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Snippet #2512262

located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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So, when he came close to her, gazing at her, she couldn't help the little breath of startlement, her cheeks growing red as well, though it was hard to tell in the dark. Her heart thrummed a little harder and she trembled slightly. It was only a few more inches... a few more inches and she find out what it was like to kiss him. She bit her lip, hesitant to try. With a small intake of breath, she leaned forward and gently gave him a kiss. Nothing hard, or passionate or anything like that. A soft touch, like testing the water. She hoped to god that was what he wanted...

A small smile played upon Rethyn's lips as he smiled against hers during this kiss. Slowly his hands moved to her sides before one gently slid to her back. The blush upon his face seemed to partially fade as he returned the kiss to Kilia. With it he understood the warm from within of which she gave.

Closing his eyes, Rethyn finished the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her gently. Leaning his forehead against hers he could feel her heart pounding between breaths. With a tiny smile it was okay as his heart too was beating strongly against his chest. His blush had completely faded off from his face as he could feel the light tickling of Kilia's breath as it contacted him.

After a long moment Rethyn lowered his arms and stepped back as he opened his eyes to gaze at Kilia. With a gentle smile he remember how she had spoken to him the first time he removed his mask. The kindness she had supplied him was enough to escape himself and begin his first steps into his new life. He wanted to give her something more, but in his mind he did not know what. Then like a slap the thought hit him roughly as he murmured.


The embrace was gentle and warm. She wrapped her own arms around his waist, though she really wasn't all that big and could only get her fingers to curl around her wrists where-as his arms had nearly engulfed her small size. It was nice to just stand there, letting him hold her and no words needed. She breathed deeply. He smelled nice. With a soft hum to herself she was about to nestle closer to him when he pulled away a bit. There it was again, that small smile. She gave a soft laugh and smiled in return, unable to help it.

Of course, his next words had her utterly confused. Tilting her head a bit, she said, "Eh?" softly, arching an eyebrow as she stared at him, her smile still in place. If at all possible, little question marks might have popped up around her head as well...

"Uh..." In that moment Rethyn realized how odd he sounded. With a quick regain of his footing, Rethyn asked Kilia quietly.

"I know you still have questions...If there are any left I am willing to answer."

"Oh... Um," she blushed a bit as she reached up and tucked a strand of long pink hair behind her ear, "Uh... your... magic system. How come you don't have it? I mean, you were revived, right? Shouldn't you have it?"

"I..uh never had one..." Rethyn replied as he looked down briefly before meeting his gaze with hers again. "The power is a part of me..I am not sure how to explain..uh.." Rethyn shook his head as he awaited the next question. If it was the one he expected...he was going to have to answer everything.

"Oh, that's interesting. Makes you more mysterious," she said with a giggle and a wiggle of her fingers for added affect, with a smile she stood with one hand on her hip as she thought to herself. She had recalled having a thousand question's before, but... at the moment it was actually rather hard to ask any of them. The reason for that was because simply.. She’d forgotten. It was the kiss... Yes, totally blaming it on that.

"Um... This... thing with the God of Death... why is he after you? Is he just mad that you... were revived somehow?"

"...After?...Sweetie that's a interesting choice of words." The voice hissed to Kilia from down the hall. Through the moonlight a suited man could be seen in the light as he sat upon the window frame. With his right hand he adjusted his solid red tie while with his left hand he seemed to pet something within the darkness.

Rethyn's eyes went wide as he kept himself from turning his head. Within his mind he told himself over and over again that he wasn't there. It was another trick and trap to get under his skin. He begun to shake as he grasped at Kila to pull her towards him. With quiet whispers he said.

"Don't look."

Kilia sucked in a sharp breath. Words tossed across the hall in an acidic tone from a voice that she'd never heard before. Her gaze grew wide and as she was about to turn around, Rethyn suddenly grabbed her and held her tightly against him, prohibiting her from turning as her face was buried against his chest and shoulder. Her breathing was short.

"Rethyn..." she said, a bit of a higher pitch to her tone than usual as he told her not to look, "Rethyn... what is that?" her voice was shaky, but as she felt him trembling, she worried. What was going on? Kilia's fingers curled into his shirt tightly as she was crushed against him, "Are you okay?"

"Rethyn...oh come on let me meet her. You know? It's kind of like when you show the girlfriend to your parents for the first time. Well not exactly, but I am the closest thing to a dad in this new life eh?" Death then chuckled at Rethyn's silent trembling before he continued on with. "After? No, I'm just giving him some tough love. I can't have him be soft now...Why kill what you helped bring back?"

"Helped... bring back..." Kilia whispered softly. She couldn't turn, but she did raise her voice a bit, a sharp snap to it that usually wasn't there, "Leave him alone," she said as she reached behind Rethyn and her hand swiped at the air. The soft glow of her magic system came up and her fingers touched the pad, but she couldn't see what she was drawing out. She was trying to make some sort of shield, a protective barrier that she was going to throw on Rethyn. She could only hope that it would work. All the while her voice whispered to Rethyn, "Don't listen, ignore it. He doesn't know anything. You're just fine, trust me."

