doctor's house. "I guess we should be making our way back, we still got to do something with Ray, Dad mentioned burying him next to his wife in the cemetary." Ray's wife was the one of the reasons Ray knew about the gods, she had been a guardian at one point in her life. It was after her seer died that she moved away from the city into this small town that no one knew her. She fell in love with Ray. It was at this thought that Tristan sort of smiled, she got a second chance...but what if something ever happened to him. What would his own guardian do, he looked at Rethyn, he really needed to know for some reason. But how could he ask such a question.

Tristan had to hold off on that question when he heard a dog bark nearby. This one seemed to be stuck in one spot and barking in alarm. Tristan approached the young dog slowly...hoping that Rethyn wouldn't interfer, or suddenly pop out of the picture. "Hey, I am not going to hurt you," he said softly. The dog seemed to sniff his hands, then put his head underneath Tristan's hand. Tristan looked around, trying to spy why the dog was barking in alarm. Then he heard it, a coughing of sorts, and the dog started to bark again. He spied a downed tree limb...oh god. He started toward it but had trouble moving it. "Rethyn help me."

Rethyn had stayed a little back as Tristan had moved for the dog. After his encounter with the eyeless dog a little fear had grown. He dreaded that all dogs would be seen to him like that. After what seemed like a long moment, Rethyn moved out of the home and approached Tristan whom was petting the dog. Looking at it as calmly as possible, Rethyn let out a breath of relief as the dog looked normal.

Completely zoned out by the dog, Rethyn jumped as Tristan's words cut in "Rethyn help me"

Darting his eyes to his Seer, Rethyn moved his hand to the hilt of his blade. "I'm here Tristan!" He called to him.

Tristan looked up at his guardian, struggling with the tree limb, "with the branch you idiot...," ok that was Tristan's fault but for some reason he just felt like calling the other an idiot. He sort of grined so it would appear like a joke. "There a celler door here, holds the town's emergency food supply."

He had completely forgotten about it until then,

Narrowing his eyes a little at Tristan he wanted to smack the Seer upside the head. With the grin Rethyn raised a brow to Tristan as he moved towards the boy. "I don't know, maybe I don't know how to process the thought of helping you." He said sarcasticlly as he walked past Tristan towards the branch.

Bending down at the knees Rethyn tried to lift the branch. It was much heavier than expected. With a grunt and a bit of a struggle, Rethyn was able to get the branch moving as he dragged it to the right. With each step, Rethyn heard the leaves of the branch shake as he moved it.

After dropping the tree down and placing his hands together, Rethyn looked back to Tristan.


As the branch moved, Tristan helped the guardian until the door was free. It was still closed and before he could touch it, it came open on its own. "Now you out there, you friend or foe..."

Tristan smirked slighlty

"Are you sure you are alright Tristan?" Rethyn said quietly as he moved over to the door. He was not sure of what was going through his Seer's mind, but he had an idea as he knew the question was being moved closer and closer.

"I am fine Rethyn," he said to the guardian. An older gentleman stepped out of the celler, "Tristan...well its good to see you son." Tristan took the old man's hand and shook it slightly, "Rethyn, this is the doctor, whose house we sort of just raided, sorry about that we were hoping to find a clue as to where you went."

"Sorry...why are you sorry, you came to rescue us didn't you." Tristan smiled slightly and looked down inside the celler, "How many," was his question. "As many as I could before that stupid being decided to go up to the pharmacy...I know he took Ray." The doctor shook his head in silence for a second. "Yeah, my father is up at the pharmacy, he will be happy to know there are more alive."

"Rethyn, lets go, we need to go tell him."

Rethyn nodded in response to Tristan as he reached out to place his hand upon Tristan's shoulder. However after a moment he seemed to change his mind as he begun to turn away to walk back in the direction of the pharmacy.

Tristan nodded and followed his guardian. After reaching the pharmacy, and telling his dad, the older seer seemed to be relieved. The doctor soon followed with a good amount of the town folk, and it gave Tristan a bigger sense of hope. The discussion of where they would go was the only thing that many couldn't agree on. Maybe had lived in the mountain for their entire lives and didn't want to leave. So they decided to give it a couple of days and decide as a town.

They helped bury Ray in the cemetary next to his wife. Many of the survivors had something kind or funny to say, but one could tell that the pharmacy owner was loved, by the time it was starting to get dark and they got back to the vechical both father and son were tired. "Lets go home," Alauric said

Soran and River

Soran had clung to River for a very long time. He was lost in a wash of relief that his mother was there as well as sadness. He was afraid to tell her, to tell her anything at all and he couldn't help but cry like a small child. River held him close though, her soft voice whispering to him as she rocked gently much like she used to when he was smaller. It hadn't even occured to him that she'd moved. Now sitting up on the bed, he was laying on her, hiccuping slightly as she ran her fingers through his hair in a gentle, calming way that only a mother could.

"Hey baby, you okay now?"

He nodded slightly, sniffing and trying to calm his shuddering breathing. He couldn't quite speak yet, but he was getting there. Soran felt her nod and she continued her slight motion. Shifting a bit she moved with him so that it was comfortable. He sniffed, gave a slight cough and took a deep breath which seemed to calm his breathing even more.

