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Snippet #2512531

located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kilia Yve Linovahle Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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A few hours later

Soran fell back, arms outstretched across the grass as the sunlight was just hitting midsky. It was probably lunch time soon and he was extremely tired. Panting a bit he swallowed and closed his eyes, "I take it back..." he panted, "This isn't fun... anymore... you're the freakin' devil... the hell..." he complained, sweat coating his forehead.

Deriea appeared over him and knelt down to poke his head while she spoke, "If you can't handle this, then we have problems. We haven't even moved up to targets chasing you. They're just moving now. And all I've asked is for you all to create things faster, make faster decisions. The Gods' not going to wait for you to figure out how you want to break it. Come on, get up, two more, then I'll let you eat," she said with a wicked grin as she continued to poke his forehead.

"Aww..." he groaned and his hands flailed at her to get her to stop poking him.

Tristan had sat down on the steps of the porch, breathing just as hard, he had to wonder why anyone would think this was fun. His arms felt like jelly, and having not gotten very much sleep last night was really catching up to him. He sort of felt like he couldn't do one more thing. But he chuckled as he watched Deriea poke the blonde seer, of course he sort of hoped the other didn't see him.

Laying down in his own territory of grass, Rethyn had removed his soaked shirt as he begun to wonder if it had rained from the amount of sweat dripping from him. She had made him preform a horrid version of sprints with teleports and which one he had grown more and more tired until he begun to fail mid flash.

Panting, Rethyn rubbed his hand over his forehead to just feel his hand get covered in sweat. As if he had recived a full body workout the majoirty of the muscles groups upon him were screaming. Especially his core of which he felt if he tried to sit up would just fail him.

Sitting in her own patch of grass, Sina kept yelling to her magic system with star eyes. "Jayce....Jayce? Speak come on damn you!"

"Mad'am....I must say it's been a pleasure working with you..but it is my time."

"That's what you said the last twenty damned times I overheated you jackass! You know what I am going to replace you with Vladimir's A.I. He at least knows how to talk smoothly!"

Sitting up, Soran gave Deriea a sour look and then released a heavy sigh, "Fine, two more but then I'm done, no more until I eat and relax for a bit."

"Relax? Oh you mean go have fun with your lover right?"

"Deriea!!" Soran hollered as he turned bright red and flailed even more as he turned to her. Losing his balance a bit he fell onto his back a second time and Deriea stood up giggling as she went.

"Oh, just asking. Wasn't sure what you meant, but now I know. Anyhow, two more, get to it lover boy or I'll just have to keep him busy for a while longer, hows that?"

Soran huffed, glowered at her and rolled over onto his stomach. The magic system opened up and in about five or so minutes, he pulled from the pad another very large rifle. He was getting a slight bit faster, the weapons still just as powerful if not more so. Deriea lifted up her hand, swiping it through the air and the ground trembled again. The pile of rocks that were a good distance away from them, shuddered and then pulled back together into the two human like dummies that she'd been using to force him to practice on.

"Alright, you two know the drill by now, except now I want you to do it in... oh... thirty seconds," she said with an evil grin back to Tristan, "Don't take them both out and we'll just have to say no to lunch, " she shrugged.

"I hate you..." Soran mumbled.

Tristan groaned as he got up and looked at the distance of the dummies. God could he even get something that far....

"Don't worry, I'll hit it," Soran said, his voice confident as he lay there, leaned against his weapon.

Tristan decided to do a little cheating, cause he wanted to go eat lunch. He pulled a little gold bullet off his pad, "here try that." He looked at the pink-haired seer, "you want to try out that protection spell, on that dummy on the right." He wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen to it.

Kilia looked over to him and raised an eyebrow, "Uh... sure I guess. I don't know how well this going to go though," she said as she looked down at her pad and the spell she'd been working on the entire time. She'd gone through about five spells so far. This one had taken her the longest to create. With a frown, she pulled it off the pad and aimed it to the one that Tristan wanted. Golden light laced with a bit of blue curled around the rock dummy. With a shrug she tilted her head.

"Yeah, no idea what that is..."

Soran grinned, "So long as it does what it's supposed to I think we're good Kilia," he said and loaded the bullet given to him. It took him half a second to aim, and then he fired almost immediately after. The gun exploded the round, a bit of smoke curling from the barrel. Soran winced, "My shoulder is going to be so bruised... I swear Tristan. You're like making those things out of freakin titanium or something."

"I could use whatever that...comic book character was made out of," he smirked slightly. Ok so that showed his geeky side. The bullet slowed just as it got near the dummy on the left, suddenly the top popped open and a hugh hammer came out and smashed down on the dummy. Whatever Kilia's spell did even made the pieces of that dummy fly in the opposite direction. "Hey look at that...30 seconds to be exact."

"Well well... lover boy can come up with something both powerful and comical. I like it. Didn't expect you to protect the one dummy though... why did you do that? Preparation for something? In case that was... say an ally I suppose," Deriea shrugged. She stretched a bit, "Hmm... well. Very interesting. Go eat, come back a little later."

Soran turned to Tristan, a grin on his lips, "You make some really interesting things, baby," he held up his hand as he rolled to his back, wanting the other boy to help him up.

Tristan looked at Deriea, he actually hadn't thought of that, but now that she said it made him wonder. What if that was an somehow put things in perspective. He looked down at Soran, "Only for you," he said teasing slightly in return. He grabbed the others hand and pulled him up.