"But girl, I am speaking to you now not him. What you seek to know is why Rethyn has no magic system? Because the power he processes is the gift I bestowed upon him when I helped bring him back...That foolish girl tried to revive him, but like every other bastard and whore in the past would of failed. I gave just a push of help and look what happened." Chuckling slightly at the barrier he had no intent of attacking Death turned away as he finished with.

"He's even in my image when I was but a mortal..Kazar may of had black hair like he does now, but when he was in my world he was a blonde...Well heh just go look at the picture he has under his pillow...He's not who he was at all in life. Rethyn wasn't even his original name."

Reaching his hand into one of the dogs opened eye sockets, Death begun to write something upon the window with the crimson of blood. It looked to be an array of numbers of which could be entered into a magic system. "This is my me when you're done with games...Ta ta."


As if it were the same power of Rethyn, Death vanished in a puff of smoke. The sound was similar to Rethyn's but distinctly different in sound as through all of Rethyn's teleport there wasn't a sound quite like that. The sound was quite loud this time too as it carried throughout the house.

Upon the window the blood dripped a little, but still the numbers were visible. As Death had left, Rethyn released Kilia as he looked down in silence. Death had broken out the information not in the way Rethyn wanted to give it. It was the truth and it stung the blue eyed boy as he begun to turn away from Kilia. She would see him as a monster now, and as the fear settled in he started to believe it.

"Rethyn!" Kilia called, her voice nearing a shout, but not one of anger, out of fear. Her fingers were still curled on her magic system. Her other hand reached out, snatching his hand and dragging him back as best she could. She moved too, stepping up next to him and pressed the power against his chest. It was probably a little late, but she also wanted to see what it would do. Golden light streamed across his frame, like little tendrils that pulsed and curled together in intricate designs. He glowed like that for a bit. Kilia tilted her head as she watched it, slightly mesmerized by how it twisted along his body.

"Hmm... not sure what that is really, but I think it's a protection spell. Looks cool," she said with a shrug. Then looking up at him, she frowned, "Why did you try to walk away? I don't care what he said. It doesn't matter to me, it won't matter to anyone else. So what, you had blonde hair once. You look better with black. I don't care what your name was before. You're Rethyn to me and I like you just the way you are now. There's nothing wrong with you, and there's nothing wrong with any of that past stuff. I'm sure something happened. I won't ask, it's not my place. But... the important thing now, you're here. Don't lose face simply because of a few words."

She said, and as she spoke, her fingers curled in his hand that she'd grabbed and her other hand reached up to brush across his face.

As the golden light faded from him, Rethyn quickly begun to look around him as he saw many of the the shadows lose that extra layer of darkness, he saw the picture at the end of the hall stop dancing, and lastly he felt a warmness within his head. With a momentary close of his eyes he felt soothed.

Opening his eyes he stared at Kilia as she spoke to him. She may not of known what she just had done with that spell of hers, but she had just driven from his minds the hallucinations of which had plagued him since his return to the living. With no response, Rethyn lunged forward as he pulled Kilia into a tight embrace. Turning his head he then kissed her twice on the cheek. He felt the warmness of her hands upon his face and smiled to her as he said.

"Thank you..."

Kilia was startled as he lunged at her, pulling her up tight. Her breath was lost to her as he bear hugged her. Then she felt his lips against her cheek and she blushed furiously. Still, she smiled warmly as he whispered words towards her, his thanks made her giggle a bit, "I didn't do anything," she said softly. Shifting her hand from his face, her fingers went through his hair and then wrapped up neatly along his neck as she pulled herself into his hug, happy for the warmth.

"I'll always be here to help you, okay? Me, and everyone else. I promise you. You're not alone," she said softly. The darkness of the hall stayed just like that, with only the silver light of the moon to illuminate them just barely. Kilia enjoyed the embrace. Maybe she could hold him again like that soon, the thought made her smile even more as she released a soft sigh of contentment.

Following Morning

"Found her," Cryio's voice was soft as he moved forward through the trees. It had been a long trip, and it had taken a lot of time and extra power that he didn't think he possessed, but it finally payed off. Deriea sighed, she stretched up, pulling at her limbs as her fingers interlaced and rose up over her head, her back curling backwards a bit.

"Finally," she muttered, "Shall we greet the mortals?"

Cryio turned to her slightly, "You shouldn't call them mortals."

"Why not? That's what they are."

"They won't like it," he said bluntly.

Deriea rolled her eyes, "You're certainly loads of fun," she retorted, "Fine what should I call them? Humans? Lesser-beings? Skeletons with skin draped on them?"


"Fine, fine, I won't do any of that. What's the girls name?"



Cryio shrugged, "Just, 'Kilia'. It's this house," he said, coming to an abrupt halt and Deriea almost running into him. Cursing to herself, she moved to the side of him and stared at the beautiful looking cabin. She gave a soft scoff.

"Seriously, what's with mortals and building such ridiculous things that will never last?"

"I find it pleasing."

"That's because you're strange. And an idiot," she returned, "Well, call her. We really don't have all day."