"I'm sorry, Momma," he whispered slightly.


"B-because... I... cried on you..." he replied.

River laughed, "So? Don't worry about that, I don't care. I care about you and if you're alright. 'K?'

Soran nodded again, swallowing thickly. They were silent for a while longer, Soran breathing deeply as he drank in his mothers presence. He was trying to remember the last time that his mother had held him like this. His father had always tried to keep them separate because of his dislike for the fact that River always seemed to give Soran 'special' treatment. He frowned a bit. Those were memories he didn't want. However, upon thinking about that, he was now curious as to why she was there in the first place.

"Momma, why did you come here?" he asked, moving so he could look up at her but still use her shoulder as his pillow.

Her face took on a pained look and she shook her head a bit, "Later. I will tell you later. Just know that I am here right now and I plan to be here for a while longer. Is that alright?"

Soran watched her for a while before giving a slight nod, "Okay."

River seemed to be thankful that he didn't press the issue. Silence stretched again, but he didn't seem to care. River moved once more and released a sigh, "You're heavier now." she said, a bit of a laugh to her voice.

"I'm a lot bigger than I used to be."

River giggled at that, "Yes. You've grown, a lot. You're becoming an adult now. Sometimes I feel sad that I don't have my little baby running around like a wild animal anymore."

Soran blushed, "I wasn't... wild!"

River laughed again, "Oh yes you were. I had to chase you around the house plenty of times. Sometimes you weren't even wearing clothes. I called you my naked little runaway."

"M-mom!" Soran complained, eyes wide as his face grew bright red. He was so glad Tristan wasn't in the room still.

"There it is," she laughed as she brushed his blonde locks out of eyes, "That look. I was waiting for that. You are still here, just a little... buried. But that's alright baby. Don't worry, I will help you," she whispered as she leaned forward and kissed his forehead gently.

He frowned and after she kissed him, he buried his head into her shoulder again. He felt her head against his as she moved and hugged him closer. He didn't say anything, but he supposed he didn't have to as she began speaking again.

"It's alright. There's no need to say anything to me, okay? I love you, my sweet little baby. I always have and I always will. We will get through this, you and I both. Okay? I know you are strong. You always have been. It's going to take a little time, but you can do it. I know you can and I know you will," her voice was heavy with emotion, shaking slightly as she tried her best not to cry. Her voice was just barely on the edge of harsh, but they were powerful at the same time.

Soran nodded, feeling his throat closing again. He didn't speak, fearful that if he opened his mouth he would cry again. It felt like he did nothing but cry these days, and often. The worst part was that he couldn't help it. As much as he didn't want to and as much as he didn't want to put it upon Tristan to suffer through it, he couldn't help it.

"And there is someone else that will help you. Tell me about him, I want to know," she said softly. He could feel her smile though he couldn't see it.

Soran bit his lip as he lay on her, hiding his face from view, "T-Tristan?"

"Mhmm, Alauric's son. The handsome red head. I met him the other night. Of course, the last time I saw him was when he was a tiny little thing, just like you. It was quite a shock to see how he'd grown."

"U-um... h-he's... amazing," he managed to say.

River laughed, "Just that? Just amazing. I know you have more to say than that. It has been a while since we've talked about boyfriends, come on. Tell me," she said as she moved yet again. Her shoulder lifted, pushing Soran into a better position as she leaned against the wall and crossed her legs that were stretched out across the bed.

"M-mom..." he moaned and then heaved a sigh. She wasn't going to let it go. Besides... maybe it was good to talk a little bit about him, especially when he wasn't there. It would be less embarassing, "Fine. He's... really amazing. We like the same music, games and he always has something interesting to show me. His magic system is really cool, I never know what he's going to pull off that pad," he smiled a little bit, "Though I can totally kick his ass at hacking."

River laughed and Soran continued, "He can get pretty creative when he needs to. He say's he's not good at thinking on his feet, but I think he is. Sometime's... no... all the time, he's faster than I am. I love listening to him. He has a nice voice and it's really funny when he stumbles. Especially when he blushes, it's cute."

"Shh, I won't tell him you said he's cute," River said as she laughed a bit, raising one finger to her lips as she winked down at her son.

Soran smiled a bit more, "Yeah. He would probably get embarrassed. It's really hard to do that though. He can embarass me really easily though. It's not fair. But that's okay, because I like it. Momma... I... I am really in love with him. Like... I can't even describe it. I don't know what I would do without him. He doesn't know. He doesn't realize how much he anchors me. Especially now."

River sighed lightly, her fingers starting their trail through his hair again, "I know baby. I know what you mean. I'm glad he is someone so close to you. I know he's going to take care of you. He treasures you, I can tell." Moving, Soran's mother twisted around a bit and looked at the clock next to the bed. She hummed softly, "They should be back very soon now. Are you hungry baby? I will make something for you, one of your favorites."


"Of course. Are you ready? Good to come with me?"

Soran lay for a moment, thinking. It was a bit different as he was always with Tristan whenever he moved about the house. Yet, his mothers warmth was soothing in a way. He looked up at her, "Yeah. Thanks Momma. I love you."

"I love you too, now lets go see if there's spagehtti for you," she said with a smile.