As Tristan pulled him up, Soran bounced forward on his feet and planted a quick kiss on the boys mouth before dancing away with his mischevious look and heading for the house. Turning, he walked backwards, smiling as he went before sticking his tongue out, "I'm hungry and that spagehtti is calling my name. None for you!" he said with a laugh and bolted for the door.

Kilia walked up to the house as well, looking back to Tristan, "Don't worry, I think he'll share... well, maybe," she said and then laughed a bit, "You should hurry if you want anything to eat," the pink-haired Seer said as she made her way over to Rethyn who was stretched out across the yard just like Soran had been a moment before. Leaning over him she smiled, "Come on, lets go eat."

Wrapping his hands around his raised left knee, Rethyn pulled himself up as he stumbled for a second. Grasping Kilia's shoulder, Rethyn regained balance before letting go and following her along to go and get some food. Behind him he had left behind his shirt as in his mind he was very focused on the concept of food.

"Oh... you okay?" She asked softly as he stumbled a bit and used her to steady himself, he looked rather tired and she nibbled at her lip, also trying to ignore the fact that he was without his shirt as he made his way towards the house. Walking behind him, she allowed herself to just stare without being caught, her cheeks growing slightly red as she followed him.

Tristan just shook his head at the blonde, and glanced at Deriea. "I blame you," he muttered underneath his breath. He watched the interaction between Kilia and Rethyn...did he miss something over the past few days. He stratched his head and shrugged his shoulders. He was to tired to anything but walk slowly to the house, just realishing the feel of the air-conditioning for a minute.

From behind, Sina sneaked up creepishly close to Kilia as she whispered into her ear. "And they say I am obvious." With a cackle she quickly skipped away from KIlia as she passed Rethyn. To him she threw a wink before looking back to Kilia with a cat like stare.

Just as she reached the door of the house she said to Rethyn. "Blue eyes-kun you gotta tell me how you turned her."

Red jolted through Rethyn as she had both winked at him with Kilia there and asked a very forward question. Even though he didn't have the same context as Sina, it was still a rather surprise of a question.

Losing his balance, Rethyn nearly face planted as he was able to narrowly put his hand in the way from the ground. Growling in annoyance to Sina he barked to her. "You seriously need to get a life!"

Still referencing her romance manga Sina said with a wink. "Could you bring me into the coven~?" With a little giggle and a half bow she jumped from her step into the house to dodge further tongue lashings from Rethyn.

Kilia came to crashing halt as she took the steps and watched Sina in absolute horror as the woman asked Rethyn how he'd 'turned' her. Kilia, froze for a good full minute and then she let out a slight squeak, first because she was embarrassed and her face was awfully red, then she squeaked again as Rethyn tumbled forward, just barely catching himself. Moving, she went to him immediately, "R-Rethyn... you... okay?"

At Sina's second question, Kilia was seriously confused, "Coven?" she repeated and then shook her head as she helped Rethyn into the house from the porch.

River smiled at Tristan as he slowly moved into the house, "Come eat, ice tea and some sandwiches for you all. Although... I think Soran has probably just keeled over," she said as she looked over her shoulder at her son. The boy was stretched out across the table, half sprawled in the seat as he sat there panting heavily.

"This... sucks..." he said slowly.

"You're own fault you ran in here, silly child of mine."

"What happened to the spagehtti?" he moaned.

"It's gone. You ate it already."

Tristan looked slightly worried at Soran, but then realized he was disappointed about the spagehtti. He grabbed a glass and got some water, and drank it slowly. "Sandwiches sound great...I need to wait for a couple a minutes though." He was more worried about eating anything and then having to go back out there with the training goddess from hell. He would have to eat something though, he didn't want to collapse on any of them.

"Take your time," River said with a smile. She had something her hands as she moved over to Soran who was still stretched out across the table, eyes half closed as if he were about to fall asleep. Running her fingers through his hair he seemed to relax even more until she dropped something across the back of his neck and down his shirt.

He gave a loud, high pitched cry and came forward, hitting the table rather hard with his chest and groaning at the same time but also still trying to get whatever she'd put down his back from under his shirt. River, with an evil grin, put one hand on his shoulder, and rubbed at his back. Making him flinch and try to get free.

"Momma!!!" he yelled.

"What's the matter baby, I thought you were really hot? Isn't this helping?" she said as she laughed.

"Cold!!! Really cold... really really cold... Momma stop!! It's cold!"

Tristan choked on the swallow of water he had he wasn't expecting that, he turned trying to hide his laughter from the other. In fact he wanted to laugh so hard that he decided to be on the safe side he would find someplace else to eat. He grabbed half of a sandwich and his glass, and headed to the living room, yet as he left one could hear his laughter getting bigger.

Soran finally managed to get free, but by then all of the ice his mother had dumped down his shirt had melted. He stuck his tongue out at her before he said to Tristan, "I heard that!! You traitor!!" He was about to say something else, when a somewhat evil idea came to mind. He giggled to himself as he got up and went to the kitchen. As queitly as he could, he put handful after handful of ice in a cup. For a moment he had a really evil thought but decided even that was a bit too cruel and so settled for his original idea.

He left the room, his lips pulled up into a wild grin as he tried his hardest to keep his giggling to himself. Sneaking up to Tristan as best he could, he reached out slowly. Taking hold of the shirt he pulled it back and dumped the entire contents of the cup down the back of Tristan's shirt, then laughed, hard as he grabbed a couple of peices and made sure to keep them right in the middle of his back.