Cryio turned to her and for a moment she thought he may have smiled, but that might have just been her own weariness dragging on her. She lifted an eyebrow as he stepped forward, walking right through the barrier. Deriea followed and both God's halted right outside the house, waiting.

Deriea sighed heavily, "Idiot," she muttered. Her hand outstretched over the dirt at her feet. The small rocks and dust started to move little by little. Her hand lifted up slowly and the fingers curled in. The ground shifted, a slight roll bucked under her feet and then she directed it towards the house. It rumbled as it went and hit the front door, just short of knocking it off it's hinges. With a bit of a grin, she released the power and crossed her arms with a sort of proud look on her face.

Inside the house if anything a collective moan went up...again, this was happening again. Alauric was in the living room when something hit the front door...well that was a little odd. He scratched his head and decided to go see what was out front. He stared out the windows, and found two gods out there...but they were just standing there as if they were waiting. "I kinda wonder if I go away they will disappear," he mumbled to himself.

Sina watched from a window as she saw the two gods move closer to the home. She had heard the alarm and was on edge, but at the same time nobody seemed to be doing anything so she found herself hesitating to do anything. "If they wanted a fight they would have already right?" Sina asked herself quietly.

Deriea looked to Cryio, "I don't think that worked. Should I try again?"

He shook his head at her, "You will only anger them."

She quirked an eyebrow at him, "What? I just knocked. A simple greeting. A 'hello' if you will."

Cryio sighed.

The rumble that rocked the house just a bit and had drawn everyones attention, had Kilia rushing for the door, heart pounding, "What's happened? What's going on?" She asked quickly, coming up next to Alauric. She had yet to look directly outside yet though.

Following her, was Soran. A slight bit timid, but definitely not huddled in a corner, he peeked around the corner, biting his lower lip, "Alauric?" he called, and took a tentative step into the main hallway.

Alauric was about to answer Kilia, when he heard Soran's voice also, he got a smile on his face with that sound of his name. "Just two gods out there...but they aren't attacking,,,and something hit the a rather loud knock or something." He couldn't figure it out.

"Oh well, if they aren't attacking, I say let’s go back to bed..." he turned from the windows and started in that direction. He saw something that made him more scared than the two gods, "I am just kidding...geeze don't look at me like that."

Grayson was standing there, his expression was extremely stony when he looked at his seer.

"N-not attacking?" Soran repeated, clearly confused.

Kilia, on the other hand whirled around and threw opened the door. Soran gave a sharp cry as she did that. The pink haired Seer laid eyes upon the two Gods now and though she didn't know the woman, she knew she could never forget the face of the one that she had befriened those many years ago. Her lips broke into a wide smile as she drew in a breath and raced out the door, down the steps and across the yard.

Soran moved into the hall, rushing to the door where he stopped, "Kilia!" he yelled, fear in his voice.

Alauric turned as Kilia opened the door, now that was unexpected, he too then went to the open door. "Why do I get the feeling..." he stopped, and tilted his head, he wasn't really sure what to think.

Tristan now stood in the living room, as he looked at the pink-haired girl running down the steps toward the two gods, he squinted his eyes and looked again. "You know maybe I am crazy or something...but I think she knows one of those gods."

"Cryio!!" Kilia called as she sprinted across the yard. Though she threw her arms around the God's neck, the tall God did not return the hug, but did allow her to hang on him. He even bent down a bit for the short girl to do so.

"Kilia. You've grown."

"Yes. It's been a really long time. I was... worried about you," she replied. Then gasped slightly. Quickly releasing Cryio, she took a step back, realizing that everyone in that house had just witnessed her hugging a God. Glancing over her shoulder, she tried to find the words to explain, but faltered as she stood there.

Cryio reached out and patted the top of her head gently, "It is alright. We can explain just fine. I am happy to see you."

"Sure he is," Deriea added with a roll of her eyes, " 'Happy face'.... 'Sad face'.... 'Angry face'," all the while she kept her own facial features exactly the same as she imitated Cryio, "I swear, if it wasn't as clear as day what emotion you were feeling I would have never guessed," her voice was sarcastic.

Alauric had finally walked out the front door and was sitting on the top step, Tristan eyed his father as he now stood next to Soran, "oh what a great and fearless leader he is," he said in his own sarcastic tone. He watched the interaction between the god and Kilia, ok so he wasn't crazy, but what did it mean exactly for them. Was this just a visit, or were they here to actually help?

"I... I can't.... is this... really happening?" Soran stuttered as he leaned against the door, one hand reaching out to tangle with Tristans. He watched in confusion, not sure how to respond.

Kilia smiled, "Uh... yeah. Cryio, I'm sure you know everyone here, so no need for that, but uh... who is this?"


"Oh. Hello."

"Hi morta- I mean, Kilia."

Kilia arched an eyebrow, then laughed a bit, "I know this may sound odd, but um... why exactly are you here?"

Deriea grinned at Kilia then and waved her hand from one side to the other, "Well you know. Strolling about is just one of those things that us Gods enjoy doing. Not to mention getting into fights with other God's, deciding to help out a group of mortals along the way," with a faked smile she looked at Kilia and then to Cryio, "Of course all of that was this idiots idea," her smile faded as she jabbed at Cryio.

Tristan looked at Soran, "Well you know an oddball," he grinned slightly, "she attracts the strangest friends. but yes its happening...but did she just say they were here to help us?" Alauric had heard the same thing, it was all getting a little to weird for him and he sighed.

"Wait... help? What are you talking about..." Kilia repeated, utterly confused.

Deriea rolled her eyes yet again and sighed as she put both hands on her hips, "You heard right, mortal. Cryio managed to convince me that you needed some help. Not to mention he's been worried for quite some time. Not that you could ever tell of course..." she gave the other God a horrid glare before she looked back to Kilia and smiled sweetly, "So here we are. Besides, don't you think you might need a bit of a... hand? Nothing like having a God back you up in a fight. Makes a statement don't you think? Especially me, I can make one hell of a statement."


"What?! Jeez, you really are a buzz kill, Cryio. What the hell are you a god of again? Because it certainly isn't emotion," she glowered back at him, "Learn to feel the mood you idiot."

Kilia looked between the two, confused at first but then she started laughing. The woman named Deriea had a fiery temper, and one sharp tongue to add to it, but she was comical in her own way. This could be fun the young pink haired Seer thought to herself as she giggled, "Well, since you're here, why not come inside?"

"Uh..." Deriea looked at the house wearily, "That.. might be a bad idea in my case, girly. If you like that house, I think I'll stay outside."

"She'll destroy it," Cryio answered smoothly and in a matter of factly sort of tone.

Deriea turned her narrowed eyes to Cryio, "It's not like I would do it on purpose!"

Cryio shrugged lightly as he watched Kilia who had taken to laughing again, "O-oh... Okay... I get it," she said between giggles, "Then, we'll stay outside. You can come closer though, I don't want to shout across the yard," she said and turned to start back to where the others lingered on the porch of the home. Cryio followed her without a word while Deriea looked on hesitantly. Finally with a soft growl and string of mumbled curses to herself, the other god followed after. Stopping just short of the house, Kilia smiled at the group.

"Uh... So... this is Cryio. I... um, met him when I was very little. He's.... a good god," she said, not sure how well this was going to go over.

Alauric watched the three approach, and listened to Kilia, "Good god," he repeated, though it sort of sounded like he was saying it differently. "," he didn't know where to start. Tristan stepped out of the doorway, "What he is trying to say is do you trust them Kilia," he remember her telling stories of her 'pretend friend' when she was little. He sounded like a cool person back then, to a kid, but to really put a actually face to the friend...and the fact that he was a god. Tristan had to ask the question that first came to his mind. He was also worried about the blond seer behind him. He rather thought he reaction would be different.

"A 'good god'?" Soran repeated, his voice turning slightly acidic, his green eyes narrowing dangerously.

Kilia quickly raised up her hands, "It's fine! It's fine, it's okay! He's not going to do anything, I promise you. And she won't either. If she's with Cryio, then it's alright."

"What's wrong with the mortal?" Deriea asked, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow as she regarded Soran's standoffish attitude to the situation.

Kilia turned to look at the goddess, "He's... that's a long story. He just doesn't trust Gods. For a good reason. But I can promise you, I trust these ones. Do you trust me, Soran? Tristan?"

Tristan looked back, he understood why Soran reacted like that. "It’s not that we don't trust you Kilia, you know that, it’s just going to take some getting used to, but I am all for them helping, we certainity could use it." Alauric looked at his son, maybe it was the right thing to do to stay out of this decision, they needed to start making some on their own anyways.

"And well," Tristan continued, "think of the circumstances now, how some of us are less protected, don't forgot about that Kilia. Maybe we could get them to make a oath or something," he slightly smiled at the thought, it was a rather funny notion to get a god to promise anything.

"I will protect her," Cryio said, his gaze watching Kilia steadily.

Kilia turned to look at him, "Cryio..."

"I recall giving you a promise many years ago. I'm sorry that I left you without fulfilling that. But I can now, and I will."

Kilia nibbled at her lip. She remembered that promise. He'd told her that he would protect her from other gods, no matter what. Then a few years after that, he'd disappeared. She had a thousand questions about that, but figured they could talk later. Looking to Deriea she tilted her head. Tristan had a very good point, and in the case of Soran, something should be said to try to settle him on this idea. Kilia was also happy that the blonde Seer hadn't flown off the handle. Though his anger was definitely something new to deal with, it seemed that most times he knew it was there and did what he could to subdue it. Hell, she was even surprised to see him at the front door, facing two Gods. It made her wonder what Rethyn did specifically to get him out of that shell of his.

Deriea nodded, "I won't harm you either. If it makes anything any better, he's the God of Life, and I'm the Goddess of Earth. I can't exist without this place, and since he's the god of Life, he has a sort of... what do you say. Soft spot for mortals. I suppose I do too," she said the last bit softly and looked off into the trees.