Tristan's first reaction was to curse rather loudly..."Sorannn," he said as he tried to pull out of the other's grasp. "You little..." he was jumping up and down trying to get the ice out of his shirt. "Ok...sorry I laughed," he said as he finally got the last piece to drop to the floor.

"Aha! My new weapon against you," Soran declared with a look like he'd won. He held up the cup triumphantly as he grinned, laughing all the while. That was probably the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen Tristan do.

River, who was now leaning against the wall that led into the kitchen, shook her head as she smiled at them, "Nice. Now clean up the ice before it melts and Grayson finds out. He'll make you do worse than just pick up ice chunks with your bare hands..." she said with a grin.

Tristan nodded in River's direction and didn't have to be told twice when it came to Grayson. He picked up a few pieces and put them back in Soran's cup. He leaned in as he did and whispered to the other, "You know if you wanted to play with ice, you could have just told me."

Soran's gaze grew wide, his cheeks and across his nose turning red. He shook his head a bit, trying to rid his mind of... other thoughts, "You... wait... what would... how..." obviously it was failing. Now he was curious, that was bad. It took him a moment and then he leaned in to, a small grin on his face, "So... if I ate a peice, would you help? I mean... chewing on ice is bad right. So, we'd have to have it melt somehow," he teased with a laugh.

" will melt." Tristan said as he leaned away. A look that spoke volumes aimed at the blond. It was like Tristan had something in mind to say the least.

Soran swallowed, his heart beat increasing as he watched Tristan. He knew that look, very well in fact. With a glance back over his shoulder, he noted that his mother had left the room and bent down to pickup the rest of the ice. As he stood up, he took a step closer to Tristan, "So... what were you planning? I mean... honestly if you wanted to play with ice too... I think it'd melt too quickly," he grinned, "You're too hot for it. Gonna need a lot of ice, baby," he laughed.

Tristan chuckled, "Well if that is what it takes." All in all he actually wondered if the blonde would let him. He looked at the other, his expression changing now, "I love you baby, you know that."

His laugh had turned nervous when Tristan responded to the part of having to have a lot of ice. But then, his laugh turned into a curious look on his face before he smiled. Setting the cup down, he moved and reached up. Both arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck as he leaned in on Tristan, "Yes. I know. I love you too. More than you will ever know," he said. Tilting his head a bit, he stretched up and hovered just out of reach of Tristan's lips, a small smile playing on his face.

Tristan watched and as the other wrapped his arms around his shoulders he wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist. He got a slight grin when the other just hovered out of reach of a kiss. He finished the distance on his own and took the other's lips in a gentle kiss.

Soran kissed him back, letting the other start it. He pulled away after a while and sighed, "I love kissing you..." he said. With a heavy sigh, he looked back at the kitchen, "I'm so hungry..." his stomach growled as if to exaggerate his words and he blushed a bit, "Well.. shall we eat? Then... I want to sleep. Before she kills us," he glowered at the door that led outside. With a groaning sigh, he fell against Tristan, letting the boy hold him up, "She's such a freakin' drill seargent..."

"Sounds like a plan, just don't eat to much, we don't know what her plans are just yet." He must of devoured the half of sandwich he took because he didn't see it anywhere. "ok lets get back to the kitchen."

Later that afternoon

"Alright, you all look like you've rested enough," Deriea said with a smirk, "Now we'll kick it up a notch," she continued as she crossed her arms, lifting her head up a bit.

Looking to Rethyn first she waved her hand and in the trees, the limbs reshaped themselves to look like some sort of target, "You, do your teleporting, and hit each one. They'll move too so you better be careful. Don't worry , they aren't going to attack you, they'll just move as you finish your teleport. Anticipate it, my strange little mortal."

Her gaze moved from him to Sina, "Enhanced strength, speed and endurance. Such an interesting set of magic skills," the goddess said as she regarded the woman, "Keep practicing what you were before, you're wearing out your system too fast. There are better ways, little mortal. Hone down those attacks of yours, make it smoother, faster, cleaner... these are yours, and like his," she motioned to Rethyn, "They'll move. Have fun," she said as a pile of destroyed rocks suddenly reshaped themselves a little bit to their right.

Looking at Kilia, she motioned for her to come next to her, the pink haired Seer did so, "You, are going to protect this rock right here," she said and pointed to a rather good sized boulder, "But not all of it. Just parts of it. I will be attacking it. I want you to protect the spots I attack, much like if you were to say... protect one of them?" she motioned out to the others. Kilia nibbled on her lip before she nodded a bit.

To Tristan she gave him a very big smile that could be nothing less than mischevious and sarcastic. Her eyebrow twitched just a bit as she gazed at him, "You, are going to enjoy pounding away at that rock wall," as she said this, a solid wall pulled up behind her with a wave of her fingers, "and no help from anyone else. Your goal is to break it in a handful of strikes."

"And you," finally she turned to Soran, "Lets see how good you are in close quarters," Surrounding Soran a handful of rock dummies popped up and began moving a bit. The blonde Seer eyed the rocks carefully as he swiped open his magic system and a pair of handguns were pulled off the pad, materalizing in his hands.

Deriea waved her hand at them all, "Ready... go!"