Tristan slighty tilted his head, what exactly does a god of life do,

"So what are your powers," he said looking at the tall male god. Seriously the guy was taller then he was, would have made a good basketball player if he was mortal, he offhandly wanted to ask him if he knew how to play. What the heck...Tristan had moved past the acceptance stage and had in mind to ask the guy to play a game of 1 on 1 or something like that.

Cryio looked up to the red haired Seer. He looked back to Kilia, almost as if he didn't understand what Tristan was asking. Kilia only smiled and waited. It took the God a moment, but he finally seemed to figure it out, "Life. Creating it. Keeping it."

Kilia giggled, turning she looked at Tristan, "Basically he means healing. He's... a great healer. Without anything living, more specifically humans, Cryio doesn't exist. Anything that has to do with healing, medicines, healing plant life... all that kinds of stuff, he creates it and keeps it going. He has all sorts of knowledge on that. Which, through him, we learn. Healers like myself and Victor become capable of doing those things, because he creates it." Kilia was beaming as she explained, hopefully her explanation was understood, because she honestly didn't know any other way of saying it. Also, she was saying it this way because when she had asked Cryio when she was small, this was the answer he taught her.

"Life..." Soran repeated. He moved a bit closer to Tristan, though his acidic tone had long since left him, "I've never heard of that before."

"A lot of god's aren't heard of, mortal," Deriea said, shrugging her shoulders a bit, "And a lot of gods are forgotten over time. A lot who shouldn't be forgotten."

Tristan glanced at Deriea, he had to agree with her on that point. Yet how long has it been like this, their world this way. Every generation had different seers, "I've never heard of it either, and you are right many gods aren't heard of, unfortunely we only get to know the ones who want to hurt us. It shouldn't be that way either."

Tristan was countering her point with one of his own, one that he thought was valid.

Deriea lifted an eyebrow as she regarded Tristan, "Smart mortal. Yes, it does seem that you unfortunately only meet the ones that wish to harm. Those of us that are left that you consider 'good' are few and far between. A lot of us aren't powerful enough to stand up to the others and many times end up being devoured by other Gods because of their impeccable appetite for 'more power'," she hissed the last words, "And so the lesser gods are taken care of first. Which in turn, makes them fighters in a war they never wanted to be in anyway, but in order to survive, they're forced to after human's who have the purest of energy.

"Which slowly builds up in turn and now... here you have your war and it all leads up to where you're standing right now. All because a couple of Gods many many millenia ago started fighting over a simple 'title'. The 'God of Gods'. Whoever holds that title, holds the most power, and controls the other Gods, and essentially controls everything else in the living universe. Quite the powerful seat, don't you think?"

Tristan smirked, but her statement led to more questions, some of which he didn't want to ask in front of some of the others standing there. Humans have the purest energy...that didn't make any sense to him, in comparing a human with a god shouldn't it be the other way.

He looked confused and decided he would let it go for now. He looked at the pink-haired seer, "Well they are your guests Kilia, even though where they are going to stay is a mystery."

Deriea laughed, loudly, "Silly mortal! Unlike you, we don't need a place to stay, or a place to sleep or anything like that. I prefer the outside anyway, and Cryio... is just Cryio. He's strange... he'll probably just stand over there through the night when you strange mortals need to sleep," she said waving her hand over to some random corner of the property, "Besides. It would be easier for us to catch any stray gods that may be around looking for a quick shot at killing any of you."

Soran's fingers tightened around Tristans, a slight shaking vibrating his limbs as he listened to her. The blonde Seer managed to keep most of his fear at bay, but he still couldn't quite help reaching out to the taller boy for a sense of comfort. Clearing his throat, he looked up at Tristan, "Are we sure about this?" he whispered.

Tristan turned and smiled at Soran, "We will talk about inside, let Kilia catch up with her friend." He didn't really know how to actually answer that question nor was he hundred sure about it in the first place."Dad," he said to the guy who was still sitting on the steps. "Hmm, what," Tristan rolled his eyes, had the man actually been napping while sitting there. "Oh, so we inviting the gods to stay...well why the hell not." Alauric mumbled mostly to himself. The older seer was having a hard time with the idea, but like he thought before, he wasn't going to be a part of the situation.

Alauric went back into the house, only to come outside again a second later, "I forgot I had something to do," he went past the gods and Kilia. Tristan had to wonder if the guy was becoming senile...not that he should be old enough for that. "We will talk later," Tristan said to the others out there.

Kilia lifted an eyebrow as Alauric went inside and then immediately came right back out and walked past them. She watched him go, curious as to what was going on, but then shrugged as she turned back to Cryio. She smiled at him, "It's been so long. Shall we walk and talk?"

The god nodded his head and turned to start towards the edge of the property and walk through the trees with Kilia at his side. The pink haired Seer started rambling and it seemed the God didn't mind in the least as he listened to her. Deriea sighed heavily before glancing up to Tristan and Soran, "Uh... yeah. I'll just... be over there. I suppose letting them catch up is fine... but really, we should be getting you all ready," she huffed a bit then turned and went to where she'd indicated.

Soran, still very confused watched it all happen before he reached up and rubbed at his head, "This is... awkward... And what's up with your dad? Maybe you should go talk to him?" Soran asked as he looked up at Tristan. He frowned a bit as he rested his hand against Tristan's chest for a moment. Stretching up, he wrapped his arms around the boys shoulders and pulled himself up so that he could kiss the other quickly on his lips, "I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat. What are you gonna do?"

"Eating sounds good," he said as he held the other close, he was about to go for a tease when he heard a clearing of a throat behind him. He looked back and saw Grayson standing there, "Sorry to interrupt, where is your father," Tristan almost lost it right there as he realized now why his father was in such a hurry to leave, "He went that something spooked him." Grayson nodded, "So we have guests, well at least maybe now we can get down to actually training with them around."

Grayson turned back into the house, and Tristan chuckled, "My dad is running away from his guardian," he whispered to Soran, "he is afraid of being berated for his behavior during the last battle."

Soran nodded, "I would be afraid too... Grayson scares me for sure...." he replied just as softly hoping that the older Guardian wouldn't hear him.

Tristan shook his head, "I suppose we should go tell the others about what is going on, even though I am curious about what everyone's thoughts are going to be." Tristan had to think they were doing the right thing, but still why was he doubting the decision now.

Soran nodded a bit, "Yeah. You're right. I wonder how well this is going to go over. I know that Kilia seems to trust him.. but... but what of that other Goddess... I-I don't know Tristan." Soran closed his eyes tightly and took in a deep breath to try to settle himself. With a soft sound against his lips, he heaved a sigh, "Ugh, I don't know. Let’s eat first. Then we'll talk. Figure things out with everyone over breakfast."

The morning Rethyn had remained hidden in the shadows as he watched over the turn of events. The night eye was always tired early in the morning as he had usually stayed up the previous night walking about the house patrolling while the other Guardians and Seers took their rest.

This morning, Rethyn was confused. He didn't know what was stranger, helpful gods or the fact that Kilia could still function with the same lack of hours of sleep as himself. With a gentle sigh, Rethyn teleported with a soft poof from his outdoor perch to his favorite chair within the living room. With a light yawn the man held his sheathed sword against his body as he begun to doze off in the chair.

Passing by Rethyn, Sina was half tempted to try to snatch the sword Rethyn had been cuddling with in his sleep. With a roll of her eyes she brought upon a smile as she moved into the kitchen. She was very curious to hear about what had gone down while she glanced through the window at her team.

"Good morning all~!" Sina said as she stretched her arms out with a higher pitched yawn.

Tristan was coming back inside with the blond seer to grab something to eat, and to discuss what had just happened with the others. He glanced over at his guardian and shook his head slightly. He looked up as he saw Sina and smiled, "Good morning," he said as he went into the kitchen and raided the fridge. He really thought he would love some bacon at the moment, but it seems they ate the last of it at some point. "French toast anyone," he said. As he started to get out the incrediates, he had to make a mental note as to ask what they were going to do about food if the towns people moved on

"Hell yeah!" Sina said with a raise of her hand. "However, let me make it for you two. You're both too cute." Sina said commandingly as she pointed at the both of them. Within her mind she begun to picture herself as their waitress upon their morning date. The thought brought a little blush under her eyes as she brought her hands to the side of her face. With closed eyes the swooning girl seemed to lose focus as she daydreamed.

"Um..." Soran paused as he stood next to Tristan, "I think we lost her," he said and then rolled his eyes, "I'm so glad your sisters aren't like this," he commented and moved into the kitchen, "While she's too busy... daydreaming" he said and then blushed a bit he joined the taller boy, "I'll help you make breakfast. French toast sounds amazing," he said with a smile. It would also be a great distraction. He didn't want to know what was currently tumbling through Sina's mind at that moment. Yup... he was definitely sure he was much better off not knowing.

Tristan turned and was about to comment, but just watching the girl made him turn back around and blush a little himself. He really hoped it disappeared when Soran came and stood beside him, "Yeah, definitely need a distraction from crazy girl over there," he took out the eggs and the bread and handed it to Soran. "And who’s to say my sisters aren't like that, they just aren't like that in front of people."

Snapping back into attention Sina lifted up a hand as she said in a saddened voice. "W-wait...ohhh you guys are so mean." Dropping her head in defeat she marched over to the table and laid her chin on her folded hands as she sulked quietly to herself.

"So, they're closet fan girls?" Soran asked with a short laugh as he broke open the eggs into a small pan and used a fork to break the yolk. As he whisked that with the fork, he shook his head, "I don't want to find any weird like stories or something from any of them, especially her," he said moving his head in the direction of Sina.

"Weird stories?" River's voice broke into the room and Soran felt his face grow brilliantly red.

"M-momma!" he stuttered in surprise.

River grinned, "I have some really awesome stories that I could share. How about it? Want to hear some, Tristan?"

"Mom! Mom, no... no that's bad, that's bad, don't!" he moved, dropping the fork and tried to put his hand over her mouth while she laughed and fought him back, getting his hands down at his sides and hugging him to keep him there.