Tristan stared at the rock wall and then back at Deriea, she must have been punishing him for something. Okay pound at the wall a break it in a handful of strikes. He wondered if he had a jackhammer somewhere in his pad. Yet that would defeat the whole purpose now wouldn't it. He looked at the wall again, sort of like what he had done before. He looked at his pad and got a grin on his face. She did say pound, now didn't she.

He skipped over a couple of details in making his creation, they didn't really apply in this situation anyways. He got it done and looked at it...damn he messed up somewhere. He put it off to the side, and looked at his pad. Was he overly tired and just not paying attention anymore. "Damn, damn da..." Tristan decided that cursing wasn't helping him.

He sighed now his head was pounding, which was perfect, cause all he needed was a headache. He kinda wondered if he could give the rock wall a headache. He scrapped the orginal plan...he had to come back to it later on and figure out what he did wrong with it. He got an image in his head and thought for a second. A huge set of headphones came off his pad and he put it on the wall. This was going to get really he thought he would be nice and try and contain the noise a little. A clear barrier went up only surrounding the wall. He touched something on his pad...ok needed a bigger barrier can that was really loud. He hoped the vibrations would start working, cause this was making his headache worse. And plus...he really hoped he didn't cause a rockslide anywhere else on the mountain.

At the word "go!" Rethyn had zipped over to his intended first time. Coming into range, Rethyn failed to swipe at is as it managed to dodge his stike perfectly. Gritting his teeth, Rethyn did his best to ignore the soreness of which already plagued him as he put more effort into each teleport. First he tried speed, it didn't work as even though he woild preform his ability at a faster rate so did too the speed of their dodge.

With another flash, Rethyn soared above his targets as he went further up airborne. Rethinking he strategy he chose to focus on positioning. Teleporting in from the right flank he swung again to feel his blade merely cleave through the air. Growing frustrated he backed off as he panted in silence.

Standing next to him Sina had found similar results as she had only gained a bloody knuckle from her attempts. "They're fast eh Blue-eyes?"

"Y-yeah. They are." Rethyn responded as he seemed distracted in thought.

Kilia watched as Deriea waved her hand at the rock that she'd told Kilia to protect. Her heart was in her throat as she hovered her hand over the magic pad. little pebbles floated off the ground and then suddenly one shot off, and Kilia freaked out briefly. Her hand flashed off the pad, but the spell missed completely. A little golden circle laced with blue color opened up almost like a circle around one area of the rock, but not where the pepple had struck with rather hard force. Embedded in the rock now, Deriea let out a sigh. Bitting her lip, Kilia tried again.

The second one she missed. The third she missed, the fourth she just barely manged to get a corner of her protection spell to touch. Deriea, all the while frowning as she sent pepple after pebble at the rock, "Concentrate. Watch the rocks, look at where they are going. You are faster than those pebbles, little mortal. Watch those, don't look at your pad, you already know the spell, come on."

Kilia moaned a bit as she reluctantly tore her gaze from the pad and watched the rocks.

"Maximum speed, maximum strength my lady." Vladimir the A.I. spoke as Sina charged her targets at an over the top level of speed. With each stike of either kicks or punches the targets fell quickly to be replaced by more. She had not yielded the words of Deriea as she heard Vladimir's voice begin to give warning. "Woah, my lady you need to pace yourself...You shouldn't rush yourself especially with me in the picture."

Growing annoyied with Vladimir she did her best to tune him out as she continued to waste her power. She had absolutely no idea how to hit the targets otherwise because she could never hit them hard enough or catch them without both. The whole thing was stressing her anyways as she was having a hard time seeing the point.

On the other hand Rethyn had begun to go into the shadows before teleporting to the flanks of his targets. They might of seen the teleport coming, but they never guessed well in how to dodge attacks they could not sense. As he sliced through his last target he felt like was going to vomit. Teleporting while invisble was even more draining than the teleport sprints he had done earlier in that day.

Soran dropped to a more defensive position, both guns raised and he unleashed a flurry of shots that pelted the rock dummies. He ground his teeth as he moved. They were circling around him and though he twisted around fast enough, he always seemed to miss one. Soran had to get out of the circle and put them in front of him. Finally, he caught a pattern of movement. He paced himself, firing off several other shots at the rocks that only made tiny little holes. Soran rolled, pulling away from their circle and making them turn and come for him again. He gave a small grin and unloaded his weapons as he moved backwards as quickly as he could.

Somehow he ended up near where Tristan was, though he was a bit too busy with the rocks chasing him, he did offer the other boy a quick grin as well as a, "Hey baby.. how's it going?" a bit of a laugh on his lips. His left gun burned out and disappeared, making him curse and with his free hand, redraw the next handgun. His other weapon shot off round after round, each one a bit more precise than they had been when he'd been surrounded. Even so, the guns weren't doing as much damage as he wanted. Like everyone else, he was tired too, and his energy was running very low.

Which had probably made him a good target. As the new gun materialized into his hand, he felt a cold grip along his shoulders. He gave a slight gasp as Deriea stopped what she was doing next to Kilia and turned, trying to find something. Whatever had gripped him, pulled him down into the watery depths of his conscious, making everything look like he was under water once again. Shit! he thought frantically.

The god turned him and as his lips turned up into a cruel smile, he fired off three rounds at Tristan with the new weapon and stalked towards the red headed Seer. Soran screamed from his place in the back of his own mind, able to see, but unable to do anything.

"Hello, Seer. Kindly die for me," the god said as he lifted the weapon again and prepared to pull the trigger once more.

Tristan was watching the rock, feeling like he was at a rock concert and he was standing next to the speaker. He thought he saw something and he turned to look in Soran's direction...what the fuck.

The first bullet had gone by him and hit the wall, he saw the chuck fly off. The second one grazed his arm. It hurt slightly more then he cared to admit, and now blood was dripping down his arm. He moved trying to get out of the way of the third one and decided to use the wall as his protection. Yet inside his own barrier the noise was he had to turn it down. Now his ears were ringing, and he looked at in the other's directions, "Soran," he yelled, or at least he think he did, he wasn't hearing to good at the moment.

Soran's shoulder raised up as he shook his head a bit, "Wrong," he called out and fired off a round at the wall where Tristan's voice had come from. The gun made a strange sound now, almost like a high pitched whistle before it struck the dirt. He moved as he continued to shoot at the other Seer, the closer he got the more destruction to the wall and within a few paces, the bullets were going through it in small holes.

All Tristan could actually do was duck and cover, he was getting hit by from above by the falling chucks of rock. "Ok...any help here guys would be greatly appriecated." Its not that he couldn't do anything, but looking at his pad, he had enough energy for one good trick, and this one he really didn't want to waste on something stupid. His mind was whirrling, and he started with something on his pad. The only thing was he didn't know what or who he was dealing with other then the fact that it was inside Soran. It was that fact...that also made him hesistat. How were they going to unpossess the seer, his guardian was gone. With a glance he peeked out from behind the wall, to see if he could see the others.

A hand within the shadows was placed upon Tristans shoulder from behind. "Shh." Rethyn said as he looked to his Seer. Whispering with lips close to Tristan's ear Rethyn said. "I believe we should relocate, plan something out, then comeback and strike. Up to you though." Backing up a little, Rethyn kept his hand placed upon Tristan's shoulder as he awaited his Seer's choice

The softer approach was not Sina's approach as the words "Maximum speed" were roared from her magic system. Charging Soran from behind his left shoulder by where the dummies were, Sina planned to nail the short Seer with a slap across the face. As she zoomed in closer she called out "Soran! The hell are you doin'?!"

Soran's frame turned as the woman's voice hollered out at him. He narrowed his eyes at her, "Aren't you making this a bit hard?" he growled softly and turned his weapon towards her. As he turned though, he found the woman to have crossed the distance between them rather quickly. Grinding his teeth, the possessed Seer tried to fire off a round, but she'd moved too close and the gun went off only to bypass her shoulder, taking a few strands of hair at most.

Throwing the slap with excessive force, Sina gritted her teeth as the boy managed to ruin her hair as she lost a few strands. "You asshole!" She yipped at Soran as without even knowing if she landed the other strike she tried to send a snap kick towards the groin of the Seer.

Her hand crossed his face, knocking his head to the side and he stumbled. Recovering just in time, he moved backwards, his arm coming down to block her kick while the other one lifted up the gun and fired off a round aimed for her shoulder. The gun made a loud, high pitched sound and then released the round at her.

Tristan jumped slightly as Rethyn put his hand on his shoulder. He turned...what the heck was his guardian saying. His ears were still ringing. He shook his head trying to get rid of that awful noise. Ok...lets try to talk in a quiet tone..."Over there...," god he hoped that wasn't loud, "over there by the others." He was pointing in the direction of the goddess and Kilia. Why weren't they reacting...was he missing something "wait," he said. "You got enough energy."

He needed to get from behind this wall to say the least. He had another idea, while the guardian was keeping the possessed seer busy for a second, Tristan gave a low whistle, something black slither in his direction. He picked the snake up and let it coil once around his arm. He stared straight into its reddish eyes and whispered one word, "feet".

He let the snake go and it slithered toward the seer and guardian, if it wasn't seen it would wrap itself around the feet of the seer. Tristan hoped that would help the guardian.

Crying out in pain Sina took a couple of steps back as brought her left hand over her left shoulder of which had been riddled by the bullet. Dropping down to one knee from the pain and now loss of control of her left shoulder she spoke quietly to her magic system.

"Maximum endurence, maximum speed."

The pain numbed as first Sina flashed green, then blue as she lunged forward at an alarming speed towards Soran. With only the use of one arm she through a jap in combination with a low kick of which was meant to be her to snap her heel to his shin. Biting her lip she couldn't help but to think about what she would do even if she were to beat him. A bit of fear jolted through her body as she didn't know what would come next.

Rethyn was taking a lot of short breaths as indeed he had the energy, but it wasn't exactly high for anything daring. After Tristan released the snake Rethyn gripped him a little too roughly upon the shoulder as he attempted to teleport them both next to Kilia and the goddess.

Landing next to the pair, Rethyn dropped down to one knee as he felt a little sick. As he tried to get his breaths under control he saw the effects of Tristan's snake as it stalked up to the possessed Seer and with a sudden loud hiss wrapped itself tightly around the boy's ankles.

Kilia dropped down next to Tristan with a gasp, "Are you okay!?" she asked as she looked at the blood on his shoulder. Moving the cloth of his shirt aside, she sighed heavily as she noted that it wasn't too deep. Kilia got to work with healing the small scratch and looked over to Rethyn as she pulled her lower lip between her teeth, "Hey... take it easy," she told him softly.