"Hmm... which one should I start with."

Tristan started to comment on the fan girl thing, but started cracking up when River came into the kitchen. Oh man Soran's face was priceless and Tristan laughed some more when she offered to tell her own stories, he couldn't offer up a suggestion because he was laughing so hard. Soran was going to kill him later, he was sure of it.

River stumbled a bit as she struggled with her son, laughing slightly, "Oh! I have the perfect one."

"Mom!" he screeched and then yelled at Tristan, "And why are you laughing!!?"

"Oh hush, it's not that bad. So," she turned her attention to Tristan, "He must have been about nine or ten, I don't remember exactly, but he was in trouble. I told him to stay in his room until he had calmed down or something. Anyway, it was about this time he was practicing with his magic system. He wasn't very good at it, but he definitely tried. I'm not sure where it went wrong, but I was sitting in the living room and I heard this horrid scream. So I went running up the stairs. When I opened the door, he had summoned a giant teddy bear into the room. I wasn't sure what the teddy bear was for, but it had him upside down by one leg and was shaking him like a little jar.

"He was crying, terrified of the darn thing. When I asked him later after I got rid of it, why the bear was there, he told me that he'd wanted to try to have the bear give me a hug in apology for whatever it was. But it turned into an evil bear and, his words exactly, "Tried to eat me." I don't think it was trying to eat him, I think it was trying to figure out how to hug him but he was too small at the time."

"Mom...." Soran moaned. Okay, maybe that one wasn't too bad, but then River chuckled and he knew that laugh. Which made him struggle even more.

"Which of course isn't as bad as his running away from me when it was bath time. I swear this child was an escape artist. I'd get him stripped down from his clothes, turn to start the water, and when I turned back not a second later, he was gone. Full blown naked, running around the house like a wild monkey."


Tristan stood there and listened, ok the bear story was slightly funny, but Tristan found it cute. As soon as River said bath time, Tristan couldn't hold it in and started laughing again. He couldn't help it...oh man he was certainly glad his dad wasn't in the room. Alauric would be sure as to try to top that story. That thought calmed the laughter slightly, and he tried to calm himself down. Yet he knew if he said anything, he was going to be in big trouble, so Tristan decided to be smart and let someone else do it for him

On the other hand Sina had dropped to the floor as she giggled relentlessly at the story. "T-that's adorable!" She cried out as little tears escaped her eyes. Kicking her legs with her giggles she looked like a turtle of which had been put on its back.

"Mom!" Soran shrilled, his face a brilliant red color that he knew wasn't going to go away for some time. Laughing she released him and he put on a pout as he turned back to the food, "Traitor," he shot to Tristan, then stuck out his tongue to his boyfriend. River giggled even more.

Tristan gave the blond a look, kinda like don't stick your tongue out at me for no good reason. "Yeah, yeah...," he turned and went back to breakfast too, "It seems we have some guests out there, one Kilia knows well. Two gods so to speak." Ok there is was out in the open for everyone to here

"Who you calling a traitor? He's supposed to agree to listen to stories. I have more!"

"No! Nope! We're good! No more! All good, Momma, we're going to eat breakfast civily, and without interruption. Or I'm going to drag Tristan and myself to the room and we will eat there where you can't tell him any more stories!" Soran said, trying to overpower his mothers voice. He shot a deadly look to Tristan and reached out and poked the boy in his ribs, "You're gonna get it later."

River smiled, "Two gods?" she asked. If nobody was doing anything drastic like fighting... she was obviously curious and confused to say the least.

Sina shot up as she darted her eyes to Soran. "Seriously little guy, why are there two gods outside?" She cocked her head at Soran as she looked to the boy in sheer confusion. Back in Japan every god was a killer, it was strange to see two not willing to strike them down the moment they were found.

Soran turned red again, "L-little! I'm... I'm not little," he said with a pout on his face, a slight puffing of his cheeks and then turned back to the food, "As for the gods... well, I think one of them knows Kilia. They seem to be... kinda close. Or something. The other one... says she's with Cryio. I don't know. It's strange. I still haven't... quite wrapped my head around it," he heaved a sigh, "I don't know."

Tristan looked at Soran, "They offered to help is what's more, help us in this fight we find ourselves in." He turned back to River, "I know that I haved formed opinions about gods based on my experiences with them, but I've never had two gods come up and say they wanted to help in any way. Kilia asked us to trust her, so whatever happens after this, I will take responiblity for."

"Just cause you're little doesn't mean you're not cute Soran-san~!" Sina chimed in before looking back to Tristan with a shrug. " I trust you guys on this. It's kept me alive so far." With a stretch and a rise to her feet she returned to her seat. With a glance over to Rethyn in the living room she called to him.

"Yo! Blue eyes lazy ass, get up!"

"C-cute!?" Soran stuttered... this Japanese woman was really throwing him off, she was strange. He wasn't sure he could keep up with her. The only one who'd ever called him cute aside from his own mother was Tristan. Honestly, Tristan was the only one allowed to call him cute. He blushed furiously as the food was beginning to finish up. It was almost ready to be put on the table. River was busying herself with the plates as well. Soran gave a sigh.