Deriea moved around them and waved her hand, a harsh flick of her wrist and the ground around Soran shot upwards, roots wrapped around his hands, dragging them down and behind his back to keep him from firing the gun again.

"Damnit... when the hell did a god get in here?" the woman cursed softly as she narrowed her eyes at Soran. Watching Sina, she lifted an eyebrow. Her boot hit his shin, making the boy curse and grit his teeth, her fist connected to his stomach and he coughed, doubled over slightly though the vines kept him from dropping.

"Remove it," Deriea yelled across the yard.

Sina felt something pulse as she took a step back after landing her strike upon Soran. It felt horrid as if she had done something against her very being. Striking him made her suddenly feel sick. As she heard the words "Remove it" carry through the air Sina glanced over at the goddess before looking back to Soran. She wanted her to remove it? But in the past was it not the previous boys job of Guardian? Biting her lip in worry she felt her lip cut from the pressure. "Ow." she muttered.

"I'm fine," Tristan said, knowing his wound wasn't that serious, he was concerned with Soran and Sina, he was also concerned with Rethyn. He should have just found cover under the wall for the duration.

He looked at Deriea, "You couldn't have done that when he was shooting at me." He probably should have just been glad she helped out all but he was tired and frustered at the moment. Yet when he heard her words, he looked at her with a blank look. Could Sina really get rid of the god...she wasn't Soran's guardian.

"Whatever god that is, is either weak enough to where I cannot sense it, or it's very good a hiding it's presence. It's not a powerful one, but... we can't rule out that it's a complete weakling either," Deriea said in response, her lips pulling into a frown as she sent a sour look down to Tristan, "So, my apologies that I did not stop your little lover boy before he shot at you. I suppose you should be glad of your own quick abilities."

Soran twisted, pulled and struggled to get free, the god growling and hissing and sputtering the entire time as he tried to free the Seer's body from the snake and the vines. The gun in his hand shuddered as he clutched it tightly. A vine sprung up from under his hand and coiled around the weapon, dragging at it to free it from his grip. Soran's face twisted into that of utter rage and he turned back to Sina with a look of contempt.

Tristan sighed, "No I apologize for letting my own nerves get to me," not that he would mention the ringing still present in his ears. He could hear a little better, at least he was good at reading lips, when he was facing the person. Also he slightly cringed at her word abilities...all he really did was hide...well at least he didn't get hurt worst.

She then felt it. Brining her usable hand to her forehead she knew exactly what she needed to do. It had worked on Sereith back in the day and the same feeling was coming back down. She blushed bright red as she knew she'd reach a new level of awkwardness this would bring to the table. With a quick glance over to Tristan and the others she knew at least Tristan would hate her for this.

Walking towards Soran timidly, Sina wanted to ram her head into a nearby tree for how embarassing this was going to be. Closing in to Soran she breathed against his neck as she said quietly. "I'm so dead." And with that she nipped at Soran's neck for what seemed like a long moment. As she nipped and gently pressed her lips against his neck she left behind a mark before stepping back and raising up her fist in preperation for the god.

Soran's frame went rigid as she stepped up to him. Her lips pressed against his throat and her teeth bit into the skin lightly. There was a slight pull against the skin and with it the God seemed to loose his hold over Soran's body. The figure drew out of him, a milky white frame before it solidified into a rather irritated god with white hair and glowing green eyes. The god glowered at Sina, raised his hand and twisted his fingers around. Purple light flooded his hand and shot out at the girl.

Soran, having gotten his body back, let out a gasp of air. The vines unwound from his body as did the snake. He stumbled, shaking as he looked and spotted the god. He was angry for a moment, but tears were edging into his eyes as he searched for Tristan. His chest heaved with the fear that he may have hurt the other Seer severely.

"MAXIMUM ENDURENCE!" The A.I. broke in as Sina crossed her arms in defense. As the blast collided into her and past her bits a pieces of her jacket and clothing tore under the force of the attack.

"Dam it.." She murmered

Tristan watched narrowed his eyes slightly and then looked away. Now...that fuck... well there wasn't much he could do about it. He turned back in time to see the god released and Soran look around, "Soran," he yelled, ok maybe that wasn't the best idea in the world.

Ok so how to help the guardian, it didn't seem fair to leave her fighting the god alone. He remember the fun fact that Deriea gave him. "Hey you know, I don't want that thing coming back to haunt anyone..." yeah he knew that he just called the god a thing. It was a bit insulting but still he wasn't to happy at the moment.

Soran fliched, "T-Tristan..." he moved, going over towards the boy and dropping down next to him. He let out a shaking breath as he knelt there. He noted the blood staining the sleeve of the boy's shirt and he bit his lip, tears welled up and fell, streaking his face, "I... can't believe... I shot you..."

"Stay here," Deriea ground out, giving Tristan a meaningful look, "All I wanted was for her to remove it. I'll take care of it," she cursed and she moved with an insane speed. Grabbing Sina's shoulder, she dragged the girl backwards and then faced the god. With a sneer on her lips she reached out and snatched the god's throat in her hand, "What is a weakling like you doing around here. Thought that a weary Seer was good prey?"

"He was... for a moment," the God spat back.

Deriea tilted her head, "Too bad," she growled, "You picked the wrong ones," she hissed and her vines erupted all around his body. They squeezed tightly and cut through him, running him through all over and he thrashed. The Gods' shrill cry filled the yard until finally he began to crack. Then he flaked apart, like a slow disolve that was happening to him. When she finished, Deriea let go of her power and the vines flopped over onto the dirt. Turning she faced the group and heaved a sigh.

"That's it for today," she said with a bit of annoyance to her tone.

"Seriously?!" Sina yipped at the goddess as she was dragged. "I totally had his dumb ass!". As the dragging stopped she fell on her butt as she pouted to the goddess. "Oh come on, you're...ow." She then remembered her shoulder as she fixed her brastrap on her left shoulder before covering her hand over the wound. She had lost quite a bit of blood and begun to feel the lightheadedness.

"On second thought have fun you lovely person you!"

In response, Vladimir spoke to her sarcasticlly. "Really?"

"I'm going to replace both you and Jayce I swear!" She spat back in retort.

Tristan looked at Soran, "It was that god who shot at me, not you," ok he really hoped his voice had none of the annoyance he was feeling. Why was he annoyed in the first place, was it because of what Sina did, was it because he was to tired to deal with things at the moment. "I'm fine, it was just a scratch," he said but still not really looking at Soran. He was a idiot...a stupid idiot. "I think some cleaning up and rest will do us some good."

Soran winced and pulled away. Tristan was irritated about something. Hell, the red head wouldn't even look at him. When Deriea said that they were done for the day he stood up abruptly, "You're an ass," he muttered. A frustrated blush coursed across his face as he crossed his arms and walked away. He wasn't sure why Tristan was angry. Was it the way that Sina had removed the god? Maybe. But surely he knew that Guardian's had no control over how they removed a god. He supposed it would have still been slightly irritating if their roles had been reversed. Someone doing something like that to Tristan was sure to make him edgy too.

He opened the door to the house and soon found himself wandering to his room where he closed the door. He felt a bit bad for leaving Tristan like that. But he hadn't liked the sharp tone. Maybe Tristan was just tired. He leaned against the door and closed his eyes tightly.

With a raise of his brow Rethyn had caught his breath as he looked to his Seer. "Go after him, and you call me an idiot." Coming to the realization that the battle would be over shortly, Rethyn laid back upon the grass as he closed his eyes. Every muscle on his body was aching and he knew he was going to have to have an ice bath. With a small smile upon his gace he remember some old childhood training with his father. He remember leaving the training room with a similar feeling as the one he currently had.

He winced as he was called an kinda reminded him of a funny character he saw in a play once. Even though Soran's was anything but funny. He turned to his guardian, "You are an idiot...but that is beside the point, maybe someday soon, you and I can actually sit and talk to each other...fill in those important details everyone else seems to know." So much for going about that in a roundabout way.

He got up before he decided to go for broke and piss of Kilia too, he walked into the house and made his way to Soran's door. He started to knock, yet he could't get his hand to connect to the door. He was still tired, and still irriated. He sighed and slide down next to the door so now he was sitting on the floor. "Your right....I am an ass," he muttered.

Soran took in a deep breath, settling his racing heart and trying not to snap back at his boyfriend, "It's fine..." he muttered sourly. Well that wasn't very well thought out was it? Turning, he opened the door and looked out to the hall where Tristan was sitting. He reached up and brushed at both eyes, "Sorry. I don't know what you're upset about, but I'm sorry. I... I know it was the god that shot at you, but it doesn't erase the fact that it was me who hurt you. I should have been paying attention, but I wasn't. Hell, I didn't even have a protection spell on this time."

He sighed heavily as he turned and leaned against the doorway. He too slid down and sat, parallel to Tristan, "So what's got you so upset? Was it... Sina?"

"It wasn't just her, and with that...I am just caught me offguard." Tristan stopped trying to collect his thoughts, "I was mad at myself, I couldn't do anything, and I was fucking afraid. I didn't even think she could do that, I was really afraid that I had lost you again." He was trying not hide the emotion in his voice. "I am tired also, someone wore me out last night," he couldn't help it, adding that at the end. He was trying to calm himself down, and relax a little more.

Opening his eyes, Rethyn shrugged off the comment Tristan had made at him. It was his first true day of not seeing nightmares around him all the time. It brought a smile upon his face as he looked into the clouds. However, his joy seemd to be at horrid timing as the event of which had unfolded was nothing to grin about. Wiping his smile from him he brought back the usual stoney expression he always tried and failed on Kilia as he said to her.

"We should go see Sina. She looks pretty beat up."

Kilia had been leaning over Rethyn as she fussed about his low energy. She had been taken off guard by Tristan's sharp tone to Soran and when the blonde left she felt a pain in her chest. She watched as Rethyn told his Seer to go after the boy and watched the red head do exactly that though he called Rethyn the stupid one. His last words were a bit odd though and when Rethyn called for her attention, her first response wasn't Sina, which she'd been thinking of, but instead were about what Tristan said.

"You haven't told him yet," she said simply, a tone of disappointment in her voice.

"No." Rethyn sighed once before looking directly up at Kilia with sadened emotions gleaming in his eyes. "Today was the first day since I've been revived that I have been able to live without the constant horrors. I feel like if I told him he would feel bad then in turn I'd feel bad. I don't know why, but whenever he is going through something I feel it. It's like a link..sad thing is I made him feel bad by not telling him anyways."

Rethyn tried to sit up and failed as his core had quit on him for the time being. Lifting up a shaky hand he took it to the back of his neck as he tried to massage himself a little. If it hurt now he could only imagen how bad it would be the next morning if he didn't prepare properly.