"I think I give up..."

Tristan chuckled slightly and whisper to the boy, "Hey don't give up, anyways she isn't wrong, you are cute." Tristan moved rather quickly away from the other, not really wanted to get hit or anything. The poke in the ribs had been enough. "Yo...didn't I ask you to leave my guardian alone, he sleeps during the day, protects you at night."

A light blush grew under Sina's eyes as her mind started to wonder again. Dazing off to her daydreaming yet again Sina begun to picture Rethyn as something he clearly wasn't. Literal stars in her eyes weren't far from the truth as she gazed over to Rethyn. "He's totally a vampire knight..." She said quietly under her breath.

"Are the Japanese all like this?" Soran asked, he watched her with a lifted eyebrow. Shaking his head a bit, he deftly maneuvered around the star struck girl and brought the plate of hot food to the table and seated himself.

"Just the uber-silly fan girls," Tristan mumbled, "will you stop with the daydreaming and sit down and eat."

"I don't know will you spoon feed me Tristan-kun~" Sina said in return with a stick out of her tongue at him with a wink. "Heh, alright let's eat a good breakfast."

Spoon feed Tristan thought, now he was the one daydreaming of dumping a whole pot of oatmeal on top of the girls head. Maybe he would make oatmeal least it would give him a good laugh.

"Aww...don't give me that look. I'm just teasing you a little Tristan." Sina said with a gentle smile to the boy.

"H-hey..." Soran tried, but then rolled his eyes and grabbed some of the food. He put some on Tristan's plate and set it next to him before grabbing some of his own, "There. Now... I think after breakfast we should... seriously talk to those... um... Gods," he said, trying to turn the conversation to be a bit more serious and definitely a lot less about him and Tristan and Sina's daydreaming.

River seated herself as well, "I want to meet them myself. I'm interested to see a 'good god'. Never heard of that one before."

"Me either," Soran muttered under his breath, his green gaze narrowing at his food briefly. Taking up his fork he stabbed at the food and then proceeded to eat more gently after the vicious attack on the french toast.

Tristan sat down and picked up the syrup and poured a little on the french toast, "Sounds good to me," he agreed. He wondered if his father would have returned by then, he had to come back anyways. He had to wonder was there something he was missing in that whole thing. Grayson didn't just seem to be mad, he shrugged his shoulders and took a bite to eat also.

"So...Tristan." Sina said before pausing to chomp down on a piece of toast. "How did you sister you gods?"

Tristan choked a little on the bite he was eating, "Kilia isn't my sister," he said and tried to chew the rest of the food before answering the rest of the question, "And she said she knew Cryio when she was a little girl." She must have been really little, yet he had to wonder, how did she get away with being his friend with a mom like hers.

Tristan looked a little guilty, he shouldn't have thought that thought, but he still wondered.

"Tristan-kun, you really should learn to chew on your food. Or I am going to have to teach you~!" Sina said with a little giggle before glancing over to Soran. "Or Soran...maybe you should show him how..." She said with a little wink as she placed her chin over her laced hands with a small smile. She had no shame as River was not too far off from her as she flirted with next to no filter in her words.

"O-oye... Th-that's... I-I'm... Not going to do that... W-why..." Soran muttered, stuttering as he was absolutely embarrassed by Sina's actions. This breakfast plan wasn't going as he had planned it... He took a bite of food and tried to focus on eating rather than what she was saying. That girl... she really had no 'off' switch, did she? An idea popped into his head then... Maybe he could make an off switch... wouldn't that be awesome! He giggled a bit.

Tristan looked at his plate for a second, really trying not to blush at Sina's words. He sighed, she was really annoying, even though he knew she was just joking around with them. Yet he had lost his appetite for some reason. "I guess I should go check on Kilia," he said quietly. He got up and put his plate in the sink. Before he walked out of the kitchen, he grabbed some water from the fridge. "Excuse me guys," he said even though he has already moved away from the table.

Shrugging at Tristan's actions, Sina glanced over to Soran as she asked him. "So..what's going on in this neck of the woods? What's making you giggle so much?" Closing her eyes she sat back in her seat a little as she added in. "That was an amazing breakfast by the way~"

Soran watched, almost with a horrified look, as Tristan left him alone with Sina. Well, not really alone, but his mother wasn't all that great of help either. The one and only person who could have saved him from further embarrassment had just walked right out the door. He looked back between Sina and River. His mother was seemingly ignoring what was going on, lost in her own world, but with a sly little smile on her face. Soran swallowed... hard.

"Uh... I-I... don't know what you mean..." he said quickly and took another bite of food so he wouldn't have to talk to her and further encourage her antics. All the while he was thinking up ways of repaying Tristan for 1) laughing at him in the kitchen while cooking breakfast, and 2) leaving him alone with the creepy fan-girl from Japan who was apparently obsessed with... with... Soran blushed furiously as he couldn't quite finish that thought.