"I'm sorry, I know I promised to you I would. Maybe you deserve better than just the Undead idiot..."

Kilia frowned then. Reaching out she smacked his forehead. Not hard enough to seriously hurt him, but enough to show that she didn't appreciate his speaking about himself like that, "I'll agree to calling you an idiot only for that last part you just said. I also understand that you don't want to hurt him. He's had enough to deal with lately and has only recently gotten Soran back to the way he used to be. We are all tired today too. But you do need to tell him. Tomorrow, you will tell him," she said sternly. Her face lightened though and she leaned down and brushed her lips against his, "Now rest right there for a while or else. I'll have to think of a way to punish you," she said, then stuck out her tongue as her face grew slightly red and she stood up.

Rethyn smiled against Kilia's lips as he closed his eyes happily. WIth his lips still close to hers he said to Kilia with a small breath of a laugh. "I'm almost tempted to see what you have in mind for my "punishment"." Reopening his eyes to see her slightly red in the face before walking off brought his own redness as he merely smiled to her.

Walking over to Sina, she dropped down next to the girl and started on her healing spells. Swiping open her pad, she worked on the first spell that would show her the injuries, and then right after that, worked on the healing one. She was really tired herself, and as she finished the healing spell, she slouched forward with a slight groan, "Too much..." she muttered to Sina as she ended up resting her head on the girls shoulder for a moment.

For once it was Sina who flashed red in the face as she was leaned upon. As she tried to move her oposite shoulder, a few low cracks could be heard from it as it begun to work again. "H-hey..." She said quietly but quickly. With a light sigh of her own she murmered "Come on princess..." as she scooped a her forearm behind Kilia's knees and her other behind her back. Lifting her up she become to carry the girl over towards Rethyn.

Stopping just in front of the girl she said cockily to the blue eyed boy. "Guess you can't call me useless anymore eh?". In response Rethyn merely blinked at her as she laid Kilia next to him. Hopping over Rethyn she plopped down herself as she laid so that the top of her head touched his. With Kilia in Rethyn's arms and Sina stretched out she said. "Group nap." with a light laugh.

Kilia hardly noticed when Sina's arms lifted her up. Although she did have the thought that the girl was freakishly strong. It didn't click that perhaps the girls magic system was still going to help with that, but still. As she was laid down next to Rethyn, she didn't think, only moved. Immediately the little pink haired Seer was up on his chest, her head pillowed on his shoulder, one arm stretched out across his chest and one leg up curled over his own. She gave a little hum of contentment and promptly fell asleep.


"I-I..." Soran sputtered a bit. That last line really got him, "I don't know what you're talking about," he said in return and looked away as a blush curved around his face, "If I remember correctly, it was your fault. Why the hell you looked so damned hot last night was your fault. Not mine. Okay?" he said as he turned slightly and stuck his tongue out at the boy.

Tristan chuckled, he couldn't help it, "yeah everything is my fault." He sighed and he tried to move, "like the fact that I sat down, and now I can't move, that is really my fault." Yet it would be really bad to be found sprawled in the hallway but someone, especially a certain girl who might do weird things while they were asleep. "I think I can crawl...maybe...nothing seems to be working right now."

Soran laughed a bit as he listened to Tristan, "You... are really weird sometimes," Standing up with a groan, he reached down and grabbed Tristan's arm, "Alright... here we go," he said and then pulled. He made a soft sound as he did so, a comical one as he strained to get Tristan to move into the room. He panted a bit as he tried again, "You... are really... heavy! Jeez... can't you help... a bit?" he said as he doubled over and panted. Looking up to Tristan he stuck out his tongue yet again, "Don't make me start stripping to get you to start moving on your own, you know I will," he said with a tired grin.

Tristan was amused by the blond seer efforts. He did try to help though, "Hey...I am not that heavy," he said in his defense. He was going to try to move on his own again, but then Soran had to tease him, "oh really..." Tristan said with a sly look in his eyes. "ok, I am waiting, go ahead, every piece I will move just a little bit."

Damn he thought slowly to himself, stretching out the word just a bit. It always happened like this. All plans backfired. All the time. When was he going to learn? Soran blushed furiously as he backed into the room, "Well... guess it can't be helped," he said with a sigh and started with his shirt, "You better hurry up though, that bed is looking mighty comfy right now. I'm tired," he said with a small grin.

Tristan groaned mostly because he tried to move a little, "bed...can I just sleep on the floor, I don't think I can make it onto the bed." He finally got to his feet...and his first thought was of silently murdering Deriea....but then he have to face her again...someday.

His pace was slow and truthfully he wasn't even paying attention to Soran, "Should have taken a shower first," he mumbled.

Soran laughed a bit as the boy got up and made his way slowly to the bed as if he were a zombie. Tossing his shirt aside, he wrapped his arms around Tristan and helped him walk to the bed. The red haired Seer was probably going to just drop on the bed so Soran prepared for that and helped him lay down properly. After that, he climbed in the bed with him, and sprawled out across his boyfriends frame. He lay there for quite a while, not sleeping, but just resting. His fingers ran circles along Tristan's chest for a long while before they finally stopped and the little blonde had also fallen asleep.

Content with letting the other help him, Tristan tried to keep his eyes open, but he couldn't. He was comfortable and didn't want to move for anything.